Way of Transmigration Chapter 54

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five four – The novel’s outline

“Yin Suye!”

Suddenly thought of something, Shui Ruoshan immediately raised his head and called out for Yin Suye. But the moment Yin Suye looked at him, Shui Ruoshan only managed to open and close his mouth; no sound came out from his throat. Because he doesn’t know if he should continue his words.

Although Yin Suye is very familiar with Huo Ruyan, the relationship between them was complicated. And the words he was about to say would definitely touch upon the unavoidable black history between the two of them.

Opening other people’s wounds seemed a little immoral ah!

Hence, Shui Ruoshan hesitated.

“What is it?”

Yin Suye’s attention has always been placed on Shui Ruoshan so he instantly found out the little guy’s complicated look, like he has something to say but couldn’t say it. After a moment of thought, he could almost guess about 80% of what happened. This little guy seemed to know a lot of things, but because he knew too much he like to overthink most of the time. This time, he must clarify the matters first before this little guy starts to link him to a bunch of mess with Huo Ruyan.

“I don’t have anything to do with Huo Ruyan.”

This sentence was given by Yin Suye with no hesitation at all. Just that when Shui Ruoshan didn’t notice, the icy look in his(YSY) eyes when he stared at Huo Ruyan was completely the opposite from his clarification. In his past life, Huo Ruyan resolutely betrayed him for the sake of her true love, Huang Beichen. Henceforth, they no longer have any possibility of reconciliation between the two of them.

They could only be enemies!

“I already know that you have nothing to do with her!”

Shui Ruoshan nodded to express his understanding but at the same time, he couldn’t help rolling his eyes at Yin Suye. He used this way to express his contempt towards Yin Suye who always say something different from the real meaning!

Could it be Yin Suye thinks that as long as he put up a strong expressionless face, he could get away with it? From his(SRS) professional point of view, Yin Suye definitely is very concerned with Huo Ruyan’s presence. Else, he won’t keep looking at her from time to time!

Very obvious, some of Shui Ruoshan’s thoughts were on the same wavelength with Yin Suye’s thoughts. But some other thoughts were hundred thousands miles apart.

Shui Ruoshan didn’t expose Yin Suye and went along with his(YSY) words to show that he actually knows everything, no need for further explanation. That’s why when he repeated his words, he used a word extra from Yin Suye’s sentence – ‘already’. This is to clarify that the Yin Suye right now indeed has nothing to do with Huo Ruyan. But in the past, the two of them have an inseparable marriage relationship.

That’s right, a marriage engagement!

The Yin family and Huo family used to have a good relationship, and the two of them got engaged when they were babies. Should there be no unexpected incidents, Huo Ruyan will be Yin Suye’s wife in the future. Unfortunately, Yin Suye had an accident when he was 8 years old, causing him to fall from Heaven to Hell. That was also the time, not only the Huo family didn’t lend a helping hand to Yin Suye, they ‘kicked him when he was down’, bringing a bunch of people to the Yin family right away to request for the cancellation of his engagement.

And the time when they cancelled the engagement, Huo Ruyan was just a 5 years old child who doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t understand at all the darkness of the adult’s world. So she continue being naive and sentimental, her attitude towards Yin Suye didn’t change much. She still followed Yin Suye around, calling him ‘Gege’1

At that time, Yin Suye who felt that he couldn’t match up with Huo Ruyan’s status didn’t has any grudge against her even though he was very resentful towards the Huo family’s ‘kicking while you are down’ action. Afterall, Huo Ruyan is just a child who doesn’t has the ability to control her own fate. Therefore, he has been taking care of her like his own sister. But as they grew older, Huo Ruyan gradually came out from her naivety and slowly alienated Yin Suye. Yin Suye who still held on that goodwill given to him when she was young, took good care of Huo Ruyan.

According to the progress of the plot, Yin Suye right now should be in the stage of taking care of Huo Ruyan like a sister? So, although Yin Suye is being cold towards Huo Ruyan, it doesn’t mean he is not paying attention to her. Considering Yin Suye’s clumsy attitude that doesn’t know how to express goodwill, Shui Ruoshan was skeptical that Yin Suye is deliberately saying words of the opposite meaning with a cold expression, to misled people to misunderstand.

Instantly, Shui Ruoshan felt like he has uncovered the truth! He is too smart alright?

With his fiery discerning eyes, not only he was not fooled by Yin Suye’s outer appearance, he managed to see through his(YSY) disguise at a glance. He is too quick-witted alright?

He couldn’t help giving himself 32 praises in his heart! No, should be countless praises (instead of just 32)! This would reflect better on his smart, ingenuity and wiseness!

