Way of Transmigration Chapter 97

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine seven – Don’t force it

“People who make trouble in the Imperial City, die!”

The moment the old man walked out from the barrier, the pressure belonged to a Supreme King was instantly released. At the moment, surrounding air congealed around the old man, giving people a stormy feeling and gave an impression that the old man is taller and bigger.


Looking at the old man acting crazy, Shui Ruoshan really wanted to cut short of his glory and say that the pressure is completely useless against him and Yin Suye.

Pressure of the same level is void, and Yin Suye who was reborn happened to have the spiritual power of a Supreme King so it has no effect on him(YSY) at all. As for himself(SRS), he seemed to be immune to all kinds of pressure so naturally it has no effect on him as well. And so, the old man got the wrong opponent to act crazy! This completely means that they cannot play together nicely ah!

“Seeking death!”

The old man seemed to have found out that not only the two people didn’t shiver under his pressure, they still looked back at him in arrogance. This caused the old man who have always love to preserve his face to instantly darkened. The old man thinks that those two must be carrying something that could let them resist his pressure. But he will soon let them realize how big is their mistake to provoke the Supreme King! Thinking of this, the old man stopped probing with his pressure and directly mobilized his power as a Supreme King instead; attacking towards the two people…
He felt that only with death that these two could wash away their sins!

“Protect yourself.”

At that moment when the old man launched his attack, Yin Suye put Shui Ruoshan down from his arms and placed him(SRS) behind him. After that, Yin Suye mobilized all of his power as well and met the old man’s attack right at the front. Yin Suye didn’t have any fear from facing a surging fierce attack, but instead slightly raised the corner of his mouth and revealed a cruel smile full of malice. Only in battle, in a fight, in the midst of blood and killing that he could really feel alive and full of life! Instantly, a sense-numbing sound vibrated in the air, as the powerful forces of the two people collided together…

All of a sudden, the dust around them flew up and bright flame is everywhere. The surrounding soldiers started to collapse the moment the forces collided, keep groaning and howling…

Because Shui Ruoshan was well-protected behind Yin Suye, he was not affected by the energy clash. His line of sight however, has been tightly following the battle between Yin Suye and the old man. This is not the first time Shui Ruoshan watched Yin Suye’s fighting scene, but it was the first time he saw such a huge battle scene. He only see this small area where he stood, gradually pressed down with Yin Suye as the center. Cracks were rapidly forming from all directions…

When the energy from the collision gradually dissipated and the smokes are gone, Shui Ruoshan found out that the place he and Yin Suye has been standing has become a deep pit. As for Yin Suye who was standing the in middle of the pit, his body exuded killing intents. His blonde hairs and clothing fluttered in the air, and his figure was cold like ice. A pair of deep eyes were like a deep abyss, like a demon god arriving to the world!

Shui Ruoshan has yet to praise Yin Suye for being so cool-handsome-tyrannic, when he realized a drop of bright red blood appeared in the corner of Yin Suye’s lips, slowly trickling down…

Even so, the extreme charm brought by Yin Suye’s perfect silhouette was not affected. His body was shrouded with bloodthirsty madness, a sharp light were gleaming in the pair of heterochromic eyes. It was so sharp that people don’t dare to approach closer. Just that all these didn’t change the fact that Yin Suye has been injured!

Looking back at the old man, he seemed to be slightly out of breath but didn’t suffer any injuries.

Shui Ruoshan’s gaze instantly darkened. As expected, the current Yin Suye is not the opponent of the Supreme King. Especially in a fight purely rely on energy like this, there was no room for any tricks at all. This is even more a disadvantage to Yin Suye.

“Supreme King, Wang Batian, 495 years old. Became the Supreme King by chance, but because he suffered serious injuries in his early years and his body is too weak, he still couldn’t break the limit of life despite being strong as he is now…”

Thinking about this, Shui Ruoshan felt that he should help Yin Suye somehow. At the very least, he cannot let Yin Suye to be at such disadvantage situation. Just that not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to explain the Supreme King’s information, Yin Suye’s voice rang out first.

“The Supreme King only left 10 years to live.”

