Chapter 66: Intimidating Ferocious Beasts


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Chapter 66, Intimidating Ferocious Beasts

“Stand back, you can leave everything from here on to me.” As the ferocious beasts began to roar, Zi Chen laughed indifferently as he motioned for the two people to get behind him.

“Take care.”

“Be careful.”

The two people retreated, their eyes betraying their deep concern.

Zi Chen nodded. His eyes turned frosty as his ninth layer of Zhen Qi began to stir within him. The silver light flickered, dancing on the surface of his skin. Occasionally, a bolt of lightning seemed to crackle around his body.


Pushing himself forward, Zi Chen disappeared like a ghost, only to reappear before a rank eight ferocious beast. Black light flashed as Zi Chen summoned the streaming light sword.

“Pu!” A hole opened up at the pit of the ferocious beast’s stomach. Fresh blood madly spurted out.

“Thunderbolt finger!” A thunderbolt crackled out from his finger, piercing through the brains of another ferocious beast.

“Bang!” Zi Chen balled his fingers into a fist. His qi and blood boiled. Like a tyrannical rank ten ferocious beast, he swung his fist. Snap, a rank nine ferocious beast had his skull shattered. Its figure dropped to the ground with a thump as it died.


Swordlight flashed as the streaming light sword appeared again. Extremely fast, it stabbed into a vital point of a ferocious beast.

Within several short attacks, many powerful ferocious beasts were taken down. Every one was killed in a single hit. Zi Chen – who was in the peak of his power – was unafraid of being surrounded. He was like a rank ten ferocious beast in human skin.

“What powerful fighting strength.”

“This is the ninth layer of Zhen Qi, he broke through?”

“What luck is this? He survived against the Xiantian realm serpent and even broke through?”

The cultivators gaped as they watched the scene unfolding before them. They had just seen an even deeper level of Zi Chen’s fighting strength. Whether it was the fierce streaming light sword of his or the deafening sound of thunder, it all proceeded to steamroller their imaginations.

The dense smell of blood reeked from Zi Chen’s body. Within his killing aura of several meters, the blood of the ferocious beasts on the ground had already flown a small river. His powerful strikes and dreadful killing aura had alarmed the other ferocious beasts. They rapidly backpedalled, turning away to flee.

In the next few moments, no other ferocious beasts dared to approach Zi Chen.

“Senior Brother Zi Chen is so awesome!”

“Senior Brother Zi Chen, you are our idol! Ling Wu sect is brilliant because of you.”

“Senior Brother Zi Chen has saved us.”

The ferocious beasts scattered on sight of Zi Chen. The disciples stared blankly. A few disciples who reacted faster snapped out of their trance and began to cheer, following Zi Chen.


Zi Chen sighed flatly, sweeping his gaze through the crowd of cheering disciples until he found Zhang Haotian and the others.

“You rascal, you broke through. Congratulations.” A wide grin broke on Zhang Haotian’s face.1

“Your destiny is so hard. Even a Xiantian serpent couldn’t kill you. You really are a cockroach.” Miao Kong punched Zi Chen’s stomach lightly.

“Zi Chen, you have gained a whole new level of respect from us.” Lu Ping, Mu Yi and the others sighed.

With Zi Chen’s arrival, the strong scent of blood reeking of Zi Chen intimidated the countless beasts. The ferocious beasts scuffling with Mu Yi and the others began to scuttle away, like Zi Chen had terrified them.

“Seeing your strength, the ferocious beasts have all fled.” Lin Xue exclaimed. She hung onto Zi Chen’s hand tightly, unwilling to let go. Evidently, the one modt happy about Zi Chen’s survival was her.

“What, Ling Chen and the others have appeared?” The ferocious beasts’ attack was obviously orchestrated by Ling Chen.

”They’re outside the valley. They have barred the entrance of the valley. When we tried to exit, they slaughtered us one by one. Many disciples who have attempted to escape have already fallen prey to their slaughter.” Mu Yi grimly said. His expression turned murky as he spoke about Ling Chen.