But at the next second, Shui Ruoshan immediately lowered down his head. He was very clear of the incoming part of the plot, which would take a sharp turn downwards. In the later stage, Huo Ruyan will fall in love with the protagonist. She will betray and hurt Yin Suye for the protagonist. However, he(SRS) couldn’t explain these clearly to Yin Suye.

Moreover, if Yin Suye is still in a good relationship with Huo Ruyan and he went to spout bad things about the other person, it felt like he is trying to sow discord ah! So what should he do now?

The Shui Ruoshan who couldn’t think of a good solution at the moment, he looked up out of habit to the ‘exceptionally reliable and tall figure’ standing beside him. But then what he saw was Yin Suye’s expression has not changed since the first moment until now. Shui Ruoshan felt like his concern for Yin Suye just now is wasted! He was so worried for Yin Suye and yet, he(YSY) looked like everything has nothing to do with him! This realization instantly caused Shui Ruoshan to feel unbalanced in his heart. He really wasted his concern for someone just now!


Shui Ruoshan who was unhappy, coldly hmph-ed at Yin Suye then turned his head away with style. In his heart, Shui Ruoshan felt that even if he is throwing small tantrums, his actions just now must have looked glamorous and noble to the max! No matter when it is, he must maintain a ‘big and tall’ image!


Yin Suye who was glared by Shui Ruoshan out of nowhere felt a bit helpless. He didn’t do anything just now right? How come Shui Ruoshan’s emotion suddenly turned bad? Old sayings are right, children and women are the most difficult existence to understand.

“Yin Suye, hurry and stop the fight between Huo Ruyan and the youth in white!”

The moment Shui Ruoshan came back to his senses, he found out that the situation downstairs has started to spiral down. Not sure what happened, the two of them who originally were just verbally arguing have now taken out their weapons. They seemed to be ready to start a serious battle at the next disagreement. Recalling back what would happen next, Shui Ruoshan toughened his heart and decided to request a favor from Yin Suye.

The next scene supposed should be like this – Huo Ruyan couldn’t fight against the youth in white and gotten injured. She then fled into the Fog Forest. In the Fog Forest, she met the protagonist and was saved by him. As they get along, the two of them mutually developed feelings and gradually developed into a lover relationship; even privately make a pledge of marriage to each other (without parent’s approval). After that, Huo Ruyan left the forest with the protagonist after she recovered from her injuries and they found the youth in white to seek revenge. Following that, she brought the protagonist back to the Capital, wanted to get her family to agree with their relationship. In the capital, Huo Ruyan as the female supporting character, and the protagonist Huang Beichen plus the villain Yin Suye; another new story will be opened.

Wait a minute!

Thinking so much today, Shui Ruoshan realized all of a sudden that he was just reciting his novel’s outline?!

The Hell?!2

He(SRS) who maintained a ‘big and tall’ image, actually make such dull and tedious mistake like reciting novel outline?! It’s too inconsistent with his noble and cold temperament alright?!


Yin Suye who has been listening well to Shui Ruoshan’s words straightforwardly refused the request this time. That proud figure stood still at the same place, vividly displayed his temperament which could not be moved by any outer element.3

“You cannot let Huo Ruyan enter the Fog Forest.”

After a moment of hesitation, Shui Ruoshan’s gaze became firmer. In a split second, he made the big decision to help Yin Suye change his fate! Even if he would completely disrupt the plot by doing this, he will not hesitate! Since he wanted to help, then he should help Yin Suye right from the starting point! As long as they don’t let Huo Ruyan enter the forest, she won’t bump into the protagonist. Naturally, there won’t be any scenes like falling in love with the protagonist, betraying and hurting Yin Suye!

“There are some things that I can’t explain clearly to you right now. Wait until the fight between Huo Ruyan and the youth in white is stopped, I’ll explain to you slowly!”

Since Shui Ruoshan has decided to help Yin Suye change his fate, it means he would have to tell a portion of the plot to him(YSY), so that he(YSY) could prepare his responses in advance. Plus, if he don’t explain everything clearly, Yin Suye won’t be able to understand his(SRS) good intentions for his(YSY) sake at all!

He(SRS) is not those good people who don’t seek anything in return after doing something good! So he definitely must let Yin Suye know how much risk that he(SRS) has taken in order to help him(YSY) change his life! He will see if Yin Suye still dares to give him ‘black faces’ to see in the future!

Hmph hmph!


Author’s note :
Actually it’s not Shui Ruoshan reciting the story’s outline. It’s Shui Shui(author) who is reciting the outline alright?

Shui Shui will definitely not tell you guys that he/she wrote it too swiftly that he/she nearly exposed the bottom half of the story’s outline! Fortunately, Shui Shui’s reaction was quite timely and managed to immediately stopped the action. Otherwise, you guys would be reading the entire outline now ah!

Hei hei!

Raw Word Count : 2920


Banana : Welp, I’m astonished :v

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