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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero seven two – Age problem

“Since you have reborn, does it means you have been doubting me right from the start?”

Upon confirming that Yin Suye has reborn, Shui Ruoshan sucked in a breath of cold air. That means no matter if he(SRS) has revealed any flaws or not, he has already roused Yin Suye’s suspicions. After all, the original story doesn’t has any plot about someone like him appearing in the Fog Forest at all.


That’s right, it was when he has just reborn and encountered this variable, Shui Ruoshan that he has his doubt and expectation at the same time.

“Then from when you reborn back to life?”

Understanding that Yin Suye has reborn, many unreasonable things happened before could now be fully understood. No wonder he(YSY) was so cold towards Huo Ruyan, and even directly took her life. No one who got betrayed mercilessly would be able to stay calm and treat the other party nicely. Anyone who could do that can no longer be called ‘Holy Mother’ but a ‘Retard’.

After that, Shui Ruoshan stabilized his emotions a bit and asked the question he concerned the most. He need to know when Yin Suye came back to life in this timeline so that he could determine when did the plot begin to change.

“Some moment before I met you.”

Yin Suye felt that the time he met Shui Ruoshan after he got reborn was just nice; felt like it was predestined. Returning back to life too early, he won’t be able to encounter Shui Ruoshan and if he reborn any later, he would miss Shui Ruoshan as well. And because he met Shui Ruoshan at the right time, it let him feel that Shui Ruoshan was given to him(YSY) by God as a compensation; the existence who only belongs to him(YSY)!

“I transmigrated over almost around that time too.”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t conceal the truth regarding his origins, and briefly explained about his transmigration. It seemed that everything has started to change the moment he transmigrated, just that he didn’t notice it.

One reborn, and another one transmigrated.1 These two variables combining together, the effect was not as simple as 1+1=2 but increases by fold ah! With such powerful effects together, it would be really abnormal if the plot doesn’t change!

Really sorry for Yin Suye, he obviously knew his(SRS) appearance was very mysterious but he still has to bear with it until now to ask his questions, really not easy ah! He estimated that his transmigration and Yin Suye’s rebirth probably happened at the same time. After all, he stayed quite some time in the stone room before he saw Yin Suye. Just that he don’t know what caused his transmigration and Yin Suye’s rebirth?


Yin Suye slightly frowned. Before this, he focused all his focus on the word ‘rebirth’ and planned to asked about ‘transmigration’ later. He didn’t expect Shui Ruoshan would mention it first. Actually, he doesn’t like this word very much. Because he inadvertently heard Huang Beichen mentioned it before that he(HBC) is a transmigrator. At that time, his relationship with Huang Beichen was already like water and fire, so naturally it’s impossible for him to know the meaning of ‘transmigration’ from Huang Beichen. Later on, he did checked some old records and books but still couldn’t find the meaning of ‘transmigration’, his curiosity gradually faded. However, he never expect he will hear the same word coming from Shui Ruoshan.

“Transmigration is the abbreviation for transmigrating through time and space. Commonly means one person due to some reasons, went through some event (could be without reason nor event as well) from current space (Space A) to another space and time (Space B).”

Shui Ruoshan recited the explanation he got from ‘Du Niang’2 directly to Yin Suye. But thinking back, although Yin Suye was reborn, he is still a native born and lived in this parallel world. He probably don’t understand the word ‘transmigration’ which was infamous back in Earth, so he(SRS) explained it again using words easier to understand.

“In other words, I used to live in a world called Earth. But due to some unscientific reasons, I crossed through time and space, and came to this world.”

Then he immediately bumped into this villain Yin Suye. As for the things happened afterwards, Yin Suye already knew it. Shui Ruoshan really felt that there’s nothing special to explain about his transmigration, so he only briefed mentioned it.

“You and Huang Beichen came from the same place?”

He remembered heard the word ‘Earth’ from Huang Beichen before. Since he already bared open his secrets with Shui Ruoshan, it became easier to discuss things.

“You could say that!”

Shui Ruoshan nodded with some hesitation. Although he wrote that Huang Beichen came from 21st century’s Earth, but it was only a character written in his novel and doesn’t exist in real life. However, he couldn’t deny and say that Huang Beichen didn’t came from the same place as him, so he could only reluctantly admitted it.

“But Huang Beichen transmigrated along with his body while I transmigrated only with my soul.”

Shui Ruoshan felt the need to make this point clear. Huang Beichen as the protagonist of [The Strongest King in History] naturally was given a lot of ‘golden fingers’ by the author Shui Ruoshan. And one of the biggest ‘golden finger’ was that Huang Beichen transmigrated along with his body. Coming over with his own body, Huang Beichen has the blood of the ‘Descendants of the Fiery Emperor and Yellow Emperor’ (Han Chinese people lol) flowing in him. To a certain extent, he won’t be bounded by the rules of the parallel world; he could do things that other people for the parallel world couldn’t. This is also why Huang Beichen could cultivate double abilities without any obstacles while Yin Suye nearly threw away half of his life to do the same.

“Although my current body is a child, but my soul inside isn’t. So stop treating me the way you treat a child, or else don’t blame me for being hostile!”

