Way of Transmigration Chapter 71

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero seven one – Confess the truth

“You killed Huo Ruyan in order to prevent it from happening?”

Shui Ruoshan continued to guess Yin Suye’s purpose. He believed he will hit the truth if he guessed a few more times. No matter what, Huo Ruyan is also a very important female supporting character in the novel. To die so easily like that, he as the author should try to expose the truth ah! Besides, he could mentally prepare himself in advance to prevent getting caught unprepared by any sudden situation in the future. He didn’t notice it before, but he couldn’t help worrying now after some thoughts. Not sure if Huo Ruyan’s death will completely turn the novel [The Strongest King in History] over? If that happens, he as the author who knew the original plot will has no advantage at all!

“Yes, and no.” Yin Suye answered patiently seeing the little guy still didn’t give up.


Such an ambiguous answer, he(YSY) is definitely entertaining him ba? He felt like fainting from Yin Suye’s ‘no here, no there’ alright? For the first time, Shui Ruoshan felt anxious for his own IQ!

Requesting for the truth ah!

One shouldn’t tease people’s curiosity then give an irresponsible answer!
Yin Suye, you didn’t handle this professionally ah!

“You just can’t tell me the truth directly?”

As he said that, Shui Ruoshan pouted and prodded the ground with his feet. Then with a face full of grievance, he stared accusingly at Yin Suye. He couldn’t do this the hard way, so he could only pick the soft approach. In order to achieve the goal, he has abandoned his image; started selling ‘meng’ and being obedient.

“The truth is related to my secret, are you sure you want to know?”

Although Yin Suye don’t mind enjoying Shui Ruoshan acting spoiled, but now is not the time. He only want to explore the little guy’s secret now. If he missed this chance today, he don’t know how long he has to wait for the next time!


Upon hearing this, the colors faded from his(SRS) face. Just wanted to know the truth, will you die if you don’t say the secret out?! Wait a minute! If this matter is related to Yin Suye’s secret, then he shouldn’t keep focusing on Huo Ruyan. He should place his sight on Yin Suye instead. Think about it, what is unusual with Yin Suye? There are a lot of things that are not right! The very wrong thing is the fact that he(YSY) met him(SRS). Then, like an alpaca/grass horse1 running out of control, it’s gone and not returning anymore!

Previously, he thought it was his transmigration that changed the course of the plot. Especially when he took the initiative to break away from the plot, he felt like he was causing all the changes..
But then, how could the butterfly effect of his transmigration possess so much power to make such big changes? He didn’t think of it before, but now that he consider it, he suddenly felt that in addition of the variable of his transmigration, Yin Suye’s suspicious points were not small. After all, Yin Suye did many things that were different from what he wrote in the novel.

At that time, was Yin Suye’s eagerness to return to the Capital really because of him(SRS)?

After consuming Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus, Yin Suye’s strength increase seemed to be a little more than his(SRS) calculation?

His(YSY) attitude towards Huo Ruyan was quite wrong?

The time for his(YSY) to get dual ability cultivation doesn’t match at all?

It’s too much to list down all the doubts one by one ah!

The more he think of it, the more suspicious he felt alright?!

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan really wanted to grab Yin Suye by his collar and yelled : “Tell me, are you schizophrenic? Or you have some unknown clairvoyant skills? Or have you been reborn or you transmigrated?”

Instantly, Shui Ruoshan ‘hehe-ed’ twice to these thoughts. To think of such unreliable guesses, it was not easy ah! This is definitely a side effect from ‘read more, write more’ illness! As long as someone is behaving weirdly, he will think that person must has encountered something special, like reborn or transmigrated? [The Strongest King in History] was a story created by him, he naturally was very familiar with everything in the story. In order to guarantee the uniqueness of the protagonist, he set Huang Beichen as the one and only transgmirator in the whole story. As for the others, whether they are the female lead, supporting characters or the villain, everyone is the very original people born and raised in this parallel world ah!

There was no such complicated setup as rebirth!

So, it is impossible for him to open such a big ‘golden finger'(cheat) for the villain Yin Suye ah!

“What did you said just now?”

Yin Suye’s eyes squinted dangerously, and his pupil contracted in an instant. The red awns in his eyes keep flickering, and he subconsciously tightened his grip. He obviously knew Shui Ruoshan could guess what happened to him(YSY) but he still couldn’t help but want to confirm it again.

Not sure if Shui Ruoshan was too deeply engrossed with his own thoughts or has a habit in thinking out loud, he(SRS) accidentally whispered his thoughts out in a small voice. Although the little guy’s voice was quite small, but how could Yin Suye not hear it with his current strength? Especially now where their position were very close to each other, he doesn’t has to pay special attention at all to be able to hear it easily.

“Huh, what did I found out ah?”

As Shui Ruoshan was still mumbling his thoughts, Yin Suye’s sudden question shocked him into answering stupidly. Just that when he felt his surrounding temperature seemed to suddenly get colder, he raised his head to see the man who was emitting cold air; no idea what Yin Suye is getting at. No thanks to the cold air pressure, Shui Ruoshan whose mind was about to become a paste from over-thinking gradually sobered up. At the same time, he seems to realize that he inadvertently blurted out his guesses regarding Yin Suye’s secret.

And Yin Suye’s mood started to look wrong after that! Instantly, Shui Ruoshan felt his whole person is not well! He said a bunch of incredible stuff ah! Especially about the part regarding transmigration. Could it be he indirectly disclosed his own background while he is not paying attention and let Yin Suye discover it?


