Way of Transmigration Chapter 48

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero four eight – Without any way out

“Eat slowly.”

Watching Shui Ruoshan indecently wolfed down the food, Yin Suye was worried that the little guys would accidentally choke from eating too fast. But then, he(YSY) was also worried of him not having enough to eat and couldn’t stop putting more food into his(SRS) bowl. His actions not matching his words; it is not a persuasion(not to eat too fast/much) but a total indulgence towards Shui Ruoshan!

“Got it.”

Although Shui Ruoshan sounded his acknowledgement to Yin Suye, he continued burying his head in his food and gobbled it down. He didn’t plan to slow down at all. It’s not because the food here is any delicious cuisine, but because he was hungry. Therefore, he let go of his restraints and ate as much as he could.

By the way, under the fast navigation from Yin Suye ‘the free travel guide’, they have reached the town around 15 minutes ago. The small town was situated outside the Fog Forest – Lin Sen Town. Right after they arrived, they went directly to the biggest inn1 in the town, ordered a whole table of dishes and started eating.

This is what happened (within this period).


After finishing its portion of a small fish, Ruixue looked at Shui Ruoshan with hopeful eyes, expressing its wish to eat more fish.

“Take it.”

Shui Ruoshan put down his chopsticks and moved the plate of big fish to the front of Ruixue. Regarding the matter of forgetting Ruixue previously, if not for it catching up with them from behind, Shui Ruoshan probably won’t think of it in a short period of time. He felt a bit embarrassed so he wanted to slowly compensate his family’s pet in the future. That’s why not only he lets Ruixue ate together with them at the table, he also specially ordered a few fish dishes for Ruixue; letting it eat until it is satisfied.


Upon getting those delicious fishes, Ruixue called out to Shui Ruoshan in a pleasing way. That shameless behavior showed that it has completely forgotten about being left out by its owner earlier. At this moment, inside its small head was full of fishes. Big big fishes, delicious fishes, fragrant fishes…
Only a cat’s life with fishes inside could be considered a completed cat’s life ah!

“No need to worry, just eat. If it’s not enough, we still have more.”

Looking at Ruixue’s expression like ‘as long as there is fish, everything would be fine’, Shui Ruoshan breathed a sigh of relief. Looks like his own pet is still the easier one to bribe!

“You should eat too ah!”

When Shui Ruoshan turned around, he saw Yin Suye quietly watching him and Ruixue eat but he himself didn’t touch his own chopsticks that much. Thinking back of him(YSY) keep putting food in his(SRS) bowl before this, Shui Ruoshan thought for a while and get up to pick up some food; putting it in Yin Suye’s bowl. The next second, he seemed to have remembered something, immediately went to pick out the food he placed in Yin Suye’s bowl just now.

Just that not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to retrieve his hand, Yin Suye pulled his(SRS) wrist and stopped him; not letting him(SRS) to take back the food he gave him(YSY).

“Why are you taking back the food?”

Yin Suye’s expression became dark, his gaze slightly dimmed.


Feeling the strength gripping his wrist has suddenly increased, Shui Ruoshan knew that Yin Suye is currently very dissatisfied with his current behavior. All of a sudden, he felt a bit guilty and his confidence started decreasing. Towards the food in his hand, putting it down is wrong, but not putting it down is also wrong2.

No way out ah!

Raw Word Count : 925


Banana: Ze raw – 手中夹着的菜,是放下也不是,不放下也不是。

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