My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 — Sleep With Me

Roaming for half an afternoon, the two people rested a bit at the rest area in the furniture centre. Mu Xiaoya walked until her legs ache, she couldn’t help but beat on her two lower legs.

“Xiao Chuan, are you tired?” Mu Xiaoya asked Bai Chuan.

“Not tired.” Bai Chuan shook his head, looked at the surroundings and said, “Just a bit noisy.”

“Today is the weekend, furthermore, the mall is doing an activity, so it can’t be helped that there are a lot of people. Do you feel uncomfortable? If you’re uncomfortable, then we can just go.” At the beginning, Mu Xiaoya didn’t plan to stroll for this long, in fact, she already chose some furniture already, and her coming here today was only to look at some products. But the result, she didn’t expect that she found other things to be that interesting, so she can’t help but wander around, dazzled by so many varieties to choose from.

“It’s all right.” Bai Chuan actually was somewhat uncomfortable, but when he thought that he can move house after buying these things, his mood immediately became well again, feeling that his head didn’t ache that much anymore.

Mu Xiaoya earnestly observed Bai Chuan, although Bai Chuan’s mouth said that it’s all right, but his forehead always stretched taut. Mu Xiaoya extended her hand and gently stroke Bai Chuan’s forehead as she asked with a soft voice, “Do you have a headache?”

The two bought two cups of cold drinks before sitting down, Mu Xiaoya’s hands were quite cold after holding the cup right now, letting Bai Chuan felt comfortable with every rub.

“How about we return home?” Mu Xiaoya said as she wanted to get up.

“Don’t want.” Bai Chuan pulled on Mu Xiaoya’s hand, pasting her hand on his forehead once again under Mu Xiaoya’s questioning look, “This way is good.”

Mu Xiaoya blanked for a while, smiled and sat back down again, rubbing his forehead straight until she felt that Bai Chuan had recovered, she then retracted her hand back. However, knowing that Bai Chuan wasn’t comfortable, Mu Xiaoya didn’t want to stay in the furniture centre for long anymore, she decided to get everything done quickly.

“Xiao Chuan, we’ll just choose on the gray sofa just now, okay? Then we’ll buy a dozen more cushion with different colors, heap them on top of one another, that way, it’d not seem lonely anymore.” Mu Xiaoya opened up the advertising pamphlet, revealing the sofa picture to Bai Chuan.

“Yellow and black.” Bai Chuan just took off his headphone, so he heard those noisy sounds again, his ears subconsciously trembled a bit.

“Are you talking about the cushion’s color? Want only yellow and black?”

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded.

“Okay, then we’ll pick these two colors.” Mu Xiaoya understood that Bai Chuan had a slight OCD, so she didn’t ask too much and readily agreed, “Then, how about the bookshelf? Which one do you like?”

“This.” Bai Chuan’s attitude towards the things that he likes was extremely clear, he made the decision almost without the least hesitation.

“Okay, we’ll get that one.” Mu Xiaoya made an ‘ok’ gesture, then followed with the last item, “Then, how about the bed? Which do you like?”

Bai Chuan, who continued to choose without a pause, looked at Mu Xiaoya and suddenly didn’t say anything.

“Why? Don’t like anything?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“You don’t like.” Just now when they went around that much mattresses, when he liked something, Xiaoya always pulled him and walked away, so Bai Chuan just gave up on choosing.

“You still haven’t choose anything, why do you know that I won’t like it?” Mu Xiaoya asked with curiosity.

Bai Chuan shook his head, still not choosing anything.

“If it’s like that, then I’ll choose three kinds and you can choose one between those three.” Mu Xiaoya had a slight phobia of choosing things, so she gave the last decision to Bai Chuan, or else, if they rely on her to make the decision, afraid that it would be dark before they can finish choosing one.

“This one, this one, and also this one…I think they’re all good, but don’t know which one is better.” Mu Xiaoya found those several brands’ pamphlets, and one by one flipped them open to give Bai Chuan a look.

Bai Chuan took a glance, and only using a second before he decided on the last one.

Thereupon, the mattress, sofa and bookshelf were chosen so quickly like this.

The furniture centre provided a free delivery service, except for the bookshelf, because the installation workers had their hands full, and thus, the sofa and bed was immediately delivered. The two people waited for the workers to place their things in the truck and then they drove their car together to their new home.

The worker’s speed were really quick, they only needed around half an hour to bring their things and set them up in their place nicely. Before departing, the workers still gave a deep blue box to Bai Chuan’s hands, saying, “These are the mattress’ complimentary gifts.”

Complimentary gifts?

