Where’s your Daddy Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 — Two bored men


“Waah… Waah.”

A cry echoed in the entire compartment of a train, disturbing its usual peace.

Everyone looked in the direction of the noise. They caught sight of a tender cute little figure on the lap of a woman.

A baby!

The chubby face crumpled, fair skin turned red flushed as the infant burst into tears.

The woman holding him was fast asleep. The child looked at her with a puckered face, then looked down.

His eyes transfixed at something at her feet.

A teddy bear!

It seemed to have slid down from the seat.

With plump little hands, the baby tried to pull it up. But they fell short, it was out of reach.

The crying intensified as the waterworks turned full mode like a broken pipe.

To the dismay of everyone around her, the woman was still wandering in her dreamland. She was sleeping in complete peace oblivious that her kid was crying.

A few seconds later, the passengers frowned their eyebrows in panic…

The baby crouched and slid from her lap, to get back the teddy.

As the little child was about to tumble, a hand reached out preventing the fall.

“Oh! Good boy… or are you a girl?” In a gentle voice, the man sitting beside them inquired.

He wore a casual T-shirt, jeans and a backward ball cap.

“So you’re a baby boy.” the man smirked noticing the bulge by pee pee.

Laughing out loud, he held him with a hand and pinched the chubby cheeks with another.

“Waah!…wah!” boy’s face distorted more.

The man moved on to pick him up, held him on his shoulder and started to rock and swing back and forth.

“Uuuu…” With those huge puppy eyes, the baby pointed to the direction of the teddy.

The man’s eyes found the stuffed animal.

Anxious with the pitiful cries, he picked it up.

In a baby voice, the man said to the toy in his hands, “Oh! You poor thing.” Turning to face the teddy he exclaimed, “Does it hurt?”

Like magic, the kid stopped crying!

As soon as he handed the teddy, the tiny one gripped it tight in his embrace.

Yet his lower lips were trembling.

“It’s a koala bear. You love him so much!” he had a million dollar smile.

The man was astonished by the kid who held so many emotions for his toy.

He stuck his tongue out and made weird faces to distract the boy.

‘It worked!’

And so the tranquility of the place returned.

He looked at the baby, a chubby face with big bright eyes and a cute smile with dimples.

As he laughed two bottom teeth were revealed.


His curious eyes wandered throughout the place, turning his head he wiggled in the man’s embrace.

“Are you bored, son?” he asked the kid. ‘let’s find something to keep to in place.’

“I am bored too.”

He glanced at the woman who was still sleeping and reached out for a mobile phone in his pocket.

“Let’s listen to some music. What type do you like? Classical, rock, hip-hop?”

As if he understood what the man said, the child reached out for the phone.

“Aww! You want to choose a song yourself.”

The child tapped the phone screen.

He placed one of the earphones in his own and the other in the baby’s ear.

“Woah! You like rap! Ha!”

The child raised his arms and moved them around with the music babbling “Yaya Yaya!!”

While the lady was still enjoying her sleep, the two bored men found each other. They spent the entire journey enjoying music.

The man was Li Wei.

The most eligible bachelor of the country.

Heir to the department store empire Central group.

He was sad and distressed. Being with this kid gave him warmth and comfort.

Two bored men found solace in each other.

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