Way of Transmigration Chapter 95

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine five – Seeking own death

“Who dares?”

Yin Suye took a step forward and got out of the barrier. With a flash, he bypassed the group of guards and appeared in front of Shui Ruoshan. Looking at Shui Ruoshan who is still out of it, Yin Suye didn’t hesitate and reached out as usual, holding that person tightly in his arms and completely protecting him. As expected, he could only be at ease when he can really feel the little guy’s existence! Very obvious, Yin Suye actually minded it very much the fact that he lost the little guy just now.

Before this, in order to be able to rush to the little guy’s side as quickly as possible, he ignored Weiyi’s shouts and focused only on finding the barrier’s weak point. He was able to get out of the barrier so easily because he just found the weak point. That prevented him from breaking the barrier apart and he only have to pay the smallest price to make a small gap in the barrier for him to pass through it.

“What should we do now?”

Shui Ruoshan knew that Yin Suye must have paid quite a price to be able to come out so quickly so he decided not to do anything towards the sudden intimate action from him(YSY). He was used to being hold by Yin Suye anyway so he doesn’t care much to being hugged by him a few more times. At the moment, Shui Ruoshan didn’t realize at all what are the differences between his adult version and zhengtai(shota) version. Naturally, he didn’t find out what’s wrong with the way Yin Suye held him!

“It’s alright.” Yin Suye’s hand stroke Shui Ruoshan’s long hair to comfort him. That extremely soft sensation caused him to not want to let go.

Before they went to the Imperial City, he has predicted all sorts of situation that might happen and also planned counter-measures for each situation. However, it seems like some unforeseen things would always happen with little guy beside him, making all his counter-measures to be useless. But no matter what, he will always protect the little guy!


Shui Ruoshan gently nodded, and showed a light smile at Yin Suye. Not sure when this started, he has developed the habit of relying on Yin Suye. Towards Yin Suye, he would have absolute trust and confidence.

Yin Suye who has been watching Shui Ruoshan immediately took that smile into his eyes. His gaze instantly deepened and his hold on that person became tighter. When the little guy slightly smiled, the corner of his mouth and eyes was gentle like a light breeze, just like the first glow of the moonlight! Yin Suye always knows that the little guy’s appearance is very good but he didn’t think that the grown up little guy would be so stunning to the extreme! Before this, he was so focused on the barrier that he didn’t look properly at the little guy’s grown up appearance. And now, he only have to lower down his head and he would be able to clearly observe every single detail of the little guy.

A pair of phoenix eyes carrying a slight mist giving his black pupils some moisture. His eyelashes curled up added a few points of charm to that pair of beautiful eyes. When his eyes turned, it was as if the stars were shining. And when this pair of eyes which seems to be carrying the sky stared intently at you, you would feel like you could see the whole world! Under the sunlight, the little guy’s skin could be seen extraordinarily delicate. Even the finest white jade would fell short from him; extremely enchanting as if he’s not real.

“Yin Suye, do you know why I suddenly grew up?”

Though Shui Ruoshan was very happy that he grew up in an instant, he felt quite concerned towards the unknown factor.

“You have been sealed before this.1

Yin Suye recounted some scenes and gave his confirmation. According to his observation, the Imperial City’s barrier must have inadvertently touched the seal in his body. That released Shui Ruoshan from his seal and at the same time, exposing his identity as someone from the demon race.

“I was actually sealed?”

Being reminded by Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan has a feeling of sudden realization. No wonder he felt something breaking down inside his body earlier, that was the seal! In other words, he is not a little zhengtai(shota) at all but a young man ah! But at the next second, Shui Ruoshan’s yet-to-rise-up happy mood instantly fell down again. He originally thought he has transmigrated into a ‘soy sauce character’2 so he didn’t care much of the original body’s identity. But everything that has happened told him that his current body’s identity may not be simple. Otherwise, why would he wake up inside a crystal coffin? Why did he wore a spiritual item on his body? Why would he be sealed…
From the secrets hidden in this body, it doesn’t seem to be a random unknown person without any reputation ah! But then this author doesn’t know anything about this character. One need to know, as long as one character has even the slightest importance in the novel, he has written more or less something about him/her. And yet, he was unable to find a character similar to his current body from so many characters in his novel.

