Chapter 62: Xiantian Demonic Beast

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Chapter 62, Xiantian Demonic Beast

Zi Chen’s eyes had already turned into a deep hue of red. However, he was powerless at the moment. His body was riddled with heavy injuries. The silver energy steadily flowed throughout his body, consistently patching up his injuries. But his recovery was still slow, and maintaining his combat strength was a struggle.

Lin Xue’s garments were no longer intact. She could fall into the evil clutches of Xu Yao any moment now. Several heavily wounded disciples stumbled forward in a desperate attempt to stop Xu Yan, but they were sent flying.

All attention was trained intensely on the battlefield, Ling Fei and Xie Qiu included.

“Good show, this uses a set of weird hand-to-hand combat.” A ghost of a light smile appeared on Ling Chen’s face. Xie Qiu nodded in agreement.

With all gazes focused on the battlefield, not a single person had discovered the unusual changes transpiring from the lake. The surface of the lake began to ripple and purl as a whirlpool slowly took shape.

“Ahaha. Today, Zi Chen, I’ll allow you to have a taste of despair.” Xu Yan’s sporadic slips between sanity and insanity. Currently, he was sane. His evil claws raked towards Lin Xue.


Despair set into faces of everyone.


A sudden hiss shrilled out, succeeded by the water in the lake bubbling violently. The huge whirlpool of almost 10 meters in diameter suddenly erupted. A huge monster rose from the depths of the whirlpool, rearing its head.

It was the head of the monster. Triangle-shaped, the colossal head of the monster flirted with the dimensions of a house. Malevolent and terrifying, its head was clad with palm-sized scales. The scales shimmered with green light, each scale plated to another closely like chainmail. A pair of frigid eyes sharply locked onto Xu Yan.

A natural sense of tyranny rose from the colossal beast, rolling over its surroundings. A Xiantian monster!

Ripples were sent roiling in the air from the hiss of the beast. This was a massive python. With its head as large as a house, its body was bound to be several tens of meters in length. A hundred meters away, a glimpse of its massive tail could be spotted past the spray of the bubbling water.1

The heavy metallic tang of blood could be whiffed from the corpse that had been thrown into the lake earlier. Coupled together with the aura of the Xiantian realm, it seized the attention of everyone.

The python rose, erect. The whirlpool surged, churning as it rose from the lake. With its appearance came an enormous shadow that loomed over the ground. Following its shocking entrance, the python abruptly snapped towards Xu Yan.

Its sudden attack brought along with it a ferocious hurricane, battering everyone into retreat. The appearance of the python had stunned everyone at the scene.

The python shot towards Xu Yan. Somewhat detecting the presence of the python, Xu Yan spun around, only to meet the gaping, bloody maws of the mammoth beast before him.

Xu Yan’s wild look changed as his foot shifted backwards in retreat. But he was too slow. With a hair-raising snap, his Xiantian Zhen Qi was immediately broken as a fang of the beast ran through Xu Yan’s shoulder.

The beast bit tightly onto Xu Yan’s body as it pulled its enormous head back into the lake, as if it wanted to take Xu Yan into the lake along with it into its home ground.

“Ah! Go and die.” With the pressure brought from the python, it shook Xu Yan out of his insanity. He shrieked as bright rays of light scattered from his right hand and clenched his fist. With the might of a Xiantian being, he brought it down onto the fang of the python.


Something crunched, and the fang of the python shattered. At the same time, Xu Yan’s body plummeted into the deep waters of the lake with a splash.

The python roared with pain. It entered the waters with Xu Yan.

The waters bubbled like they were boiling, churning as they sent sprays of water several hundred meters high into the air. The sprays of water crashed back down as the scarlet colour of blood dyed the surface of the waters. Xu Yan was duking it out with the python underwater.

“Are you okay?”

Zi Chen went painfully on his feet, staggering to Lin Xue. Lin Xue’s face was deathly pale, with all blood drained from her face. She dived into Zi Chen’s arms, sobbing loudly.