Mu Xiaoya didn’t think much when she heard it. The large department store recently made activities and would often give complimentary gifts, those cushions she had were given as a gift from buying the sofa. Waiting for the workers to leave, Mu Xiaoya happily lied on the sofa while hugging a yellow cushion, she sighed, “This sofa is really comfortable ah, it’s also especially matching with our living room, not to mention there’s no smell.” When they were purchasing this, she hesitated for a bit, but after she bought it ah, she felt good all over.

Bai Chuan carried the complimentary gift and walked in front of the sofa, watching Mu Xiaoya who was rolling about on the sofa with a doting smile.

“What complimentary gift did the mattress sent? Open it up, the package isn’t bad at all ah.” The mattress was the most expensive out of the three furniture they bought today, it won’t be weird if the gift was better.

“Pyjama.” Bai Chuan gave the package to Mu Xiaoya, he replied without even opening it.

“Py…pyjama?” Mu Xiaoya opened the cover with some disbelief, and as expected, she saw a set of frivolous one inside, practically only consisted of a pitiful amount of material, and those pieces of flimsy material all can be… seen through.

Sexy pyjama!!

The two words, added with two exclamation marks, further emphasized with bold style, were now swimming along Mu Xiaoya’s brain like giant whales.

She recalled that within those three mattresses she chose, only this one gave out pyjama, don’t tell me…

No way, no way, my family’s Bai Chuan is so pure, he’s not that kind of person!

“You… why did you choose this mattress?” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t control herself from asking, her heart was itching, but she didn’t even know what kind of answer she wanted to hear herself…

“Because they give pyjama.” however, Bai Chuan’s answer was extremely, exceedingly honest and upright.

Mu Xiaoya drew the corners of her mouth, she didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or cry, really ah!

However, Mu Xiaoya already knew that Bai Chuan wouldn’t have any bad ideas, he only purely persistent to get pyjama. But… how come he’s suddenly so persistent about pyjama?

When Mu Xiaoya was still bewildered, suddenly, a shadow flashed through. Bai Chuan stretched his hand and seized the pyjama inside the box, not only lifting it up high in front of his face, he also said, “Why is there only one?”

“You… put it down!” Mu Xiaoya’s face turned so red, she basically couldn’t look straight to Bai Chuan at this moment.

Even if you don’t have an iota of distracting thoughts, but your wife, me, is only a normal person okay? Can you please not do this kind of thing with such an innocent face?!!

Mu Xiaoya’s heart was roaring like a beast right now, obviously Bai Chuan wasn’t doing anything but took that piece of clothing, however, she felt all of the blood on her body was running backwards to her head, just like opening a kettle of hot water, her face was steaming non stop.

“Oh.” Bai Chuan obediently put the pyjama back down.

After that piece of scandalous clothing returned to the box, Mu Xiaoya put the lid back without losing a momentum. That vigor, just like if she was sealing some kind of beast that could bring calamity to the human world ah.

“I want to drink.” Mu Xiaoya told Bai Chuan to go to the kitchen and get some water, then she flew from the sofa, squeezing the box to the lowest space of the cloakroom, and ran back to the sofa again with an incomparable speed.

After gulping down two mouthfuls of water, Mu Xiaoya gradually calmed down, her attention once more returned to the newly bought sofa. Bai Chuan sat beside her, learning Mu Xiaoya’s appearance hugging a cushion in her embrace while calmly looking attentively at the TV in front.

“Wait ’till tomorrow, I’ll go to the business hall and install internet, then we can watch TV.” Mu Xiaoya said.

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded, then glanced to the kitchen again.

“The kitchen still have one disinfected cupboard that hasn’t been delivered. Newly purchased tableware and kitchen utensils all have to be washed and sterilized properly before they can be used.”

“I’ll wash.” Bai Chuan always remember his task.

“Alright, I’ll leave it all to you.” Having a husband who loves doing housework, Mu Xiaoya felt very happy oh.

“En.” Bai Chuan also felt very happy.

Bai Chuan’s mood right now is good, Mu Xiaoya felt that it’s not a bad opportunity, so she started to ask about what Professor Feng told her this morning. She tried to be casual, “Xiao Chuan, why didn’t you want to cooperate with Professor Feng?”

“…” Bai Chuan blanked, not saying a word.

“Don’t want to say ah… if you don’t want to say, then there’s no need to say.” Mu Xiaoya saw the smiling expression on Bai Chuan’s face suddenly disappeared, she immediately didn’t dare to ask.

“I don’t like being there, also don’t want to see Professor Feng.” Bai Chuan just can’t refuse anwering Mu Xiaoya’s question, even if the question is one that he really didn’t want to answer.

