Where’s your Daddy Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 — I need a girl

The man was Li Wei.

The most eligible bachelor of the country.

Heir to the department store empire Central group.

Li Wei. A man in a tailor-made suit with expensive shiny cuff links. A well-sculpted face, gentle eyebrows, and refined temperament exuding elegance.


That’s not him.

He is the one in a white T-shirt, black jacket coupled with shorts. A white snapback cap and white sneakers made the casual look trendy.

Even so, with the face of a model; black goggles, unshaven face, and messy hair he looked handsome.

But he carried a frown throughout the journey. Rubbing his eyebrows and frowning all the time, Li Wei seemed worried and distressed.

Now grooving music with this little kid, a smile emerged on his attractive face. Being with this kid gave him warmth and comfort.

Li Wei was returning home after his studies from the States.

Higher education was never what he had in mind when Li Wei left the country.

He ran off with the excuse when his parents forced him to marry. They told him about the marriage agreement with his childhood friend Yuan Yu.

Li Wei was never ready for any relationships to let alone marriage.

Relationships are a hassle!

Marriage; the thought itself gave him a headache. That too with Yuyu, Li Wei rubbed the space between his eyebrows; his head started throbbing vigorously.

There are three kinds of kids a parent could have.

First: The minions; they love their parents and obey everything they say.
Parents are satisfied.

Second: The rebels; For them, parents are akin to their enemies. Shameless with thick skin, the parent’s nagging sound like a little lecture to them.

Third, the smart ass. Listen to all but do what you want to do.
Parents consider them obedient kids, yet they never know what their kid does.

Li Wei was

…the first kind turned third in States wannabe…the second!

With his strict parents, everything in his life was already decided e Even before his birth. His clothes, food, his school, college and now his marriage.

For Li Wei, Yuyu was his sister.

An annoying one!

This marriage will destroy their lives.

At least his!

So he escaped with the excuse that he wanted to study more. He took admission in a college in the United States in namesake.

There, he spent his time playing around, partying with girls, enjoying his never before experienced freedom.

Here, all eyes were on him, including his strict parents, reporters, and the public.

A rich heir to a big group.

But there, he behaved like a teenager surging with hormones. He enjoyed the best time of his life, yet this was about to end. This freedom he enjoyed lasted only for a while. Now, he had to return to his boring life.

To avoid Yuyu, he convinced her that he already had a girl who he is considering to marry.

This annoying one snitched this back to his parents.

Li Wei had to accept the lie of having a long time girlfriend in front of his parents.

He clenched his fist, ‘This time I will rebel ” He appeared determined, but soon loosened it and sighed.

‘If only I could bring this imaginary girlfriend back home…’

“I need a girl,” he cried.


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