That’s the reason why Shui Ruoshan emphasized on the point that he came as a soul. Since they have confessed their secrets to each other, he naturally has to take the opportunity to fight for some necessary benefits. His request was not high, he is fine as long as he gets treated as an equal.

“You are a child now.”

Yin Suye looked at Shui Ruoshan in doubts. Such a simple and naive character, he doesn’t look like an adult however you see it!

“I’m already 20 years old, a completely and thoroughly adult!”

Instantly, Shui Ruoshan became dissatisfied. He was already very depressed when he transmigrated into a Zhengtai(shota) and got treated like a child! And right now, he managed to get rid of his identity as a child with much difficulty, but Yin Suye doesn’t buy it. Really depressing until one can’t be more depressed!

“I’m 22, still older than you.” Yin Suye faintly rebutted.

“You are twisting the facts!” Shui Ruoshan really wanted to get crazy!

How could he not know that Yin Suye is 22 years old now? Do he need him(YSY) to emphasize it for him? What’s so great about being older than him by 2 years? If you have the ability, try being 20 years older than him(SRS) ah! Should he known such thing would happen today, he would have set Yin Suye as a 17 years old youth, see how he(YSY) can remain smug! Or how about turning Yin Suye into a 42 years old middle-aged uncle? He could accept being treated like a child, and let him(YSY) be smug as much as he can! However, is there still time to change the settings right now?


Yin Suye’s ‘en’ was stretched a bit, sounded like a question but also like a threat too.


Felt like the two of them are unable to communicate at all, alright?! Once again, Shui Ruoshan decided that he and Yin Suye couldn’t play well together!

“Oh right, do you know the identity of this body I have got into?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that he should change the topic to prevent himself from getting depressed over the age matter. Plus, since he has explained everything about himself, he should take the opportunity to find out who did he transmigrated into. After, the problem has plagued him for a long time.

“Don’t know.” Yin Suye shook his head.

When he first met Shui Ruoshan, he already knew that he doesn’t recognise this person and confirmed that this person didn’t appear in his past life.

“You don’t know as well?!”

Shui Ruoshan was somewhat disappointed by this.

As expected, he really got into a passerby character that has never appear in the novel!

“You are not sure yourself too?”

Yin Suye originally thought Shui Ruoshan would know everything about him(YSY) because he seemed too familiar with this world. But he never expect it would be the opposite instead.

“I didn’t even any information about this body at all when I transmigrated over.” Shui Ruoshan felt depressed as well about this.

“Shui Ruoshan is my own name, and not the name of this body.”

That means he doesn’t even know the name of the body he is currently using now; felt like there are nothing more bitter transmigrator than himself. Especially when he is the author of the story, he actually doesn’t know who is he now. If words went out, he will lose his face to death!

“But you are very familiar with the continent (Magic and Sword Continent/Mowu Dalu).”

Or one should say, everything happened previously told Yin Suye that Shui Ruoshan is clearly very familiar with the people and matter in this world.


Shui Ruoshan felt that he is really a death-seeking idiot. He actually explained everything without considering some other matters. No one ever would be more death-seeking than him. It seemed that he is no longer the witty young man with outstanding IQ ever since he met Yin Suye!

Now is not the time to sigh, he should think how he could answer Yin Suye’s question properly ba. But there is one thing that Shui Ruoshan is very clear, that is he absolutely must not disclose the part where he is the author of this novel; can’t let Yin Suye know he is the initiator of all his misfortunes!

“When I transmigrated over, there are a lot of information appearing in my mind. The content was like an invisible book. By looking through a search function, I can know about some things that happened in the continent.”

Though Shui Ruoshan could transformed his identity of an author to a reader to explain himself, but taking the feeling of this native Yin Suye into consideration, Shui Ruoshan hesitated with the keywords he should use. He doesn’t dare to tell Yin Suye that everything happened was just the content of a book, so he used the word as a metaphor to express matters clearly. After all, if you tell the people here that they are just some characters inside a book, you don’t even have to think about it to know that is a very shocking truth! Using the keyword in a metaphorical way shouldn’t step on any landmines right?

“What you mean is this world is just like a book in your eyes?”

Although Shui Ruoshan phrased it tactfully, Yin Suye could see through his thoughts. Or in other words, he is also just a character in a book in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes?! This realization caused Yin Suye to feel extremely unhappy. Instantly, he narrowed his eyes dangerously with a face of deep contemplation. He think he found out where the nagging feeling that Shui Ruoshan always gave him came from!

Previously, he heard Shui Ruoshan said he is a transmigrator and that he was so out of place because he was not adapted to this world. Huang Beichen also had a period of time where he looked at the world with cold eyes of a bystander and uninvolved attitude. He(YSY) thought that Shui Ruoshan felt no sense of belonging to the world also because of the same reason. But through Shui Ruoshan’s words, Yin Suye knew he got it all wrong. It wasn’t that Shui Ruoshan felt no sense of belonging to this world, he never really see this world as a real one at all!

Very obviously, the situation with Shui Ruoshan was more serious than he imagined!


What do you mean ‘like a book’ ah? It IS a world in a book, alright?! But Shui Ruoshan doesn’t really dare to say these words to Yin Suye’s face, whose mood looked obviously wrong. Yin Suye, are you really alright with such temperamental emotions? He(SRS) felt a lot of pressure alright?!

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