“It’s alright now, it’s alright now.” Zi Chen endured the sharp pain from his injuries as he lightly patted Lin Xue’s back in consolation.


Su Mengyao slowly got up, covering Lin Xue with a new set of white clothes as she motioned for Lin Xue to wear it. Many places of her clothing were in shreds, and it was an exotic sight.

“Many thanks to anyone and everyone who helped today. If anyone has matters requiring help, you can find me at my place. I, Zi Chen, will risk life and limb to help you.” When Lin Xue had calmed down, Zi Chen turned to Lu Peng and the rest and thanked them.

Ezoic“We did not save you. We did it to to save ourselves. Xu Yan had already turned insane. If allowed rampant, he would have slain everyone.” Lu Peng replied.

“Quickly recover, everyone. We don’t know if we still have a fierce battle ahead of us.”

Waves crashed on the lake’s surface. The battle between man and python was abnormally intense. Xu Yan’s figure could occasionally be seen surfacing from the water to take several gasps as well as attempting to leave the lake. However, he was dragged back by the python into the waters every single time.

Zi Chen and the others gulped down their medicine and pills as they strived to recover their strength. In the distance, the other disciples gazed curiously at the fight occuring in the lake.

A few people had already begun moving. Throwing themselves onto a wooden raft, they quickly moved towards the thousand-year-old spirit medicine as they sought to snatch it.


In an unfortunate turn of events, the wooden rafts were smashed under the turbulent waves. The people sunk under the waters.

Watching the plight of the few disciples, nobody else dared to snatch the spirit medicine while the python and Xu Yan were fighting.


A loud shout rang out as Xu Yan resurfaced once more, bursting out of the water like an artillery shell suddenly fired. At present, his body was bloodied and riddled with scars. Before the python, his Xiantian Zhen Qi was unable to protect him. To top it off, Xu Yan had also consumed quite a bit of Zhen Qi when fighting with the disciples. Against the python, he had already fallen under.

The python roared, leaping out of the waters. Its house-sized head shot towards Xu Yan.

Xu Yan’s Zhen Qi surged as he slapped at the head of the python. His body burst up once more as he borrowed the force of the python’s attack. And this time, he seemed to be flying in a curve towards the banks of the lake.

A collective gasp of astonishment came from the crowd of disciples. They had not anticipated Xu Yan to use this method to flee.

There were also sighs. If even Xu Yan was not a match for the python, there was no hope to obtain the thousand-year-old spirit medicine.

Just as it sememed like Xu Yan would cross the lake and fall back into the valley, a hundred meter high spray of water suddenly burst up, crashing into Xu Yan. Xu Yan raised a hand to break the force of the ocean spray, but immediately after that, the tail of the python caught Xu Yan’s body.


With a sharp bang, Xu Yan was hurled deep into the lake waters.

Another fierce exchange followed.

The waters roiled and waves crashed. Xu Yan’s repeated snarling and the python’s hissing drowned out the sound of the turbulent waters. Xu Yan’s and the python’s blood mingled together, blossoming on the surface of the water in a deep red.

The fierce exchange continued for half of a day. Xu Yan was exhausted. As he resurfaced for air, the python extended its head once again. Biting onto Xu Yan’s thigh, it savagely dragged him under.

Xu Yan thrashed about, screaming for help as he struggled. Nobody paid him any mind.

When his body was finally pulled into the depths of the lake, the surging currents began to calm. The turbulent water surface of the lake begin to still. Xu Yan was not spotted anymore.


A collective sigh of relief rose from the disciples.

“Xu Yan actually died. So this is how a Xiantian cultivator met his end.”

“Mhm, this bastard lower than a beast really deserves to die. He almost raped Senior Sister Lin Xue.”

“Virtue has its reward, evil its retribution. Even if Xu Yan broke through to the Xiantian realm, he would have definitely died. Evil people have evil ends.”

A group of disciples who had been behaving righteously remarked. Zi Chen and the rest sighed deeply in relief after they finished recovering.

