Way of Transmigration Chapter 46

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero four six – Finally waking up

“Getting hungry?”

The moment Yin Suye opened his eyes and he heard someone complaining he(SRS) has nothing to eat; the corner of his mouth couldn’t help curving up.

“You finally awake?!”

Shui Ruoshan raised his head, and his gaze met with that pair of unusually beautiful heterochromia eyes of Yin Suye. Both people could clearly see their own figure from the other person’s eyes. The setting sun gave Yin Suye a layer of faint golden light, softening his whole aura. His golden hair fluttered in the air; glorious and dazzling. Looking at the current Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan felt like something is different. But taking a closer look, it seemed that nothing has changed. Towards such a contradictory feeling, he(SRS) felt kind of perplexed. He probably could feel that Yin Suye’s strength has increased, his aura became different, so it gave people a different feeling?

“Getting anxious from the wait?”

Yin Suye squatted down; setting his sight at the level as Shui Ruoshan’s. Reaching out to rub the little guy’s head, his hand then slowly moved down and eventually stopped at the back of Shui Ruoshan’s neck. He gently stroke the area; there was an unprecedented satisfaction in his eyes.

When he decided to absorb the energy from the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus, he has quickly placed a bunch of unnecessary barriers and counterattack spells around himself. Other than that, he also left a part of his mental power outside to monitor his surroundings. No matter what kind of movements happened outside, it will not escape his monitor. As long as he can feel any kind of danger, he would be able to wake up immediately and quickly counterattack.

Vigilance against his surroundings has long been an instinct for his body. The life experience from his past life caused him to be unable to believe in other people so the skills he needed to learn the most was how to protect himself. Just that what he didn’t expect was Shui Ruoshan didn’t find out his actions1 at all. Instead, he(SRS) despised him for not being reliable and too casual.

One need to know, when he(YSY) made these actions, he didn’t deliberately hide it from Shui Ruoshan. Could it be due to the speed of his movement, this little guy didn’t manage to see it?
This realization gave Yin Suye a feeling that he don’t know if he should laugh or cry. Especially when Shui Ruoshan kept a tight guard beside him (when he is cultivating) while ranting non-stop about him; helping him(YSY) to watch out for his surrounding. He then gave up his intention to explain to Shui Ruoshan (that he already placed barriers and such), because he liked to see how this little guy cares and keep watch for him.
That’s why even though he was immersed in his absorption of the lotus’s energy, he didn’t forget to observe Shui Ruoshan’s reaction from time to time. Seeing Shui Ruoshan’s expression and behaviors towards any changes from their surrounding, Yin Suye felt that this little guy is getting more and more interesting!

He saw the little guy getting nervous whenever there are movements from around them, panically pulling out several offensive or defensive tools from space ring, forcing himself to calm down, making an exaggerated offensive posture to bluff any possible enemy…
Then realizing it was a false alarm, immediately put the items back into the space ring, patting own chest afterwards and take a deep breath, trying to relax…
Lastly finding out nothing dangerous would actually appear, immediately become relaxed and sat on the grass in a daze from boredom…
After that, he(SRS) started to play with Ruixue because he has nothing to do, then taking a glance at him(YSY) with a hopeful look from time to time to check if he has woken up…
In the end, he has completely lost his patience and started complaining about him(YSY), worrying about their situation while ranting…

Watching Shui Ruoshan with such rich expressions, even as he is immersed in the middle of his cultivation, Yin Suye couldn’t help curving the corner of his mouth to a pleasant arc. At the same time, he felt helpless towards the little guy’s lack of vigilance. Could it be this little guy doesn’t know that if he really met with a high leveled master with his relaxed behavior, don’t say counterattacking with the items from the space ring, for him not being murdered right from the beginning is already an amazing thing! Fortunately, there are no powerful beasts nearby the Bewitching Misfortune Lake or any adventurers either. This allowed Shui Ruoshan to be able to fool around (safely).

“En, en!” Shui Ruoshan honestly nodded.

It is definitely a lie if he said he is not anxious from the wait. Especially when he needed to keep his guard up against all the dangers around them all by himself and need to ensure Yin Suye’s safety as well. When his nerves were stretched taut, time felt like it flowed slower at that moment. Fortunately, Yin Suye still met with his(SRS) expectation and has only let him wait for half a day, unlike what usually described in novels which would take ten days to half a month to cultivate; some even took longer. If things really happened like what he imagined, Shui Ruoshan believes he would definitely die! Not from hunger but from anxiousness!

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