Way of Transmigration Chapter 96

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine six – Fight when need to

“Who is making trouble in the Imperial City?”

The person himself has yet to arrive, but his majestic voice rang out first from inside the Imperial City.

“Is that the Supreme King?”

Shui Ruoshan raised his head, then asked Yin Suye in uncertainty. Although he felt that only the Supreme King will speak out at times like these, but nothing is certain. So he better ask clearly who is the incoming person so that proper countermeasures can be planned.


Yin Suye slightly nodded, and the corner of his mouth raised up to the slightest arc as he stared out in the space. The Supreme King showing up was inside of his expectation. After all, the Imperial City’s barrier suddenly activating is no trivial matter. As the ruler over the human race, he naturally need to come out to understand the situation and also solve any problems. Other than that, when he said to let the Supreme King meet him, he inserted his spiritual power as well. Not only the Supreme King in the Imperial City could hear it, everyone in the same piece of land could hear what he said. He don’t believe that the Supreme King would be able to maintain his cool after being provoked by him(YSY).

“Do you have any plans?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that it is necessary for him to discuss countermeasures with Yin Suye while the Supreme King has yet to arrive. Else, if they waited the Supreme King to arrive, they probably won’t have any time for discussion. With his words, Shui Ruoshan has completely ignored Weiyi and also the surrounding guards.

“Fight!” Yin Suye’s slightly squinted, revealing a strong fighting intent.

The race conflict between human and demon has been around for a long time. The moment Shui Ruoshan’s identity as a demon was exposed, it’s already impossible to settle the matter peacefully. Since things cannot be settled in a low key way, then they should just make it big. Directly putting everything in the open so no one would be able to pull any small tricks against Shui Ruoshan in the dark. So, since conflict is unavoidable, then they will fight to the end! At this moment, Yin Suye is like a fearless war god on the battlefield; powerful and decisive!


Shui Ruoshan felt that comparing to Yin Suye’s not-a-plan plan, he rather he didn’t hear anything instead! Even if he can’t say anything constructive, he shouldn’t just said ‘Fight’, such an unreliable suggestion ah! Fight? How could this be a plan? In such a critical moment, Yin Suye, are you sure you are not doing this in purpose?

*falls down*

Yin Suye, don’t think that you are very strong that you could be enemies with the entire Imperial City!

“…alright, just fight then!”

Although Shui Ruoshan was very frustrated in his heart to the point smokes are coming out from his head, he couldn’t not compromise. Under these circumstances, he couldn’t think of any other methods at all! Run, it’s too late already; delay, it is definitely useless; surrender, that is walking right into the trap…

“No matter what, I will always stand by your side!”

Shui Ruoshan raised his head and seriously looked at Yin Suye before giving his guarantee. The reason why the situation has developed into a state of mutual hostility was entirely because Yin Suye wants to protect him, a demon. So he cannot let Yin Suye bear all the dangers, plus he himself also has combative power. He couldn’t let Yin Suye face the fight alone.


Yin Suye’s hand holding Shui Ruoshan suddenly tightened, a hint of smile could be seen in his eyes. How come every time the little guy says something, it would please him that much?

“I won’t let anything happen to you, with my name Shui Ruoshan as promise!”

Shui Ruoshan looked straight into Yin Suye’s eyes as he said it one word at a time. He gave Yin Suye a lot of guarantees before this. But this is the first time he has been so solemn, using his own name as guarantee. Probably to Yin Suye, his name is just a name but for [The Strongest King in History], his name is equivalent to the God who created this world. Comparing the strengths, his identity as the creator God is Shui Ruishan’s real ‘golden finger’1. As long as it is a character he created, he would know their experiences, personality, strengths, weaknesses…
Then with the knowledge he possessed, he could use different approach to attack/overcome different people; taking them down one by one. Because there are no one who has no weaknesses at all, so as long as he could grasp one’s weaknesses, he would have the upper hand. Even when facing the current Supreme King, he would still have a chance to retreat successfully! This is his strong self-confidence as the author of “The Strongest King in History”!

