Way of Transmigration Chapter 53

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five three – Huo Ruyan

“Yin Suye, that girl in red, is her name Huo Ruyan?”

Shui Ruoshan turned his head and asked Yin Suye with some uncertainties. As a member of the [Outline only] family, Shui Ruoshan only managed to finish the paragraph he was working on before he got transmigrated. In other words, the rest of the plot only has an outline and no full text. For the outline of the novel, he wrote it in a concise manner. Basically, he only wrote about the main direction of the novel, many of the details were not really described.

So, even though Huo Ruyan is one of the protagonist’s harem, he didn’t spend much ink on the outline to shape her(personality/appearance). He only used one sentence to generally describe the scene of her appearance.

Coming forward to face those who provoked her, Huo Ruyan clothed in red, slightly raised her head, holding a long whip in her hand. She stood proudly in the midst of the people, that heroic figure was like a queen!1

Because his outline was rather vague, Shui Ruoshan didn’t thought to associate this girl in red with the Huo Ruyan from his novel from the beginning. Especially when the girl he saw didn’t possess any heroic queen’s aura at all, unlike what was described in his novel. He probably need to consider that a certain difference would always exist between text and reality.

In order to avoid the ‘misunderstanding’ where the current scene is just a coincidence with his novel’s plot, Shui Ruoshan decided to use the inquiry method.

“You know her?” Yin Suye’s eyes slightly dimmed.

Even though he has tried his best to restrain his emotions, his intense hatred couldn’t help leaking from his gaze when he heard the name ‘Huo Ruyan’.

“She is really Huo Ruyan?!”

The reason why Shui Ruoshan was not very sure of Huo Ruyan’s identity; in addition of the reasons mentioned previously, there was also Yin Suye’s indifference towards her (when she first appears). One need to know, Yin Suye knew Huo Ruyan! Moreover, there is a story to be told between the two of them!

“She is Huo Ruyan.”

Yin Suye nodded in confirmation, just that his deep gaze became so dark that one couldn’t see the bottom of it.

“So, how come you…” …acted like you don’t know her?

Shui Ruoshan didn’t manage to finish his question as he found out that Yin Suye’s expression was a bit wrong. That dark and lonely expression was like he has been abandoned by the whole world. Instantly, Shui Ruoshan was scared by his own thoughts! The Yin Suye right now is not the villain from the later plot who has been blackened to the point of no return. How could there be such a desperate expression from him(YSY)? The hole in his brain must be expanded too rapidly, that’s why it produced such an unreliable illusion?!

En, should definitely be the reason!

“Are you misusing the power of a Seer again?”

Realizing that he(YSY) had accidentally revealed a dark expression, and might have scared Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye immediately pressed down all those negative emotions at the bottom of his heart and cleverly changed the topic.

This little guy could tell Huo Ruyan’s identity with just a glance. Such a Heaven-defying ability; is this really a power that a Seer could possess? Lowering down his eyelids, Yin Suye covered the contemplation in his eyes. He thought for a while, and reached out to rub his(SRS) little head. Not sure if his action was to comfort Shui Ruoshan or to stabilize his own heart.

“Didn’t misuse it!” Shui Ruoshan weakly rebutted.

As the author, if he couldn’t recognize the characters he created, that would be the real ‘pit’2, alright?!

“Alright, you didn’t misuse it.”

Seeing Shui Ruoshan looked like his hackles is rising, Yin Suye swiftly changed the topic.

“That’s right.”

Shui Ruoshan raised his head high, arrogant to the extreme!

Then he remembered something. It seems that he is still supporting Yin Suye’s hand on his head. That means his noble and glamorous peerless aura just now has completely destroyed by Yin Suye?!

Return his noble aura back to him ah!!!

Raw Word Count : 1117


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