Yin Suye said it without any hesitation. He knew that Shui Ruoshan wanted to tell him about the Supreme King’s weakness so he could defeat the enemy. But that was not what he wanted so he interrupted Shui Ruoshan. This is his battlefield, he will fight in his own way! Moreover, he can’t let Shui Ruoshan leak too much confidential information. That would cause other people to suspect something bad with the little guy. Other than that, it might expose the little guy’s special nature and make it more dangerous for him(SRS). He doesn’t want the little guy to be in any danger at all!


Shui Ruoshan was quite confused with Yin Suye’s action in cutting his words. He was not curious towards how Yin Suye knew this information because he was reborn, it’s normal to know something that will happen in the future. What he was curious of is why the Yin Suye who usually don’t say much suddenly interjected at this moment? This is not a quiz, so he won’t get any prizes even if he got it correct! Plus, what he wanted to say is not this at all! God knows that he doesn’t want to talk about Wang Batian’s lifespan at all, because it don’t have any benefits to their current situation ah!

According to the settings of his novel, for each level-up of one’s cultivation level, the life expectancy of that person will increase exponentially. It can be said that the more one cultivated, the longer he/she will live. But that doesn’t mean that the Supreme King will be immortal, they will also have their moment of death. As for how long they can live, it depends on their race and personal physique.

Undoubtedly, Wang Batian is the relatively short-lived one among all the Supreme King because he(SRS) didn’t set a long lifespan for this cannon fodder. Other than that, if Wang Batian don’t die, Yin Suye won’t have any ways to become the Supreme King. That’s why the current Supreme King is destined to die early! Also another reason was he took the lazy route and gave the Supreme King an aggressive-sounding but actually very cheesy name. This way, it will show Wang Batian’s status as a cannon fodder!

[Note: 王霸天/Wang Batian – Reading separately would be King Tyrant Sky]

But at the current stage of progress, other than Wang Batian himself, no one else knows that he only has 10 more years to live. So is Yin Suye trying to completely anger the enemy and let the enemy kill them to cover his secrets? No one can guarantee that the Supreme King won’t become mad from desperation when his lifespan has not much left!

Now Shui Ruoshan is feeling a bit regretful. He didn’t pay much attention when drafting Wang Batian’s setting because he considered him as a small transitional role. He only set Wang Batian as someone who on the surface looked like a good and fair King but secretly a wicked person who has done all sorts of evil things! That means he didn’t elaborate on Wang Batian’s characters, so he couldn’t deduce what Wang Batian would possibly react. Really ‘hate to have less knowledge when needed'(too late to regret) ah!

“Yin Suye, can you not be so strong-headed in every matter?”

After some thoughts, Shui Roshan felt that it’s still necessary for him to persuade Yin Suye. He(SRS) actually could just expose the Supreme King’s weakness so to let Yin Suye gain the benefit in the battle. This will give them a bigger chance in victory! But taking advantage of this time of idleness, Shui Ruoshan immediately took a healing pill out from his space ring. Tiptoeing, he stuffed the pill directly into Yin Suye’s mouth.

“Trust me!” Yin Suye cooperatively opened his mouth, and swallowed the pill that Shui Ruoshan gave him; a flash of satisfaction flitted past his eyes. He has a plan in his heart, and doesn’t need the little guy to worry for him at all.

In this regard, Shui Ruoshan could only maintain his silence which also means he silently acknowledged Yin Suye’s action. Although he was very dissatisfied with Yin Suye’s arbitrary actions, Shui Ruoshan knew that now is not the time to argue. He can only choose to believe in Yin Suye; believe in Yin Suye just like usual!

At the same time, Shui Ruoshan reached out and used his sleeve to carefully wipe away the blood from Yin Suye’s lips. He disliked the red color and doesn’t want that color to appear on Yin Suye even more, so he must wipe away this unsightly color!

“Supreme King, did I said it correctly?”

Although Yin Suye really wanted to continue these warm-hearted gestures with the little guy, he need to first settle the trouble in front of them. Yin Suye didn’t look at the little guy but raised his head to face Wang Batian.

“How did you know?”

Just now, Wang Batian was obviously immersed in the shock that Yin Suye revealed the biggest secret in his heart. So he only managed to react when he heard Yin Suye’s question. But when he uttered those words, not only he acknowledged that Yin Suye’s words were correct, he also revealed the secret that he has always been hiding.

Towards Wang Batian’s unintentionally reply, Yin Suye slightly raised the corner of his mouth; emitting a strong confidence that is sure to win.


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