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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two zero – Knew it like the back of one’s hand

“Wait for me ah!”

Shui Ruoshan immediately became anxious when he saw the man walking away without a care, and stood up to follow. But at the next moment, he stayed rooted at the same spot. He haven’t put back those treasures he took out just now into the space ring!

He was a poor man, so he couldn’t act haughty like Yin Suye and treats the treasures like dirt. Naturally, he won’t really throw away the treasures and be wasteful. After putting back all the treasures into the space ring, Shui Ruoshan rushed forward to look for Yin Suye.

Yin Suye who was walking ahead felt the movement behind him. He unconsciously slowed down so that Shui Ruoshan could catch up to him.

“I can temporarily accept these treasures, but you must agree with one condition!”

Just as he caught up with the man, Shui Ruoshan immediately raised his request.

Shui Ruoshan realized that at this moment, Yin Suye has yet to be completely blackened so there would be many advantages by staying together. If he keep rejecting the other person’s good intention, he(SRS) would ended up feeling guilty.

“Say it.”

Yin Suye lightly turned his head to indicate Shui Ruoshan to continue.

“You must come to me to take these treasures when you have a need for them.”

Shui Ruoshan spoke carefully while watching Yin Suye’s expression.

Shui Ruoshan knew that for Yin Suye who has already decided to give him the treasures, he(YSY) definitely won’t agree if he(SRS) say those evasive words like ‘I’ll keep it for you’. So he(SRS) could only achieve his purpose by using a more tactful way.

“No need.”

Yin Suye rejected Shui Ruoshan’s good intention without even stopping to think. He didn’t put these treasures in his eyes, and he already gave it away so he won’t take it back in any other form.

“You will definitely need these treasures!”

When Shui Ruoshan saw that Yin Suye didn’t accept both his hard and soft approach, he became anxious and blurted out the thought in his heart. Wrong, his approach before this was not hard at all.


Yin Suye turned around to see that someone who was eager to explain, his gaze suddenly became sharp. For Shui Ruoshan to speak this sentence with certainty, was that a coincidence or does he really know something?

“These treasures are your capital when you return to your family. You can use it to buy people’s hearts, recruit troops, buy horses and cultivate power. These will pave the way for your future development…”

Shui Ruoshan was immersed in his thoughts on how to convince Yin Suye so he didn’t realize the abnormalities on his(YSY) face. Instead, he felt like Yin Suye doesn’t believe in his words and started to wave his hand while listing down the usefulness of the treasures. By doing this, he hoped he could change his(YSY) mind to take back the treasures.

He wrote all these information in his draft before, so using these as reasons were absolutely suitable.

“You seem to know these very well?”

Yin Suye stopped on his track and squatted down. He reached out and lifted Shui Ruoshan’s chin to meet his eyes. All these hypotheses uttered by Shui Ruoshan were coincidentally similar to what he did with the treasure in his past life?!

At this point, he couldn’t help doubting Shui Ruoshan.


Feeling that Yin Suye’s expression was not right, Shui Ruoshan started to realize something. Just now he was trying hard to convince Yin Suye and forgot that they had just met each other. It was impossible for him to know the other person’s situation so well!

Indeed, knowing too much sometimes is not a good thing!

Raw Word Count : 1027


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