Way of Transmigration Chapter 19

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero one nine – Trade using coercion

Yin Suye saw that Shui Ruoshan was lost in thought and didn’t move at all, so he went ahead and walked into the stone room. His eyes swept the room with a glance as he walked one round in the perimeter of the room. He picked up a treasure chest from a pile of treasures and opened it. From the inside of the box, he took out a silver ring with delicate carved veined pattern.

In his past life, he used this unique space ring with the storage space of several thousands square meter to take all the treasures away from here. Using his spiritual power, Yin Suye packed all the treasures into the space ring. After he swept all the treasures into the ring, he went back to stand in front of Shui Ruoshan.

“Give you.”

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to respond, Yin Suye grabbed ahold of the other person’s hand and gently sliced a bit on his(SRS) finger with his sword. A drop of blood fell exactly on top of the ring, and the process to recognize the ring’s owner was completed in an instant.

“Are you for real?!”

Shui Ruoshan has yet to recover from the sight of Yin Suye browsing through the treasures with much familiarity and all of a sudden, he has already been forced to accept the space ring. At the moment of recognizing the owner, the ring appeared on his index finger and it adjusted itself according to the size of the owner’s finger. At the same time, the attribute of the space ring appeared inside Shui Ruoshan’s mind, as well as the list of everything stored inside.

Yin Suye replied with an ‘En’ in a not light nor heavy tone, like nothing happened just now and maintained his usual look of icy cold expression.


In other words, Yin Suye is really going to give all these treasures to him?!

Although however one look at it, he was the beneficiary but that couldn’t conceal the fact that Yin Suye was ‘trading using coercion’1 with him! One should know that if a space ring doesn’t have an owner, whoever possessed spiritual powers could use it but once it recognized one as its owner, only the owner would be able to use it.

“I really cannot accept these things.”

As he said that, Shui Ruoshan prepared to take out the items in the ring to return them to their original owner.
The space ring has already recognized him as the owner so he couldn’t return that. Plus Yin Suye has already possessed a space ring that could store living things so he could stop insist to return it alright!

“Don’t want? Then just throw it away!”

Yin Suye didn’t even bother to look at the treasures that Shui Ruoshan has taken out and started walking out from the room; obviously displaying his uncooperative attitudes. Yin Suye moved quickly like he was afraid that Shui Ruoshan would stuff all the treasures back at him, his actions seemed like he was running away from an extreme danger.


Yin Suye, who are you showing this cool move of ‘I won’t take back the things that I have given to other people’? He(SRS) is not the heroine from some romance novel, he definitely won’t buy this kind of tactics.

But on the other hand, why was it Shui Ruoshan somehow could detect a hint of anger from that cool ‘turning body around and swishing his sleeves’ actions? Especially the back of that hurrying figure, one could feel a sense of him fleeing a battlefield. This in turn make Shui Ruoshan felt like he(SRS) is a bad person who doesn’t understand other people’s good intention!

Actually, this idiot(YSY) who doesn’t know how to express goodwill and frequently say things differently from his heart2, he is not the ultimate cruel villain from his novel who was blackened to the point of no return, right?

Raw Word Count : 1009

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  1. Waaaaa!! That’s also what I’m thinking! Ohohohoho you gave him a ring! (If you like a thing you should put a ring on it) hahaa Thanks for the chapter!!! Fightoooo!!

      1. Ohhh just wait for their first kiss…our MC is so dumly cute…by the way where are you reading it? Why don´t you try sto.com?

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