Way of Transmigration Chapter 21

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two one – A big con

“You seemed to be very clear of the things related to me. Why?”

Yin Suye’s sharp heterochromia eyes stared straight into Shui Ruoshan’s eyes like they wanted to find out something from within. He clearly remembered that Shui Ruoshan said that he(SRS) doesn’t know him when they first met. But after he mentioned his name, he(SRS) could accurately state his(YSY) current situation; becoming very familiar all of a sudden.

This is a very contradictory thing.

“Don’t get agitated first, I can explain!”

Being right under Yin Suye’s pressure, Shui Ruoshan should be the one getting nervous instead. He(SRS) is really a ‘pit-digger’, and he specialize in digging a pit for himself(to jump in)!

Otherwise, why did he leaked the information out and get himself buried1! He is very clear on how paranoid and suspicious Yin Suye was. If he can’t produce a reasonable explanation, he definitely won’t rest this matter!


Yin Suye’s eyes flashed a bit when he saw that Shui Ruoshan became so scared just by this one question from him, to the point of not able to speak properly. Could it be his tone just now was too fierce, that he scared that person? Shui Ruoshan has many doubtful points, but since he has already decided to believe in this person, he shouldn’t be too doubtful. He believed in his own judgement, and he also believed in the truth he sees in front of his eyes.

This person doesn’t even know how to hide his emotions and has carelessly revealed his real nature. If that point is not enough to let him believe, then probably there won’t be anyone he could trust in this world. The only thing that he is not satisfied was Shui Ruoshan definitely has something hiding from him. So he would like to take this opportunity to clarify things.

Just that he seemed to have used the wrong way to express himself, and cause Shui Ruoshan to misunderstood his meaning? Perhaps it would be better if he changed to a gentler tone to ask?

“Not only I know of your matter, I also know about all the things in this world.” Shui Ruoshan took a deep breath and raised his head, immediately putting a look of profound mystery on his face.

He(SRS) has decided to do a big con!

As the creator of this world, he knew too many things that other people don’t know. He couldn’t guarantee that he could be cautious all the time without revealing himself or make mistakes. So he must find a reasonable explanation for his behavior, and get this done once and for all. With this, he don’t have to be afraid even when he encounters the same situation in the future.


Yin Suye has yet to decide on how to continue talking with Shui Ruoshan when his attention got caught by Shui Ruoshan’s mysterious expression.

“Because I’m the omnipotent Seer!”

Shui Ruoshan tried his hardest to display a taut expression in order to project confidence. In his mind, he started going through his memories on how should a quack behave; trying to make himself more convincing. But who asked him to have such a weak appearance? He could only use aura to supplement!

When he first wrote the novel, he deliberately arranged for a Seer ‘sister’2 to help the protagonist, in order to give the protagonist more chance to meet beautiful ladies and also to highlight the power of the protagonist’s harem.

But it’s a pity that the Seer sister has yet to appear in the story at this time, he will use this title for himself first.

“That’s why it is absolutely normal for me to know your situation. Nothing to fuss about!”

After some thought, Shui Ruoshan decided to give him(YSY) just the summary.

If not for his disappointing height and strength, Shui Ruoshan would put his hand on Yin Suye’s shoulder and start acting like bros3 to bring the distance between them closer.

He won’t admit that his requirement of himself was very simple. He doesn’t hope to overcome Yin Suye in terms of aura, it’s fine as long as he is not too weak! Actually this is no longer called a simple requirement because it was too low that one couldn’t call it a requirement!4

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