“Hmm, are their numbers many?”


Zi Chen muttered something unintelligible. “Then you guys quickly recover your injuries first. I will protect everyone.”2

Mu Yi nodded. Out of the blue, Su Mengyao piped up in alarm. “Zi Chen, they’ve boarded wooden rafts. They plan to enter the lake and obtain the thousand-year spirit medicine.”

Zi Chen flickered his eyes to the lake. A dozen or so disciples had begun to mount wooden rafts. Zi Chen’s nose was about to go crooked with anger. What a good bunch of schemers. After seeing Zi Chen climb out of the lake alive, they had taken that the Xiantian python had been slain. It seemed like the proverbial lightbub had hit them, and now they wanted to take the thousand-year spirit medicine for their own.”

“These people are fucking shameless.” Lin Xue erupted.

“Zi Chen, has that Xiantian serpent been killed?” Lu Ping suddenly asked.

Zi Chen shook his head, “No; it meret has lost all its fighting strength. It is no different from dead.”

“Then your meaning is that the thousand-year spirit medicine can be taken away by anybody?”

“Yes.” Zi Chen bobbed his head in affirmation.

“Then why haven’t you gone there already!” Lu Peng yelled in incredulity.

“But you guys-“ Zi Chen hesitated.

“We can handle ourselves. The Xiantian python was something you staked your life to defeat. The thousand-year spirit medicine is only something you can have. Quickly go.” Lu Peng’s tone softened.3

The rest nodded to Zi Chen, their eyes full of encouragement.

“Then, I shall remember this kindness.” Zi Chen shot towards the lake.4

A figure darted in front of Zi Chen, obstructing him. “Senior Brother Zi Chen, don’t be too greedy. You’ve killed the Ten Seeds, killed the Xiantian python, and have even made a breakthrough in your strength. Don’t tell me you still want to snatch the thousand-year spirit medicine?”

This was a disciple from the Ling Wu sect. His Zhen qi was at the ninth layer. Previously, he had lingered behind the ranks, occasionally participating in a few short fights. He was completely uninjured.

“Senior Brother Zi Chen should be satisfied with what he has. You should avoid being too greedy.” Another Ling Wu sect disciple appeared. He was also at the ninth layer of Zhen Qi.

“You’re shameless. Zi Chen has slain the Xiantian realm python. The thousand-year spirit medicine belongs to him. You still want to take it?” Su Mengyao spat out from behind Zi Chen, her voice punctuated with anger.

“Senior Sister’s words are wrong. Zi Chen has wiped out the Ten Seeds, and has committed a huge offence to the sect. When he returns, he will be convicted by the elders. Senior Brother Chen Feng will also handle this. As for Senior Sister, you should carefully decide on who you should stand with. If you fellow him, nothing good will come out of it.” A disciple stated.

“Zi Chen, if you relinquish the thousand-year spirit medicine, we can acquit you from the crimes of killing the Ten Seeds. When we return, Senior Brother Chen Feng will even put in a few good words for you. When you follow Senior Brother Chen Feng, you will receive as many resources as you want.”

The two disciples stated, their words filled with conviction.5

Zi Chen wheezed with laughter. He had a full understanding towards the shamelessness of the two disciples now. Stiffling his rage with difficulty, he replied, “Are you guys finished?”

“We’re finished. You can slowly think about our offer.”

“No need. I’ve already made my decision.” An icy looked flashed in his eyes.

“What, you still dare to kill us? You’ve already slain the Inner sect’s Ten Seeds, and repeatedly violated the customs of the Ling Wu sect. If you kill us too, even ten lives will not be able to spare you, unless you stay in this spirit medicine garden for your life.” The two disciples threatened.

“Shameless fuckers.” Behind Zi Chen, Lin Xue swore at them.6

Zi Chen had also reached the end of his fuse. “Did I say I was going to kill you?”

