Way of Transmigration Chapter 69

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero six nine – Hiding something

If the plot goes by the normal path, Yin Suye should be a warrior all the way to the end. But Shui Ruoshan didn’t do so. Since he gave so many ‘golden fingers'(cheat) to the protagonist, he should give some for the villain as well. Else, it would be really unfair. If the gap between the protagonist and the villain is too large, there won’t be any suspense in the story. Without some ups and downs, the readers won’t buy it. And so, as a semi-professional novelist, Shui Ruoshan felt that he is a very cultured novelist. Later on when the strength difference between protagonist and the villain became bigger and bigger, he has to help the villain gain a bit more strength.

Considering the balance of power, Shui Ruoshan set it this way in his draft. When one cultivated to the Imperial stage, one would get one chance to reshape their constitution. So when Yin Suye reached the Imperial stage in the later part of the story, he reshaped his constitution; his destroyed ‘magic source’ naturally recovered. With his impressive magical talent, re-cultivating his magic was a piece of cake. However, as Yin Suye’s magic level advances, the rejection between the two elements -magic and warrior- in his body became more and more powerful.

Hence, the fight between the two forces in Yin Suye’s body became more intense, like it wanted to swallow and destroy the other force in the body. At that time, even if Yin Suye found out what’s wrong, he won’t be able to stop it. Because if he really let one power swallowed the other power, he will definitely die from self-combustion as soon as two forces combined into one, even if he has the power of an Imperial practitioner.

In regard to this, Yin Suye could only cultivate endlessly to maintain the balance between the two forces. When none of the forces could rise above the other, then it would stop fighting for a while. So, the Imperial stage Yin Suye rarely use his power. Because once he started, both forces are bound to be unbalanced. One careless mistake will cost him his life. This is also one of the reason why Yin Suye get stuck at the losing side at the final battle with the protagonist.

Shui Ruoshan thinks too much, not because he wanted to retell the story to himself about the difficulties of dual ability cultivation, but because when Yin Suye finally could use dual abilities, it was after he reached the Imperial stage! But now Yin Suye told him that he(YSY) has dual abilities, the timeline doesn’t follow the original plot alright?!

*falls down*

Don’t tell him that all these strange incidents were caused by his transmigration?

This is unscientific!

Even though he changed a part of the story previously, it was just to improve some of Yin Suye’s strength, it doesn’t has any ability to restore Yin Suye’s magic powers ah! Plus when Yin Suye used his magic skill to murder, he used it with such ease that it doesn’t look like he just restored his magical powers no matter how you look at it! So who can tell him what is actually happening with all this incidents that are completely inconsistent with the development of the plot ah?

“Yin Suye, are you hiding something important from me?”

Shui Ruoshan who can’t figure anything out, directed his doubtful gaze on Yin Suye. Although he doesn’t has any expectation for the plot to continue as it is after he transmigrated, he didn’t think that the trajectory of the development would deviate so much from the beginning. This makes him very worried ah!

The most depressing thing was he cannot complain as he also contributed a lot to this deviation. However, he doesn’t want to admit that the consequences of all this may have been caused by him, so he could only direct a doubtful gaze at Yin Suye. If one would say he(SRS) is the one driving the variables forward, then Yin Suye is the variable itself. After all, all the wrong things happened on Yin Suye only! In order to escape from taking responsibility, Shui Ruoshan irresponsibly dragged Yin Suye down the water. Yin Suye must have did something he(SRS) doesn’t know about to cause the deviation even further.


Yin Suye’s eyes slightly flashed, as he calmly answered. It seems that the little guy has found out something wrong with him?!

“You really hid something from me?!”

Shui Ruoshan originally didn’t expect Yin Suye to answer him. After all, everyone have their own secrets that they don’t want other people to know. That is understandable. However, he didn’t expect that his endless pestering would receive a positive answer from Yin Suye. This makes Shui Ruoshan feel very disbelief. One need to know, as the biggest villain in the novel, there are a lot of secrets that cannot be disclosed to other people. Otherwise, Yin Suye won’t have to purposely make him sleep to sneak out to murder. So, is Yin Suye ready to confess to him right now? This is too unscientific ah!

“Want to know?”

Yin Suye’s nice voice carried a touch of temptation. Maybe he could take this opportunity to test the little guy! Who ask this little guy to have so many secrets in him, causing him(YSY) to be unable to stand wanting to investigate him in depth!

“Want, but also don’t want!”

Facing Yin Suye who suddenly became easier to talk to, Shui Ruoshan instantly increased his vigilance and nodded. Then he immediately shook his head. He had a feeling that Yin Suye at the moment really similar to a big bad wolf which will abduct children; must stand guard!


Yin Suye didn’t immediately push forward to force the little guy to make a choice, but patiently waited for the little guy’s explanation instead.

