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Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan

Translator: Cc

Thunder Martial is a Chinese novel written by 中下马笃 (Zhong’Xia’Ma’Du/Less than half a horse’s honesty) and the main story stands completed at 3,148 chapters. It was very successful on 17k, with a staggering 31,159,364 views and 9,782,253 words.


In this world, no one is incapable of betrayal…not even a person you’d regard as your brother.

For the sake of a mere 500-year-old Snow Ginseng, Zi Chen’s dantian was shattered. His life was snatched from him, and then he was kicked off a mountaintop.

But who would’ve expected a mysterious Thunder Seed to enter his heart and revive him? His bone marrow underwent a refinement process, and a technique called Heaven Thunder Body Tempering fell into his possession.

A great deal of luck and fortune helped him temper his body, while regaining and consuming the Snow Ginseng helped him restore his dantian.

Through the pure spiritual energy absorbed by his Thunder Seed, his cultivation progress advanced by leaps and bounds. Those who had once betrayed him shall suffer from his cruel revenge.


(Courtesy of Lesyt)

It begins on a mountain.

It beings with the glint of a knife, a flash of steel within the hands of a sworn brother.

Lying motionless within the blood-stained snow is the body of a young man. He has been left to die.

This is where it begins, a story of a man given life by lightning.

His name is Zi Chen, and he has been baptised by thunder.


Thunder Martial Wikipedia/Glossary

*Chapters 1-61 were translated by Lesyt

Betrayed: Chapters 1-10

Chapter 1: Brother

Chapter 2: Thunder Seed

Chapter 3: Snow Ginseng

Chapter 4: Miracle

Chapter 5: Scary Cultivation Speed

Chapter 6: Killing Another Person

Chapter 7: Thunder Boy

Chapter 8: Executing Freely

Chapter 9: Slaying the Ice Bear

Chapter 10: Hard and Soft

Tournament: Chapters 11-27

Chapter 11: Return to the Sect

Chapter 12: Righteousness

Chapter 13: Su Mengyao

Chapter 14: The Beating Heart

Chapter 15: Lin Xue’s Gift

Chapter 16: Assessment Rewards

Chapter 17: Chen Feng

Chapter 18: Inner Sect Disciple

Chapter 19: Winning with One Strike

Chapter 20: Drawing Lots

Chapter 21: True Essence

Chapter 22: The Last Moves

Chapter 23: Fusion of Martial Techniques

Chapter 24: Core Disciple Quota

Chapter 25: Rank One Martial Technique

Chapter 26: Benefit

Chapter 27: The Fight on the Battle Stage

Settling Debts: Chapters 28-36

Chapter 28: Thunderbolt Finger

Chapter 29: The Uncle in the Forest

Chapter 30: The Might of the Thunderbolt

Chapter 31: Lin Mi’s Lie

Chapter 32: The Massacre in the Forest

Chapter 33: Thunderbolt’s Massacre

Chapter 34: Why Don’t You Believe

Chapter 35: The Contribution Points Crisis

Chapter 36: Ethereal Step

Spirit Medicine Garden Arc: Chapters 62-??

Chapter 37: Holding a Beauty’s Arm

Chapter 38: The Future Sect Masters

Chapter 39: A Small Bet

Chapter 40: Rank 8 Ferocious Beast

Chapter 41: Seven Leaves Spirit Grass

Chapter 42: The Strongest Martial Technique

Chapter 43: Zhang Haotian

Chapter 44: Cutting Off an Arm

Chapter 45: Risking Their Lives

Chapter 46: Scared Away

Chapter 47: Killing Tenth Zhen Qi Layer People

Chapter 48: Black Shadow

Chapter 49: The Ten Seeds Move

Chapter 50: A Greeting Gift

Chapter 51: Nine of the Ten Dead

Chapter 52: Borrowing People

Chapter 53: Xu Yan’s Insanity

Chapter 54: Sparring

Chapter 55: Thousand Years Spirit Medicine

Chapter 56: Xu Yan’s Breakthrough

Chapter 57: Heading to the Valley

Chapter 58: Water Spirit Flower

Chapter 59: Water Monster

Chapter 60: Xu Yan Attacks

Chapter 61: The Powerful Xu Yan

Chapter 62: Xiantian Realm Demonic Beast (VIP)

Chapter 63: Sacrificing oneself (VIP)

(CH62 and CH63 cannot be accessed.)

*Translated on IsohungryTLS

Spirit Medicine Garden Arc (continued): Chapters 62-??

Chapter 62: Xiantian Demonic Beast
Chapter 63: Giving One’s Life
Chapter 64: Energy Fountainhead
Chapter 65: Conspiracy and Breakthrough
Chapter 66: Intimidating Ferocious Beasts
Chapter 67: Two Flower Petals

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