This is definitely a very unusual thing!

This feeling of not able to grasp things in hand gave Shui Ruoshan some uneasiness in his heart.


Obviously, Yin Suye’s thoughts were far profound and darker than Shui Ruoshan’s. It was a pity that the current clues they have are too little, so even Yin Suye couldn’t deduce any useful information in a short period of time.

“Yin Suye, you want to shield this demon?”

Weiyi didn’t expect Yin Suye to manage to appear right in front of Shui Ruoshan the moment he didn’t pay attention. His heart tightened all of a sudden, and his expression became very serious. He as a part of the Supreme King’s personal guards is the clearest regarding how indestructible is the Imperial City’s barrier. He would never expect to see this so-called eternal unbreakable barrier to be so easily cracked open by Yin Suye right in front of him today! If you say Shui Ruoshan’s transformation just now gave him a surprise, then the strength shown by Yin Suye now gave him a big shock! Weiyi instantly considered the possibility of being enemies with this Yin Suye who possessed unfathomable power, and felt that it is a very unwise action. So, he wanted to try persuading Yin Suye through words to change his stand. And most importantly, the others and him are still unable to leave the barrier for time being. As for the guards outside the barrier, they are obviously not his opponent. Hence, there’s no better way to delay time for reinforcement than trying to verbally persuade Yin Suye. That’s why he has signaled to the guards outside to not act rashly and let both Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan do their discussion there. Until they fell silent, then Weiyi started his persuasion.


Yin Suye didn’t plan to pay attention to Weiyi at all. He has already started planning how to investigate little guy’s identity. Little guy said it before, that he transmigrated to this world so he doesn’t know much of his current body’s situation.

“Yin Suye, don’t tell me that you want to betray all humankind for the sake of this demon?”

Because of his identity as the leader of the Supreme King’s personal guards, Weiyi was sought after no matter where he went. No one ever dared to not give him any faces like what Yin Suye did. This made him very angry, and his tone has also become sharp.

“What does it matter if yes? What does it matter if no?”

Yin Suye say it in an absent-minded tone, and yet it gave people a feeling of a sharp killing intent. That contemptuous look, combining with his unwillingness to comply expressed his intention very clearly.

“You are seeking your death!”

Weiyi didn’t expect Yin Suye would be so uncaring of things, his face instantly darkened. Although he admits that Yin Suye is far stronger than him, but this is not a place where he(YSY) can afford to be arrogant. This is Imperial City, it’s not a place where anyone could act arrogant! One need to know, inside the Imperial City lives the strongest person of the human race – the Supreme King!

“All of you are not my opponent.” Yin Suye is too lazy to even give Weiyi a gaze, and gave him(WY) his analysis.

“The one seeking death is obviously you and the rest of the guards!” Shui Ruoshan stated the obvious, involuntarily added a sentence behind Yin Suye’s honest words.

With Yin Suye’s current strength, as long as he doesn’t go against the Supreme King, he(YSY) is matchless ah! But no matter what, killing is not a glorious thing to do so he(SRS) still kindly reminded these people who couldn’t see the truth. It’s better not to be rash and seek death in front of Yin Suye! He really shouldn’t be that kind when facing the enemy!

“Let the Supreme King to come out and meet me.”

Yin Suye’s low voice was as if it is ringing beside his ears but also seemed like it’s coming from far away. That voice clearly contained no emotions in it but anyone who heard it can’t help beating fast in their heart.


Hey hey, Yin Suye, did you used a wrong placement in your words? Especially that extremely arrogant expression, that ‘you are not my opponent, ask the strongest one to come out’ arrogance. Ordering the Supreme King to come out and meet you, is this really alright? That natural tone was as if he is the real Supreme King above the 10,000 of people, while the Supreme King he wanted to meet is just an unknown ant. Lord villain, you are so cool-awesome-wild-tyrant, did the author create it? Is this that domineering route, so tyrannic that you don’t have friends?

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Banana: Random announcement for February 2019, Banana will be away for Chinese New Year holiday and also a week of overseas holiday after CNY so I might not have time to translate for the whole month yo. Then I’ll see y’all on March~ XD

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