“Haha, that’s right. Opposing us means opposing Senior Brother Chen Feng, and it also means opposing Ling Wu sect. Zi Chen, it seems like you are receptive. We admire you.” The two disciples laughed.

Zi Chen moved. Faintly pushing himself forward, he suddenly flickered in front of the two disciples like a phantom. Clenching his fist which crackled like lightning, he struck them in the dantian.

“Puff!” “Puff!”

Two breaking sounds were audible as the two dantians of the people were crippled immediately. Zi Chen had acted decisively, cleanly and nimbly.

“You…you crippled me? You fucker…”

“Zi Chen, you will not die well…”

The two people were deathly pale as they cursed at Zi Chen in disbelief. They had not anticipated for Zi Chen to be so rash.

“Scum like you are unfit to live on this earth. Let alone fit of my attention.” Zi Chen snickered, hefting the two disciples up as he rose into the air. He sped towards the lake.

Witnessing Zi Chen’s decisiveness, the people at the side backed away unconsciously, their eyes wide with fright. Evidently, they had the same plan as the earlier two disciples, to reason with Zi Chen about the thousand-year spirit medicine.

“Python, I’ve brought you food. Quickly show yourself.” Floating above the lake, Zi Chen loudly shouted, tossing the two disciples into the lake. With a splash, the two disciples sank into the lake.

A colossal monster emerged from the water. Viridescent scales sparkling, it stretched open its mouth. Two snapping sounds were heard as the unfortunate Ling Wu disciples let out two miserable shrieks before they were chewed and devoured.

Having made one mistake, the python would not make a second of swallowing prey alive. Hence, it furiously minced the disciples to death before swallowing.

Zi Chen landed lightly on the python’s head. “Bring me to the spirit medicine.”

“Ah…it’s the serpent, it’s still alive?”

“Didn’t it die?”

“Why can Zi Chen command the python, which is at the Xiantian realm?”

Above the bamboo rafts, the disciples began to cry out as they caught sight of the python. Fortunately, Zi Chen did not have the python attack them. However, numerous disciples began to paddle back to the lake’s edge as they discarded all ideas of obtaining the thousand-year spirit medicine.

“This Zi Chen really isn’t ordinary.”

The people in the middle of the valley sucked in a cold breath of air as they watched Zi Chen with fear. With Zi Chen’s appearance, he had beheaded many powerful ferocious beasts. Many of the ferocious beasts had already begun to flee towards the outside of the valley. This had lessened the pressure on the disciples in the valley by a lot. Currently, people even had time to attempt snatching the spirit medicine and discuss, but there were still battles occurring at other places.

Having lost its entire battle strength, the python demonic beast had turned into a ferocious beast. However, its speed int eh water was still extremely fast, far above that of a hastily drawn together bamboo raft.

With the python’s guide, Zi Chen shot forward in a straight line towards the spirit medicine.

“Block him, quickly block him!”

On the lake’s surface, the disciples exclaimed in terror, but nobody dared to move. The python below Zi Chen’s feet had brought tremendous shock to the disciples. Nobody knew that the python had lost all battle strength.


However, Zi Chen had set off too late. A disciple had managed to climb onto the rock, reaching the Water Spirit Flower.

“Stop right there.” Zi Chen bellowed, bursting off the python’s head and sweeping towards the Water Spirit Flower.

Zi Chen’s original idea was to land on the rock before struggling with the stranger for the Water Spirit Flower. Unexpectedly, when Zi Chen rose into the air, the disciple suddenly spun around, a sinister grin on his face. Bursting forward, the disciple shot forward, the tenth layer of Zhen Qi erupting from his body.

A berserk aura coupled together with powerful battle skill swept towards Zi Chen.


The attack caught everyone off guard. This was a disciple who had hid his powerful for every long, and had finally revealed it in a dramatic display. Punching Zi Chen’s stomach, he smashed Zi Chen who had just shot forward back into the waters.

Chapter 66, END

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