Already shocked by his own guesses, Shui Ruoshan didn’t has spare any time to think how Yin Suye’s question was in a surprised tone, or to observe Yin Suye’s abnormal behavior. All he knew right now was he might has exposed his own information! His heart already turned into a river of sorrow, how could he pay attention to anything else ah! At this moment, Shui Ruoshan’s emotions were tightened, wondering if he could get pardon by confesion. He doesn’t want to ‘confess under torture’ ah!

Yin Suye didn’t say anything, just silently looking at Shui Ruoshan. Although he doesn’t understand why the little guy suddenly became so depressed, it doesn’t affect him from observing in silent. At first, the moment he heard the word rebirth, he thought the little guy has found out the truth. So he couldn’t control his emotions for a moment and showed some gaffe. But when he saw that the little guy is even more nervous than him, Yin Suye calmed down. Very obvious, the little guy hasn’t figure out anything about his rebirth, and also seemed to accidentally spilled his own secret as well? In this case, if he didn’t grab the opportunity to seek the truth, then he really wasted his time living 2 lifetimes!
Mainly because the little guy’s expressions were too transparent, he doesn’t has to guess anything and was able to see through it at a glance. This time, he estimated that he would have to wait patiently a bit more and he would be able to get the answer he wants from the little guy!

But seriously, the little guy’s ability to ‘run out of topic’ is really extraordinary! He even prepared so many follow-up methods, it were not used and he could directly get the result. Little guy is really weak (mentally), en, very cute.

“Just now you said if I wanted to know your secrets, I need to exchange it with my own secrets right?”

Clenching his teeth, Shui Ruoshan settled his heart and decided to honestly confess. Regardless whether Yin Suye has guessed anything (about him), he will have to stay together with Yin Suye for a long time. He couldn’t guarantee that he won’t revealed anymore loopholes in the future with this careless character of his. Even if he managed to fool his way out this time, but with Yin Suye’s wisdom, he(YSY) will figure out something sooner or later. Basing on the principle ‘early death, early reincarnation’2, he has decided to say it. He understood Yin Suye’s character, and because he understood, he doesn’t dare to make a random lie to deceive Yin Suye. One must know, Yin Suye is someone who pursues perfection, so perfect that he couldn’t tolerate even a bit of flaws.

This habit was especially obvious when Yin Suye deals with other people. He could treat someone well to the max, but he absolutely couldn’t tolerate other people hiding something from him, acting suspicious, deceiving and harming him…
What Yin Suye wants was the purest and truest feeling without any impurities. But there’s no such thing as pure feeling in the world, so Yin Suye’s character was destined to be the one being hurt. As he receives more injuries, naturally he will become blacker.

His mentality, darkness, extremeness, bloodthirsty, ruthlessness, and madness…

These characteristics were already there, it was after he continues to experience disappointments over disappointments that those characteristics gradually deepened. It can be said that these characteristics were the real culprit for Yin Suye’s tragic fate in his past life. Otherwise, when he was framed in the Fog Forest and the protagonist was suspicious of him, he won’t just give up the relationship between them and explained nothing. He even started fighting them, causing the protagonist to deepen his misunderstanding. This then ended with both of them standing opposite of each other in the future.

If Yin Suye could try to explain himself a bit right at the beginning, Shui Ruoshan believed that the friendship between Yin Suye and the protagonist Huang Beichen will not be broken in the Fog Forest. And because he(SRS) understood Yin Suye’s character, Shui Ruoshan won’t casually say a reason to fool Yin Suye. Plus he promised Yin Suye before that he won’t lie to him(YSY) anymore. Since he has promised it, he will do it (say the truth). This is his principle as a person. He has a master-servant bond with Yin Suye anyway so he is not afraid of Yin Suye harming him.
So even if Yin Suye knew about his transmigration, he(YSY) won’t be able to do anything about it!

Yin Suye : “Yes.”

Seeing that the little guy finally decided to open his mouth, the corner of Yin Suye’s mouth slowly curved up.

Shui Ruoshan : “Alright, after you told me your secret, I will tell you mine.”

Shui Ruoshan felt that he has made enough mental preparation for his own confession, but based on the principle of not suffering losses, he has to let Yin Suye spill first. That way he could proudly say that he is the one holding the power3!

This kind of self-deception, is it really alright?

“I was reborn.”

Yin Suye was not afraid of Shui Ruoshan regretting it, and told Shui Ruoshan the biggest secret of his life just like that.

“You were reborn?!”

Shui Ruoshan felt like scolding people! Fiercely scolding people ah! Just because the novel was written by him, Shui Ruoshan was confident that the Yin Suye he met could be considered the Yin Suye from his novel. The result gave him a resounding slap in the face instead!

Yin Suye, he actually was reborn?!

So the reason the original plot changed so much, it was not him at all but Yin Suye. He actually unconsciously shouldered so much ‘black pots'(blame) on Yin Suye’s behalf? No wonder Yin Suye gave such a big reaction upon hearing his mumblings. It was because he managed to guess Yin Suye’s secret, and not Yin Suye managed to guess his(SRS) origins?! Could he(SRS) be considered cleanly sold himself out? Or those kind who specialized in selling ownself, doing it 30 years unshakeable4?! No, should say Yin Suye acted very well by just putting up a paralysis face, he(SRS) actually went in; even willing to enter the trap himself!

Shui Ruoshan felt that he is better off not knowing the truth!

Reality is always cruel, causing him to burst into tears; too tired to love anymore!

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