Way of Transmigration Chapter 47

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero four seven – Leaving Fog Forest

“Want to eat grilled fish or something else?”

Yin Suye still hasn’t forget about Shui Ruoshan complaining being hungry.

“Something else ba.”

Although Yin Suye’s grilling skill is good, but to keep eating nothing but grilled fish makes him sick so it’s better to change his palate a bit.


Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to approve his actions, Yin Suye reached out and carried the other person in his arms.

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly being carried up, Shui Ruoshan subconsciously reached out to hook his hand around Yin Suye’s neck to prevent himself from falling down.

“Leaving Fog Forest.”

As he says that, Yin Suye started walking towards the path heading outside.

“Wait! Aren’t we just talking about what to eat?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye’s skill in jumping from a topic to another is too fast, to the point other people couldn’t keep up!

“Be patient for a while.”

Seemed to realize Shui Ruoshan might not understand what he means, Yin Suye thought for a while and continued his words.

“If we are fast enough, we should be able to enter the nearest town before the sky gets dark. There you could eat hot and delicious meal.”

“But we still haven’t found the ingredient to dissolve the master-servant contract!”

Though Shui Ruoshan also wanted to eat some good food, he doesn’t want Yin suye to leave the forest so soon.

“As for the material, we will come back next time ba.”

Yin Suye remained unmoved by Shui Ruoshan’s protest, and continued heading out while carrying Shui Ruoshan.

“It’s very dangerous to return to the Capital!”

Shui Ruoshan angrily glared at Yin Suye. How come this person still remembers the matter to return to the Capital right now?

“I’m already at Imperial stage now.”

After absorbing the energy from the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus which was more than 800 years old, plus he had his inner spiritual strength as the Supreme King, his leveling was absolutely unimpeded. The whole process was convenient and fast, without the slightest danger at all…


Shui Ruoshan realized that Yin Suye has make up his mind to return to the Capital this time. What depressed him was he doesn’t know what kind of reason to use to protest this time. Because Yin Suye has met his condition to reach the a certain level of cultivation before leaving the forest, even more than what he proposed! Even with the help from the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus, isn’t Yin Suye’s breakthroughs a bit too amazing ah?!

Then again, he is a bit tired of staying inside the forest for so long. More importantly, this small body of his seemed to be unable to stand this as well. Previously he doesn’t want Yin Suye to leave the forest so quickly because he was afraid of him(YSY) being in danger after returning to the Capital. But not only his(YSY) strength is higher than expected, he also has him(SRS) the omnipotent author beside him.

They shouldn’t have any dangers returning to the Capital right?

With this thought, the urge to visit the Capital suddenly surged in Shui Ruoshan. Immersed in his thoughts, Shui Ruoshan had a feeling that he somehow forgotten about something? But he seemed to be unable to recall what was it1. The Shui Ruoshan who has think it through no longer oppose Yin Suye’s decision. Instead, he started relaxing inside Yin Suye’s arms and enjoyed the free transportation provided by someone.

During the time Shui Ruoshan didn’t notice, Yin Suye slightly turned his head and threw a glance towards the direction of Ruixue. Then he quickly returned his attention back to the little guy who was so well-behaved in his arms; didn’t say anything.

A certain pet that has been splendidly forgotten by Shui Ruoshan widened its eyes in disbelief.
It seemed to be unable to believe that its new owner actually has abandoned it and left just like that?! The most depressing thing was that bad bully didn’t bother reminding its owner but still looked back to glance at it?! Did it get mixed-up with bad companies? Ruixue suddenly questioned why its cat life so bitter?


Ruixue raised its head and looked up to the sky at a 45-degree angle. It is currently thinking about a very big matter, this matter will definitely affect its whole cat life! Should it follow its owner to leave (the forest)? Or don’t care of its owner, return to own nest and check out all the various treasure it has collected with much efforts? Looking at its owner getting further and further, and thinking back of the deep look on that bad person when they left, Ruixue doesn’t has the courage to choose the second option and could only accept its cat fate in the end; tightly followed up.

Wu wu!

Humans are so bad, bullying cats every time!


Raw Word Count : 1308


Banana:For those who need a random reminder of this novel’s cultivation stages -> 天(Sky) 地(Earth) 玄(Profound Mystery) 黄(Yellow :v Imperial)

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