Where is your Daddy Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 — Not my style!

With her eyes closed, Liu Rushi hands reached out to caress her boy. Panic seized her mind as she felt her lap weightless.
Her eyes snapped open. She looked around.
“Lele” she called out.
Rushi saw the little guy with this stranger next seat. He was busy playing that he didn’t even hear her call.
Rushi steadied her erratic breathing. She let out a huge sigh of relief.
As if a weight had been taken off her shoulders, Rushi slumped back in her seat and rubbed her eyes.
“Ahh___” she yawned.
“I slept so well. Yesterday we came from the US one day flight. This brat was so fussy. He didn’t let me sleep on the plane and now the jetlag.”
“Eh…You were sleeping, and he started crying, so I held him” Li Wei defended himself. He was in no mood to face a hysterical mom
as he saw the extreme shifts in her expressions.
“Oh, I don’t mind. My baby is so adorable that people can’t resist fawning over him.”
“I am sure he didn’t trouble you. He is quite a sensible boy. Isn’t it Le Le? Arent you a strong, energetic, cute little guy?”
Lele smiled revealing his two bottom teeth.
“He plays well even with strangers. He is like a little lamb.”
“Yes, he is! He was as docile as a sheep.”
Li Wei interrupted this lady who wouldn’t stop praising her boy.
‘After such a big commotion the child created, calling him a sheep seem inappropriate. anyway’ he shrugged.
“Come, baby.” She reached out to take him back.
Lele resisted but then saw his mothers eyes getting bigger by passing seconds. He sighed and leaned in her embrace like an obedient lamb.
“How old is he?” Li Wei got curious of the kid.
“Will be nine months in few days” as she replied her eyes sparkled.
Li Wei never liked to talk to strangers that too to a woman, that too from the same country.
It was an absolute no!
The woman from china knew his background so they either fawned over him or looked at him with admiration.
Listening to this woman chattering he wanted to continue.
“Hi! Li Wei” he reached out to shake hands.
“Hello, Liu Rushi”
“Do you live in US?”
“No, I stayed there for a few years,”
“Where is his dad? He sent you alone with a small kid on such a long journey?”
“I am not married.” she answered with a blank face and added, “Yes, the kid is mine though!”
‘Oh! A single unmarried mom.’
“Where are you going now?” he inquired wanting to know more.
“No idea! My parents don’t know about my kid. They will most kick me out of the house. Anyone would be shocked if they saw their unmarried girl knock on their door carrying a kid!” Taking a deep breath, making a sad face she added, “Ah, my pitiful life! Le Le, beloved, let’s pray your grandparents will love you. You have to try to act cuter in front of them.”
Le Le replied with a big smile.
“Aww, good kid you will melt their hearts. Let’s cross fingers. We don’t have to live on the streets.”
she added.
Noticing this frank but cheerful girl, Li Wei can’t help but smile
“You are strong.”
Rushi expected some criticism or pity. That was what she always heard from people around.
His words surprised her; she lifted her head to look at Li Wei.
Seeing his genuine smile, she smiled back.
Rushi pointed at Le Le.
“This kid is my strength.”
The woman looked fragile, yet her words and tone carried extreme strength as if she is on a mission!
Li Wei observed the lady. A dull blue dress, no makeup, messy hair still she appeared pleasing to the eye.
She was a savvy Mom. ‘Not my style!’ Li Wei shook his head.
Yet he liked the animated and feisty girl!

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