Many of them were disciples from the Ling Wu sect.

“Senior Brother Zi Chen has been put through a lot of trouble. He is injured, we should protect him.”

“That’s right. Anybody who holds malicious intentions, don’t even think of touching a hair of Senior Brother Zi Chen.”

“Anybody who dreams of touching Senior Sister Lin Xue will have to bear my hostility.”

A crowd of disciples hustled towards them one by one, dropping righteous remarks as they approached Zi Chen and the others.


Out of the blue, the recently stilled surface of the lake began to move again. Large waves began to form as the python’s head emerged once more. Its target this time, however, were the moving Ling Wu sect disciples. Roaring, it bolted towards the group of disciples like lightning.

Blood seeped from its wounds, mingling together with the droplets of water from the lake as they dripped onto the ground. By the time the disciples reacted, three cultivators had fallen to the python’s maws. They were dragged into the lake.

After tussling with Xu Yan, the python was injured and had consumed quite a bit of energy. Currently, it needed food to replenish itself. To the monster, humans were the best source of delicious prey.


Piercing shrieks split the air. The python’s unexpected attack caught the disciples unprepared.


The python resurfaced from the lake it had just re-entered, lunging towards the group of people.

Another few blood-curdling screams, and cultivators were pulled into the lake once again.

The lake began to move again. Short sounds of struggle could be heard from the cultivators in the lake before they suddenly ceased.

“Not good, this python has begun attacking people.”

“Quickly withdraw, the python’s too powerful.”2

“Senior Brother Zi Chen, quickly help us.”

“Senior Brother Mu Yi, quickly handle the python.”3

Shouts echoed within the valley as the crowd of people began to withdraw, making preparations to exit the valley. The python was too terrifying. Currently, it was still lurking in the lake, slowly picking off the crowd of cultivators. With a few attacks, the number of casualties were many.

The crowd began to retreat. Like the backwash from a tide, they frantically pushed towards the outside of the alley.

“Hmph, now you want to leave. A bit late.” At the summit of the valley, Ling Chen laughed nastily at the frantic masses of people.

The earth began to quake as a rumbling sound shook the place, like an army of horses and men were charging.

Outside the mountain, smoke and dust kicked up as the earth swayed violently. Within the dust and smoke, a stampede of ferocious beasts could be spotted as they plowed towards the valley.

At a visual estimate, it was at least several hundred in number.

The earth rumbled.

The rumbling sounded like a natural disaster had struck. From the summit of the valley, shards and pieces of rock crumbled down.

When the crowd had reached the mouth of the valley, they froze, transfixed at the sight of the ferocious beasts coming at them. This time, there seemed to be no way out.

In front of them was a stampede of ferocious beasts, and behind them was a thoroughly angered demonic beast. In this moment, they finally understood Zi Chen’s feeling from before.4

“What’s going on? Why are there so many ferocious beasts?”

“So many, don’t tell me all the ferocious beasts in the Spirit Medicine Garden have gathered here?”

“Have they been called here?”

“What on earth is going on?”

The horde of ferocious beasts swept towards them, bringing along an aura of bloodthirst. They made a beeline for the valley. Their target was as clear as day.

“Fight. We’ll have to fight these ferocious beasts.”

“Kill a path through the horde.”

”Fighting the python is certain death. Against these ferocious beasts, we still have a way out. Let’s charge!”

War cries rose from the crowd of cultivators. Strong cultivators led the charge against the horde of beasts gradually closing in.

However, if one looked closely, one would discover several figures rapidly retreating. These were the few cultivators who had spoken the above to goad the rest into fighting.


Both swarms of men and beasts rammed together. Under the immense momentum of the demonic beasts, many cultivators were sent reeling, before dying underneath the hoofs of the demonic beasts’ stampede.

Having lost the confrontation, the human cultivators retreated in defeat. Like a tide, they had began strongly, only to return to the sea when their momentum failed.

Chapter 62, END

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