Way of Transmigration Chapter 55

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five five – Too anxious

“Yin Suye, don’t just stand there. Quickly help ah!”

Shui Ruoshan never expect that after he has spoken that much, Yin Suye actually didn’t intend to change his mind; still standing there watching the ‘show’. Ain’t this attitude a bit too much ah?! He(SRS) has been struggling (internally) for quite some time, and finally decided to help Yin Suye (change his fate) regardless the price to pay. But not only Yin Suye was not grateful to him, he(YSY) refused to work with him. A completely passive resistance ah!

There is nothing more depressing moment than this one ah?!


Yin Suye merely gave a sound of acknowledgement. But he didn’t say if he is going or not, as he remained standing there quietly and motionless. The fact that he didn’t went straight up ahead and ruthlessly teach Huo Ruyan a lesson was already quite good.

“Yin Suye, why are you making this difficult ah?”

Struggling for some time now, Shui Ruoshan finally figured one thing out. That is Yin Suye has never intend to help at all! Making things difficult at such a critical time, is this really a behavior of a great man1? He himself has yet to make any problems, what right do Yin Suye has to feel unhappy ah?

“You are the one too anxious.”

Yin Suye was very clear that if he let Huo Ruyan go, she will meet Huang Beichen. But that’s what he wanted, to let both of them smoothly meet up. If they don’t meet up, how can Huo Ruyan proceed to betray him? And how can he(YSY) make them pay if he(YSY) don’t get betrayed? Although he had been ruthless betrayed by Huo Ruyan in his past life, the betrayal has yet to happen in this life. His self-respect doesn’t allow him to attack someone who doesn’t know anything, even when that person is destined to betray him in the future.

“You are the one without any sense of nervousness, alright?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that they are not thinking on the same channel (wavelength/train of thought) at all. Here he is worried to death for Yin Suye, and Yin Suye acted like there’s nothing to worry about, not caring of the matter at all! This scene of ‘The emperor is not worried, but the eunuchs are worried to death2 is making him especially furious!

“It’s going to be alright.”

Yin Suye comforted, and reached out to rub Shui Ruoshan’s hair. Although he was very happy that this little guy is feeling nervous for his sake, it also showed that he(SRS) didn’t has enough confidence in him(YSY).

He(YSY) has never used his own life to make a joke! Looked like he need to find a time to have a good discussion with this little guy to discuss the issue. He who has been reborn is no longer the one he used to be! He really didn’t place Huo Ruyan in his eyes. Just an ant, he don’t have to care at all!


Shui Ruoshan pursed his lips tightly, he turned away and didn’t pay attention to Yin Suye’s pampering. That was to express his strong dissatisfaction towards Yin Suye’s arrogant attitude. What make him even more dissatisfied was Yin Suye has always tried to comfort him with the method one usually do to children.

He is not really a kid, he didn’t like being treated as one at all!


Isn’t that the problem right there?

Was it because Yin Suye has always regarded him(SRS) as a child subconsciously, so he(YSY) don’t place much importance to his(SRS) words? If so, this white and tender harmless little Zhengtai(shota) image is really a mishap ah!

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#ISayYouDoRealizeYouThrewTantrumLikeAKidMate ?

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