“This promise of yours, I have accepted it!”

This was a rare moment where Yin Suye didn’t reply with a one-word response2, but replied back with equally serious answer. He believed that Shui Ruoshan has the ability to fulfill what he promised, and also willing to accept Shui Ruoshan’s goodwill for him.


Seeing that Yin Suye didn’t reject his help from high self-esteem, his(SRS) eyes were slightly bent (from the smile). He does have the confidence to go against the characters in the novel. Even with the protagonist, he still could maintain this sense of superiority. But the premise of all this is that he don’t include this big villain Yin Suye inside the list. Because he shaped the villain too perfectly, so perfect that there are no flaws for him start attacking ah! Especially when facing the reborn Yin Suye, the big villain who has become so jaded that he don’t even care about his own life. People who has no desire nor wishes is the most difficult type of people to grasp! Else, he won’t be still so restrained by Yin Suye ever since he transmigrated over until now; no room to gain the upper hand at all. It makes him sad just by thinking of it ah!


Seeing Shui Ruoshan3 with a strained expression but still acted casual, Yin Suye whispered a reminder. After all, there might be danger when the fight starts. Yin Suye’s words have just ended and Shui Ruoshan saw an old man wearing golden yellow robe appearing beside Weiyi.

“Are you the one making troubles here?”

The old man swept his sleeves with flair then put both of his hands behind him before asking them with a prideful expression.


Shui Ruoshan can’t help but wanted to vomit from seeing such a pretentious act. Making troubles your sister ah! What with this not even checking who’s right or wrong but went straight to judgemental attitude? They obviously did nothing at all but things just inexplicably turned into this, they are very innocent, a’ight?

“Weiyi, what’s going on here?”

Not sure if it’s because Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan didn’t answer his question, or he never expect them to answer at all, he immediately turned towards Weiyi at the next second.

“King, they are being disrespectful to you!”

Weiyi respectfully knelt to the old man and paid his respect. Then he informed him what happened from the part where he invited Yin Suye to the part Shui Ruoshan suddenly changed to a demon. Finally, he ended it with a summary that they are being disrespectful. Very obvious, Weiyi is still keeping a grudge over Yin Suye’s being disrespectful to the Supreme King earlier and also for not giving him face. At a moment like this, he still didn’t forget to point them out to the Supreme King.

“En.” After the old man patiently listened to what has happened, he turned to look at Yin Suye again. “Do you admit your crime?”

“What crime do we have?” Knowing that Yin Suye is lazy to entertain such question, Shui Ruoshan’s phoenix eyes slightly raised up then he answered with a question.

It was just a simple eyebrow raising movement, but with the pair of slender eyebrows, his high nose, slightly closed thin lips, and pale white skin, it was like a heavenly person with charm but not demonic; a mind-blowing beauty that is soft but not weak.

“Insolent demon!”

The old man was slightly stunned for a moment, then became furious when he woke up from it. The old man felt that ever since he became King, no one could make him lose self-control. But not only this demon in front of him has talked back to him, he(SRS) even tried to seduce him; this is a heavy crime! This caused the old man to look at Shui Ruoshan with eyes filled with hostility.


Shui Ruoshan realized for the first time that his skill in garnerning hatred is quite high. He only used one sentence and managed to provoke the other party’s hatred. That’s amazing ah!

“Open the barrier!”

The old man’s voice rang through the skies above the Imperial City, and he reached out to make a gesture at the sky to order his men to open the barrier. The old man thinks that he must have been out for too long, that’s why some people are so bold to act over his head. So this time, he will personally teach this demon who doesn’t know the difference between the sky and earth a lesson.


Upon receiving the old man’s order, the people who are responsible to operate the barrier switch immediately took action. Then, the barrier of the Imperial City began to fade little by little…
And the old man just stood there, calmly watching the barrier being lifted with his hands at his back…
The moment the barrier has completely disappeared, the old man slowly walked forward, step by step towards Shui Ruoshan…

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