Way of Transmigration Chapter 49

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero four nine – Willing to change for you

“Why are you taking back the food?”

Yin Suye’s expression became dark, his gaze slightly dimmed.

“Because you don’t eat food given by other people!”

Toughened his heart, Shui Ruoshan ended up telling the real reason, though he knew it may anger Yin Suye. Let’s not talk about the fact he already promised Yin Suye that he won’t lie to him anymore, even if he wanted to give a good excuse, he couldn’t think of one in such a short time ah! Blame himself for forgetting that Yin suye has a few taboos the others mustn’t touch.

As for why Yin Suye has such strange taboo, it was from his character setting in order to express the weirdness and abnormality of the villain. Plus his blackening later on, it was specially arranged by him. Not eating food given by other people is one of the more obvious taboo.

In order to deepen the effect, Shui Ruoshan specially wrote a memory for Yin Suye for this taboo. This is probably what happened. In the past, Yin Suye had a maid who he trusted very much. The maid took care of him since he was young, and this maid is also the first one ever to betray him. When he later fell from grace, not only this maid didn’t endure the bitterness with him, she was bought over (by his enemies) instead. She put poison in the food and personally sent the poisoned food to his mouth.

At that time, Yin Suye was still a young man with normal 3 views1. He has yet to experience the evil side of humanity. As expected, Yin Suye who didn’t has any caution against the maid was easily poisoned. If not for him feeling a bit unwell that day and ate lesser than usual, and also the maid didn’t persuade him to eat more from her guilty conscience, he wouldn’t be lucky enough to preserve his life. However, after experiencing both physical and mental pain, Yin Suye realized that the world is very dark and realistic. His character gradually began to turn dark, slowly losing confidence in all human.

Since then, he began to hate the thought of other people giving him food. As long as the food has passed from other people’s hand, he would definitely be unassured. Only after he get someone else to try the food and tested it for poison that he dared to eat the food. Also starting from that time, he began to learn to cook, taking care of his life all by himself. Those helpless and arduous days were the days Yin Suye lived with much hardship. One could say that the experience was one of the turning points in changing Yin Suye’s life.

“Did you foresee that?”

Yin Suye’s eyes slightly flashed, just that there are no changes in his expression. He didn’t expect Shui Ruoshan would be able to find out even his secret habits. This is really unexpected.

“En.” Shui Ruoshan nodded in confirmation, once again letting this identity as a Seer to ‘take the black pot’ on his behalf.

Yin Suye : “I am willing to change for you.”

So even though he is not used to eating the food given by other people, but for the sake of Shui Ruoshan, he is willing to change himself, adapt to changes, getting used to the changes…
Thinking about this, Yin Suye leaned forward and slightly raised Shui Ruoshan’s hand. He lowered down his head and ate the food directly from Shui Ruoshan’s chopsticks. Since he has decided to trust Shui Ruoshan, then it won’t be just words. He is using his actions to tell Shui Ruoshan that he believed in him(SRS)!

“Actually, you don’t have to force yourself like this!”

Comparing to Yin Suye’s extremely calm action, Shui Ruoshan felt a bit overwhelmed instead. All he could do was stiffened his body and squinted his eyes while he stupidly watched Yin Suye raised his(SRS) hand and slowly ate the food (from the chopsticks). He felt a bit complicated at this moment.

As the author for [The Strongest King in History], he understood Yin Suye very well.

And because he knew him(YSY) well, he knew how disgusted Yin Suye was towards eating food given by other people. One can say the maid’s betrayal has left a deep shadow inside the heart of the young Yin Suye. From that day onwards, whenever he ate something given by other people, his body would uncontrollably reject it and feel nauseous. Therefore, there were times when it wasn’t that Yin Suye doesn’t want to accept the kindness from other people, it was his body which didn’t allow him to do so.

But because of him, Yin Suye is trying his best to restrain his body’s instinct right now, very determined to eat the food he gave him(YSY). For Shui Ruoshan to see such actions and not feel touched, it is absolutely impossible.

“Not forcing (myself).”

Yin Suye felt very helpless when he saw the little guy’s disbelief and complicated look. It seems that this little guy doesn’t has much confidence in him ah? At this moment, he can’t explain to him(SRS) saying that the reason he got angry just now was not because the little guy picked some food for him but because he(SRS) took away the food after that.