“Suddenly taking the initiative to confess to me, I felt like there is a conspiracy behind!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye’s attitude right now is not right, very wrong! One need to know, that time when he accidentally came across his killing scene, Yin Suye didn’t intend to confess anything to him at all. Instead, he(YSY) tried his best to hide it. And now, not only he decided to come clean, he looked like he couldn’t wait to tell everything to him(SRS). This is very strange no matter how he look at it ah!

There is definitely a conspiracy! And a big one too!

Although Yin Suye was created by him, but to compare one’s slyness and schemes, he(SRS) is definitely not his(YSY) opponent. Or one could say he(SRS) has no qualification to become his(YSY) opponent at all! A large piece of noodle-like tears instantly appeared on his face ah!

“You didn’t ask.” Yin Suye felt that at most he is wrong for not taking the initiative to explain, the responsibility is not on him at all, he still has the upper hand.

“So if I ask you, you will tell me?” He(SRS) don’t know about this hidden truth at all previously, how could he know to ask, how?

This is completely twisting the fact! Twisting facts is clearly his(SRS) skill, how come Yin Suye learned it as well ah? Simply not letting people to live?! Villain, you are so versatile, the pressure on the author will be heavy, capisce?

“Yes.” Yin Suye firmly nodded.

“Really?” Shui Ruoshan was very doubtful towards this solemn Yin Suye.


Yin Suye resolutely looked at Shui Ruoshan. As for disclosing the whole matter or just a part of it, this will have to see how it goes first.


After being repeatedly confirmed by Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan thinks that he must have thought too much. Perhaps he is viewing this matter in a narrow hearted/short sighted way?

“Could it be you still have some follow-up conditions that you haven’t say?”

For his own safety, Shui Ruoshan felt that he should ask as clear as possible before making his decision.


Yin Suye has nothing to hide regarding this. He really wanted to know how the little guy going to choose.


He knew it, Yin Suye is not that kind. Turned out everything is waiting for him behind! Fortunately, he is quick-witted and didn’t fall into Yin Suye’s trap; need to give himself 32 likes!

“I can tell you my secret but as an equivalent exchange, you must tell me your secret as well!”

Since he has decided to trust this little guy, he doesn’t mind telling his secret. Little guy want to know his secrets, then he(YSY) will not allow the little guy to hide anything from him also.

“I do not understand what you are saying?”

Shui Ruoshan turned away with some guilt, the things he hid from Yin Suye were quite a lot! He knew Yin Suye won’t be so easy to talk to, it turned out everything is waiting for him here!

“You hid a lot of things from me.”

Yin Suye said this sentence firmly and without hesitation. The little guy revealed too much loopholes, so he couldn’t not doubt him.


Shui Ruoshan knew that he didn’t manage to disguise it well, especially in front of someone who is sensitive to the finest detail like Yin Suye. So he got exposed just like this? However, he doesn’t dare to reveal his secrets at all! He can’t tell Yin Suye that this world was created by him, and that the reason why his(YSY) life was so bitter is all because by this author! How much did he(SRS) wanted to seek death, or can’t think properly to dig such a hole for himself ah! He doesn’t want to be tortured by Yin Suye to death right now ah! At this moment, should he sing loudly : I have many small secrets, Little secret! I won’t tell you! I won’t tell you! Not going! To tell! You… No!1

Or he should probably yell at Yin Suye : Your Majesty! Chen qie(This concubine) can’t do it!

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12 thoughts on “Way of Transmigration Chapter 69

  1. I’d probably just say I transmigrated from another world, really. Somehow revealing that this world is a book sounds worse to me. If someone told me the world I live in was a work of fiction, that’d be
    weird and earth-shattering news in a way, assuming you believed it? Might be kind of cruel to reveal too. Just say that all the information he knew about him was because it was stuff he was somehow able to read about the world he was going to before he woke up (play dumb about why he was able to read it or where the info came from lol), and he coincidentally woke up near YSY, one of the individuals he’d read about. Which is why he was able to recognize him so quickly. And everything that he knew about the world was from the text he was given. Basically say nothing but the truth but don’t give all the details. Isn’t twisting the truth supposed to be his skill anyway?

    This would also be a good time to point out that he can’t exactly “see” the future anymore because the current events are deviating so much from the info he was given. I think perhaps YSY has already gathered that his powers aren’t like a normal seer’s at all so that should solve that “hole” in SRS’s story too.

  2. “Or he should probably yell at Yin Suye : Your Majesty! Chen qie(This concubine) can’t do it!”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ohh no not concubine! Youre his empress hahaha???~♥~
    Really love this novel!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡
    Thanks for translating this~♥~

  3. You could tell him that it’s the world of a book that he transmigrated to, but not say that he himself is the author. If YSY asks why he in particular transmigrated, he could say, “because I’m your greatest fan!” There. Problem solved.

  4. I also don’t think that I will qwq if I’m SRS… Its scary when your fictional villains come to life and finds out that you’re the reason they’re villains with sad backgrounds QWQ Especially if you set said villains to be OP af and the only one that could beat them is the protagonist QAQ Thanks for the chapter~~~ ≥v≤)/

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