“Why is it? Professor Feng is the doctor in charge of you, you already know him for more than ten years ah.” Mu Xiaoya asked again.

“I don’t want treatment.” Bai Chuan’s tone was somewhat hurried and tinged with grievance, his red eyes gazed to Mu Xiaoya as he repeated, “I don’t want treatment.”

“Okay, no treatment, no treatment anymore.” Mu Xiaoya was afraid that it could agitate Bai Chuan, she hurriedly sat down and brought the person to her embrace, coaxing him softly.

Inside her embrace, Bai Chuan gradually calmed down, but Mu Xiaoya didn’t dare ask anymore for fear that she would agitate him, she could only secretly took her phone and forwarded the conversation just now to Professor Feng. Soon, Professor Feng’s reply came: ‘As I thought, Bai Chuan resisted the treatment because he doesn’t want others to think that he has a condition.’

Mu Xiaoya: ‘Professor Feng, then, what should we do?’

Professor Feng: ‘This is a good phenomenon, don’t worry. In fact, all autistic patients clearly know that they’re different from others, so when I give them treatment, they won’t cooperate actively, but they also won’t hatefully resist, they would just naturally reveal themselves in front of me. But now Bai Chuan starts to care, he doesn’t want you to think that he has a peculiar condition. Coming to see me, or coming to the nursing home, this reminds him that he’s not a normal person, so he will show some resistance.’

Mu Xiaoya: ‘Afraid for me to think that?”

Professor Feng: ‘Yes. This change has only occured since he got married with you. I could feel it faintly the last time he came. Do you do something that makes him sensitive every time you leave the nursing home?’

Mu Xiaoya: ‘I… I don’t know.’

Professor Feng: ‘Have you shown that you’re in a bad mood before?’

Mu Xiaoya blanked. In less than the three months she had been with Bai Chuan, she only met with Professor Feng four times in total, and went to the nursing home three times in total, but it seemed that every time she came out of the nursing home, her mood became somewhat depressed. Not just because of Bai Chuan’s condition, but also because every time she saw the other children in the nursing home, her mood would subconsciously became bad.

Mu Xiaoya looked at Bai Chuan who was washing things seriously in the kitchen, her mind began to buzz without stop.

‘Xiaoya, the next time I have an episode, don’t come close to me, don’t care about me, this way, I wouldn’t hurt you.’

‘Don’t hate me, alright?’

‘I can control myself.’

‘Don’t be angry, I won’t keep on saying it again.’

‘I’ll change…’

Suddenly, her eyes began to blur, her nose sour, her chest tight and a little breathless. Mu Xiaoya pulled the pillow tightly in her hands and buried her face fiercely.

Turns out… Bai Chuan has made so many changes by himself.

Turns out…my emotional fluctuations would put so much pressure on Bai Chuan.

Turns out…Bai Chuan pays much more attention to me rather than to himself.

“Xiaoya, Xiaoya.” Bai Chuan’s voice suddenly rang out in front of her.

Mu Xiaoya wiped the tears in her eyes before raising her head and acted as if nothing has happened. She smiled and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Your eyes are red.” Bai Chuan frowned.

“It’s nothing… I… I was a little sleepy just now.”

“Then, you sleep for a while, I just finished washing the dishes, I’ll wash the kitchen utensils again.” Bai Chuan reached out and stroke the stray hair in front of Mu Xiaoya’s forehead, “It can obstruct your eyes.”

“Don’t wash anymore, sleep with me.”

Mu Xiaoya wrapped her arms around Bai Chuan’s waist, and the two curled up on the big bed that they just bought and had no time to lay any bedding on, and fell into a deep sleep.

Author’s NOTE:

The mattress salesman saw the couple returning and smiled meaningfully at Bai Chuan.

Salesman: “I knew you would come back, rest assured, I’ll quietly let the worker deliver the thing to your hand.”

Bai Chuan: “…”

Salesman: “Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day, you two! So sweet ah.”

Mu Xiaoya: “…”


Sorry for the late post, my internet was having a bad day again. (ノ﹏ヽ)

Xiao Chuan only wants Xiaoya to be happy ah~ That’s the only thing that Bai Chuan has been doing so far: teaching her math, doing non-sensical things, going out of his comfortable zone, giving her a surprise, and now refusing to go to the nursing home… (;へ:)my cinammon roll… where can I get one like him?

PS: I want someone to tease Xiaoya more~ (*゚ー゚)

PPS: but she didn’t even know what kind of answer she wanted to hear herself… – ooohhhhh (・∀・)

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 50

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