Shui Ruoshan replied in a daze, he doesn’t know what to do at the moment. Seeing that Yin Suye has finished eating (from his chopsticks), Shui Ruoshan wanted to take his hand back from Yin Suye’s grip. But Yin Suye didn’t seem to has any intention to return his hand back to him.

“Does it hurts?”

Yin Suye noticed Shui Ruoshan’s little movement, and couldn’t help loosened his grip a bit. But he didn’t completely let go. Instead, he gently raised his(SRS) hand to his eye level. A trace of regret flashed in his eyes when he saw the faint red marks left from his actions earlier. He was too impulsive just now; he didn’t control his emotions and accidentally injured Shui Ruoshan!

“Doesn’t hurt.”

If not for Shui Ruoshan very convinced that he himself didn’t even has any small injuries, he would suspected that he actually suffered a fatal injury, judging from Yin Suye’s serious expression; pursed lips and silent demeanor with a look of guilt! Looking at the fingerprints left on his wrist, Shui Ruoshan could only sigh again; this body is too pampered. To actually leave a mark just by being gripped! Such a vulnerable person, is this really him?

“There won’t be next time.”

Yin Suye leaned down and lightly blew on the red marks on Shui Ruoshan’s wrist, he also used his fingers to gently caress back and forth. He seemed to be thinking the red mark would disappear if he did it like that.

“It’s nothing.”

Looking at Yin Suye’s persistence and serious focus on his wrist, Shui Ruoshan could only voice out again to emphasize that he is really fine. Not sure why, when Shui Ruoshan felt the warmth breath from Yin Suye’s breathing and the sensation from his(YSY) cold fingers lightly touching his wrist, Shui Ruoshan has a feeling of rapid heartbeat. He also felt his cheeks turned boiling hot all of a sudden.

This reaction is absolutely wrong ah!

All Yin Suye did was rubbing his red and swollen area. He(YSY) didn’t do anything that crossed the border, there were no ambiguous scenes nor any intimacy actions…

The Hell is he getting embarrassed for?!

Was it because Yin Suye said he would change himself for him, so his feeling became particularly deep, and also the reason why his feeling couldn’t adapt right away?

It should be the case!

On the outside, he doesn’t has any way to get his hand back from Yin Suye. He could only convince himself silently inside his heart. What Yin Suye did was comforting him, he shouldn’t take it the wrong way! The logic is just like what parents would usually do when their child is injured, gently blew on the wound and patted the child then said ‘Pain fly away’. As soon as he thought of this, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t feel nervous anymore. Just that, why did even him placed himself into the role of a child who needs to be comforted?

In order not to let himself to be so embarrassing, Shui Ruoshan felt that it is very necessary to find a topic to talk about. He need to shift the hardworking Yin Suye’s attention to release his(SRS) hand from his grip!

“Do you still want to eat the food?”

The moment those words were out, Shui Ruoshan seriously wished he had said nothing at all. He is definitely an idiot! To dare to ask Yin Suye if he need him(SRS) to pick more food for him?! Seeking death like this, is it really no problem?!


Looking at Shui Ruoshan’s embarrassed face looking shy and awkward, Yin Suye felt for the first time that eating food given by other people could be a good thing.


Hearing this one word ‘Alright’ happily given Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan felt ‘his entire person is not good’2. No, it’s ‘the entire world is wrong’!


This person who spoke to him in a pampering tone, is he really the big villain who was blackened to the point of no return? So, all those stupid words he(SRS) said earlier that was different from what he thought in his mind were actually not because he(SRS) is too stupid, but because Yin Suye was too abnormal! Yes, the truth should be like this!

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Banana : Now I want to talk about this word – 夹 (jia) verb.


In my knowledge, there’s no exact word for this action of holding food with the chopstick. At least there isn’t any 1-word equivalent for this in English. Another meaning for this word is ‘clip’ but it’s not usable here because you don’t ‘clip’ food to give other people. I could use ‘hold’ but it felt like the action was done with your entire hand.

Another word here is 菜 (cai). It can mean vegetable , but it also mean dish(es). In a normal chinese lunch/dinner setting, there’s rice (饭 / fan) and also other dishes (菜 / cai). People sometimes ‘pick some dishes’ (夹菜) to other people to show respect or care. See how wrong it felt in English? _(;3/

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