Way of Transmigration Chapter 68

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero six eight – Dual magic-warrior cultivation

“Do you have anything to say to me?”

After Yin Suye carried Shui Ruoshan back to the room they stayed previously, he erected a barrier to prevent other people from disturbing them. Then he frankly asked for explanation.


Shui Ruoshan felt very speechless. It was Yin Suye who said they should talk just now, and he(SRS) only passively accepted the suggestion. So why did the moment they returned to the inn, the roles of the speakers were completely reversed? The thing that made him the most, most depressed was Yin Suye is actually sitting while he has to pitiful stand there. Even if this is to allow them to communicate on an equal level, to let them see each other’s expression more clearly, this is still wrong ah!

One is sitting while asking question, the other is standing while answering, this will give him an illusion that they are not talking between the two of them at all, but it’s Yin Suye interrogating him! Actually he can comfort himself a bit that it was fortunate that the ‘little dark theatre’ in his brain hole didn’t appear.

… he is not feeling comforted at all, alright?

Mainly because he was too nervous before, he forgot that he and Yin Suye has a direct master-servant contract between them. Even if he never command Yin Suye to do anything, Yin Suye still couldn’t do anything harmful to him. He don’t have to worry about anything at all! No worry your sister ah! Even if he doesn’t has to worry about his little life, he still need to worry about other things! Just that even he himself doesn’t know if he is worried of his own situation or worried about Yin Suye’s daring moves, or the future that has been completely disrupted…

In short, his heart couldn’t be stabilized.

“Don’t want to say?”

Seeing Shui Ruoshan standing there with ever-changing expression but still not saying anything, the hopeful emotion in Yin Suye’s eyes weakened a bit.

“No, I just don’t know what to say all of a sudden. Give me some time to sort out my thoughts, okay?”

Sensing that Yin Suye suddenly became sad, Shui Ruoshan denied his(YSY) words without even thinking. Since he is now tied to Yin Suye, in order to prevent problems like this or that happen in the future, he should take advantage of this time to explain some matters. This way will benefit both of them in their future interactions.

Shui Ruoshan felt that for him to be able to talk so calmly to the murderer Yin Suye after he murdered someone, in addition of his good mental preparation, a large part of the reason was because he subconsciously felt that Yin Suye should be someone who kills without wavering. Yin Suye is the big villain he shaped out after all, not any righteous person with firm 3-views.

Shui Ruoshan is very familiar with the characters born from his pen, and clearly knows that Yin Suye is definitely not someone perfect. Due to his rough experience in the past, his character has greatly flawed to a certain extent; quite neurotic or on the edge. Which also means, even if Yin Suye didn’t get blackened, he will never be a good young man who is sunny and willing to help others..

And so, the various good treatment from Yin Suye to him, he felt touched and at the same time he felt a sense of weird surrealism. But when he saw Yin Suye secretly went to murder someone behind him, Shui Ruoshan breathed a sigh of relief. This person from his novel has not acted out of character, Yin Suye is still Yin Suye! Just that he(YSY) has learned some new skills, and knows how to cover up his bad side, showing only the good side!


Since Shui Ruoshan requested for some time to think, he(YSY) will give him the time he needed, no matter how long it takes. Yin Suye keep telling himself in his heart not to be too greedy. The fact that the little guy saw him killed someone and still not afraid of him, not distancing away from him, willing to talk to him, it is already very good.

Too many experiences from his past life told him that sometimes, ‘the higher is the expectation, the bigger the disappointment’, so he shouldn’t expect anything! But at the same time, his inner thoughts couldn’t help thinking that the little guy is special, and not the same with the people from his past. Maybe he(SRS) will have different reactions?

This contracting and complex emotion caused a rare hint of confusion in Yin Suye’s eyes.

“You killed Huo ruyan, is it really alright?”

Thinking about it, Shui Ruoshan decided to face the reality, and starts their conversation directly with Huo Ruyan’s murder.

“No one would be able to guess that I am the one who killed Huo Ruyan.”

Seeing that Shui Ruoshan didn’t show any feeling of disgust towards his act of murder, his tightly gripped hands slightly loosened and he started to explain slowly to Shui Ruoshan.


They got into a conflict with Huo Ruyan in the previous inn, and there were countless of people who have seen it. That is to say after the people from the Huo family found out about Huo Ruyan’s death, they(YSY+SRS) would definitely be suspected as the first suspect.

The motive is too obvious ah!

“Because I am a warrior1.”

Yin Suye deeply looked at Shui Ruoshan, then slowly revealed the truth.


He felt that this information revealed by Yin Suye is too much! Looks like he need to reflect on this. He remembered that time, Yin Suye killed Huo Ruyan with ice arrows. That is to say he used magic to finish her off. Everyone in the human realm knew that Yin Suye is a warrior, so naturally he won’t be suspected. No wonder Yin Suye decided to leave Huo Ruyan’s body in the crime scene instead of destroying her body. He is using facts to let other people know that he didn’t kill her because he don’t know magic. This ‘openly in the public’ trick is too brilliant!

“Dual magic-warrior cultivation?” Shui Ruoshan asked in uncertainties.

Previously Yin Suye only displayed abilities of a warrior. But then he used magic when he murdered Huo Ruyan. In other words, he can do both?


Since he was seen by shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye won’t conceal it and nodded affirmatively.


