Way of Transmigration Chapter 51

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five one – Wrong guess


Upon hearing that something has happened, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want to eat his meal anymore and stood up straight away. He opened the door of their booth and went out, his gaze searching the area downstairs from above. Although trouble didn’t come to find them this time, watching the commotion is still something he likes to do.

“This side.”

Yin Suye was following closely behind. Seeing that Shui Ruoshan didn’t look at the correct place, he reached out and gently turned his(SRS) head to the right direction.

Yin Suye’s gaze was very calm, to the point that there were no flaw in his calmness. But right after he turned Shui Ruoshan’s head to the correct side, his face became dark in an instant. The hand he put down gripped tightly in a fist. He didn’t expect that he would bump into an acquaintance here! Plus it was an ‘acquaintance’ who has a deep hatred with him! When he turned around and saw that little rascal being so lively in checking out the commotion, his(YSY) mood slightly calmed down. He keep telling himself at the bottom of his heart that it is still not the time to act yet, he must be more patient!

Because he don’t want to scare away this little guy beside him!


The Shui Ruoshan with ‘thick nerves’ didn’t notice any strange from Yin Suye at all, and placed all his attention at the incident below. Due to the far distance, Shui Ruoshan could only see a group of savage-looking dudes with weapons below, and a slender girl in red surrounded at a corner.

“People bullying others with their number?”1

Shui Ruoshan felt like he should use another saying to describe the scene he saw – ‘Bullies teasing a beauty’. Following the development of the novel, at this time the protagonist should bravely stand up; it time for hero to save the beauty ah! Unfortunately, according to the plot of [The Strongest King in History], he(Protag) suffered a minor injury from a big fight due to the misunderstanding with Yin Suye. Right now the protagonist should be still in the Fog Forest.

And so, it’s currently impossible to start the classic scene of ‘Hero saving beauty’ here. Thinking of this, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know why but he turned around to sneak a peek at Yin Suye. The protagonist might not be here, but Yin Suye the villain is right here ah!

So, how should this plot develop now?

“Wrong guess.”

Noticing Shui Ruoshan’s sneaky gaze, Yin Suye corrected his own expression and refuted his(SRS) speculation with a serious expression.

“Wrong guess?!”

It must be the hole in his(SRS) head has been expanded too much, so Shui Ruoshan couldn’t understand Yin Suye’s word at the moment. Earlier, he mentioned ‘Bullying people with their number’, so by ‘wrong guess’ it means the current status is ‘Bullying people with their smaller number’?!

The next second, Shui Ruoshan came to his senses and understood. What Yin Suye is telling him was the truth that the girl in red is the one bullying the group of savage-looking dudes with weapons?! All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan opened his eyes widely in disbelief, and stared unblinkingly at the ‘crime scene’. No, should say looking at the ‘event scene’ instead.

Shui Ruoshan felt his mind is a bit messy right now so his wordings were confused as well. This is not a detective show, nor a news broadcast. Is it really appropriate for him to use this two words with such distinctive characteristics?2

Hold on, the direction of his thoughts seemed to be wrong, should quickly correct it. He should feel complicated (over the scene below) instead, a girl bullying a group of men is an abnormal sight to see. How did it happen? Or he should think a bit if this world is changing (genre) to Fantasy/XuanHuan (玄幻)? Or could it be his thinking is unable to keep up with the development of the times?

Thinking so many random thoughts like this, it must be from writing too much novels; a sequelae from a hole opening in his brain. That’s why as an author, this kind of occupational disease is unacceptable ah!

Raw Word Count : 1073


Banana: Raw : 这里既不是侦探剧,也不是新闻联播,他用这样两个有着鲜明特色的词语真的合适吗?

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