Way of Transmigration Chapter 50

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five zero – Something has happened

“Why is there no incident happening when we are eating here?”

Rather than saying Shui Ruoshan is questioning it, it would be better to say he is complaining. Mainly because he is full from the meal and has nothing else to do, his occupational disease strike again causing him to start thinking all sorts of random things. According to general rule of a novel, the inn is a place where something is most likely to happen. Especially when the protagonist or villain is present, the probability is even higher.

But he has stayed with this big villain Yin Suye for so many days in the inn and nothing happened. On the contrary, it was too calm that it’s ridiculous. This seemed to be somewhat inconsistent with the development of a normal story ah!

“What unexpected situation do you wish to happen?”

Yin Suye was quite used to Shui Ruoshan’s unpredictable behavior, so he continued to eat his food while giving some attention to converse with him(SRS). Looking at his bowl full of dishes, the corner of his mouth slightly curved up. All these dishes in his bowl were given by Shui Ruoshan. Not sure what kind of shock did the little rascal suffered, he(SRS) started to desperately pick up the dishes and gave it to him right after he said ‘Alright’. (refer previous chapter) If not for the lack of capacity in Yin Suye’s bowl, he think Shui Ruoshan would have given him all the dishes on the table. Such a cute and awkward child!

“A lot of things can happen ah!”

Shui Ruoshan gave Yin Suye a ‘You really have no common sense’ look, a look despising Yin Suye for not knowing such a simple answer.


Yin Suye doesn’t mind Shui Ruoshan’s rude behaviour at all. Instead, he cooperated and acted like he is listening with respectful attention.

“For example, we could have entered a ‘black’1 shop!”

Shui Ruoshan will not admit that he watched too much movies like ‘New Dragon Gate Inn‘, that caused him to have such strange associations.

“Or some hedonistic son from rich families came here and found out it is full, then insisted us to give him our private booth…”

He forgot to mention this before but they were eating in a private booth2 on the second floor of the inn, that’s why they could enjoy their meal in a quiet environment. [Banana : That means no one could come up randomly and demanded to take their booth.]

“Or some drunkards got into a fight with other people, then hurt innocent bystanders with their fight.”

This innocent bystanders could be them, but also could be someone else.

“Of course, some other things could happen too.’

Too many things could happen in an inn. If Shui Ruoshan really wanted to list down all of the incidents that could happen, he probably can’t finish by the dawn of the next day. So Shui Ruoshan only gave a few common examples and stopped listing the rest.

“You….” …thought too much.

The moment Yin Suye started to talk, he couldn’t finish it anymore. Then his gaze towards Shui Ruoshan became strange. His surprised look was as if he was looking at something incredible.

“What do you want to say?” Shui Ruoshan looked at Yin Suye in confusion.

Although Yin Suye’s words were usually very concise, it was rare to see him stop talking after the first word like now.

“Something really happened downstairs.”

Yin Suye gave a deep look at Shui Ruoshan. He didn’t expect that Shui Ruoshan was just complaining about it not very long ago, and something happened straight away. This coincidence is too shocking!

“Something really happened?!”

The moment Shui Ruoshan heard that something has happened, he stood up with agitation.

The hell?!

As expected!

How could the common law of novel plot not applicable in the world of novel?! See, things immediately came up!

Raw Word Count : 1023


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  1. I feel like Shui is subconsciously rewriting the story while in it. Everytime it’s peaceful his writers mind remind itself of unknowable plot points and Bam.. It comes true. And since it’s a subconscious effort he gets to be surprise of the outcome and enjoy it.

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