Getting his confirmation, Shui Ruoshan felt like his whole body is not good! He discovered the biggest difference in the plot. It was not the fact that Yin Suye has killed Huo Ruyan, it was not Yin Suye’s character getting blackened, and it was not Yin Suye’s schemes either…

It was Yin Suye’s dual ability cultivation!

“What is it?”

Yin Suye doesn’t understand why Shui Ruoshan became completely stunned in an instant but he was certain that it is related to his answer just now. But looking at the little guy’s expression, it doesn’t look like he was shocked by the fact he(YSY) has dual ability cultivation. Instead, it was some emotions that he couldn’t understand.

This feeling of not having the control in hand caused him to be extremely unhappy.

“I think I need some time to calm down!”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t bother with Yin Suye’s suspicion towards him. He only knew now that he need to review back Yin Suye’s life experience in [The Strongest King in History].He named this parallel world, The Continent of Magic and Sword [Mo jian Dalu], which means it’s a world centered on swords and magic. Absolutely easy to understand.

But in order to highlight the special and powerful traits of the protagonist, he set the rules that people in this world could only choose to cultivate either magic or sword, because these two forces don’t mix together. As the protagonist’s constitution is special, he was able to cultivate the legendary dual ability cultivation and it naturally became the protagonist’s golden finger. And Yin Suye is one of the only two person in this world who could cultivate dual ability cultivation. Just that compared to the protagonist’s ‘free and easy’ cultivation path, Yin Suye’s cultivation for dual ability was more difficult.

Originally, Yin Suye doesn’t has the talent for dual ability, and it was impossible for him to cultivate both. When he was young, he was tested as super class magic talent. And his advance in magic was very fast; a well-deserved genius. Unfortunately, when he was 8 years old, his mother’s ex-lover came to look for his mother, wanting to take her away. His mother was unwilling to leave with her ex-lover. They started to argue, ended up with his mother killed by her ex-lover. The man also instantly became mad as a result. Not only the Yin Suye who was hiding at the scene watched as his mother died in the hands of her ex-lover, he was implicated by the man’s anger as well.

When the ex-lover found Yin Suye, he pushed all the responsibilities on Yin Suye as he felt it was all because of Yin Suye’s existence that his lover is not willing to go with him. So at that time, he directly went for the kill. Just that Yin Suye is lucky, and was rescued. But the magical source2 for his magic cultivation was completely destroyed. He could no longer cultivate magic in the future.

Yin Suye’s father originally was very sympathetic towards Yin Suye. But after he found out that Yin Suye has turned from a talented genius to a waste that cannot cultivate at all, he became cold and distant. Especially when he know that Yin Suye’s mother was having an affair. After she was killed, he began to suspect if Yin Suye is really his biological son and stopped caring for him.
This cause Yin Suye’s situation to become even worse.

Before this incident, Yin Suye was the ‘Di’3 son of the family, a highly regarded genius, has the love from both parents, lived well and frivolously. But after the incident, Yin Suye who lost his mother and his father’s love, instantly fell to Hell from Heaven. He has nothing left, and became a little pitiful child anyone also can bully. One could say that, Yin Suye lived a perfect and glorious life before he was eight, and a life of a fallen after that.

Of course, the story won’t end like this. After that, Shui Ruoshan’s pen immediately twisted and he started to write about the young Yin Suye in a snowy night. Because he was too hungry and couldn’t find anything to eat, he went up to the mountain alone to find food. He who doesn’t has any abilities couldn’t catch any animals at all. But he doesn’t has any survival experience in the wild, he doesn’t know which plant can be eaten, which plant can’t.

Hungry to the point he couldn’t stand it, Yin Suye hoped to be lucky in his heart, randomly grabbed some plants that he think are edible and ate it. At that time, Yin Suye doesn’t know that most of the things he ate were poisonous and harmful. He only knows that not long after he ate those plants, his whole body started twitching in pain.

A variety of toxic and harmful plants fought with each other in Yin Suye’s body, but constraints each other at the same time.Many coincidences putting together prevented Yin Suye from losing his life, his physique has also changed to some extent. After 2 days and 1 night of pain, he found out that he could cultivate as a warrior. At that time, the young Yin Suye was very clear that as long as he has the strength, he could change his horrible situation. And so, he started to move forward the path of a warrior without hesitation.

His special experience from cultivating magic to warrior immediately attracted the attention of some bigwigs.They wanted to use Yin Suye’s experience to break the barrier between magic and swords4. Therefore, Yin Suye was used as a test subject by those bigwigs. However, this also gave Yin Suye an access to various advanced warrior’s cultivation manual to improve his strength. Borrowing the power of those bigwigs, Yin Suye continuously builds support for himself and seeks all kinds of benefits.

Although Yin Suye’s talent to cultivate as a warrior was not as good as his magical talent that he once had, but by working extremely hard, it took him a few years and his strength has surpassed most people in the world. Unfortunately, even after so many years, those who wanted to study Yin Suye to crack the barrier between magic and swords limitation couldn’t come out with any results, because Yin Suye’s experience was not replicable.

Wait a minute!

Shui Ruoshan broke away from his train of thoughts that wanted to continue recalling Yin Suye’s past. He was clearly thinking about the matter of dual ability cultivation, how come he suddenly thought of something else?

This feeling of always missing the point really makes people crazy ah!

He needs to return to the main point!

Thinking back to…

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