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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven eight – Continuation 3: Haggling

“Don’t want to say?” Seeing that the little guy didn’t say anything for some time, Yin Suye slightly frowned. His gaze deepened, and his voice became deeper.


At the sight of Yin Suye’s abnormal changes, Shui Ruoshan felt a bit of danger in an instant and rejected Yin Suye’s guess without thinking. Although he knew that his little secret could not be concealed anymore, he still wanted to fight for more time to prepare for himself. Who told him to hide something quite serious like this? He could not predict how Yin Suye would react to him after telling the truth! So in the end, he will become timid, afraid, and hesitated…

He still remembers a saying that goes like this – being frank lands you in prison while resisting can get you back home just in time for Chinese New Year! What to do if the result he gets after telling Yin Suye everything is the one he was afraid of?

“You can’t say?” Yin Suye didn’t let the little guy off so easily this time and continued to press him.

Even if the little guy’s guilty and nervous expression made him a little soft-hearted, but the moment he thought about the little guy hiding something so big about him, Yin Suye could only suppress the soft emotion in his heart. The little guy is his, so he must know everything about the little guy clearly. He will not allow the little guy to have anything he does not know of! So if he can’t take this opportunity to ask about all of his secrets, with the little guy’s ostrich mentality1, he doesn’t know how long he has to wait next time!

“Neither!” Facing an aggressive Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan had no possibility to escape, and could only follow the flow of the conversation and answer the questions bit by bit.

“Then, why?” Yin Suye pressed hard.

“… I just didn’t know how to tell you.” Shui Ruoshan thought for a while, and reluctantly confessed when he felt that he couldn’t avoid it.

“You can tell me slowly.”

Yin Suye’s gaze slightly sank, then he moved a few steps away from Shui Ruoshan, dissipating the oppressive aura he cast on the little guy. Sometimes blind accusation is not a good way. One has to give your opponent a proper buffer time to achieve better results.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t say clearly, you just need to tell me what you know.”

Seeing the little guy didn’t answer immediately, Yin Suye took a step back again. It could be clearly seen that Yin Suye is very familiar in using these little interrogation tricks. In fact, he doesn’t necessarily have to ask everything from the little guy. With just a few words, he can infer most of the situation already.

“But I’m afraid that after I told you everything, you won’t want me anymore!” Shui Ruoshan could only grit his teeth and express his greatest concern in frustration.

“Why would you think so?” Yin Suye’s eyes darkened, and countless thoughts flashed at the bottom of his eyes.

“That’s how I felt!” Shui Ruoshan has completely fallen in despair. No matter what Yin Suye thinks, he is ready to come clean.

“I don’t know why I gave you such an illusion.”

With that being said, Yin Suye paused, then raised Shui Ruoshan’s head with his hands; making them look at each other face to face. This posture also left Shui Ruoshan with no opportunity to escape. Then he solemnly warned, “Shui Ruoshan, you have to remember this. You are the one I caught with much difficulty, and I will never let go of you!”

Yin Suye rarely calls the little guy by name, but every time he calls him like that, it shows that he is more serious than ever, and at the same time a bit unhappy.

“You said it, so you can’t regret it later!”

Shui Ruoshan apparently has ignored the fact that he might have upset Yin Suye and showed a happy expression from Yin Suye’s words. As long as Yin Suye doesn’t reject him, he doesn’t need to worry too much about confessing his mistakes.

“I will never regret it!” Looking at Shui Ruoshan, who looked forward to his reaffirmation, Yin Suye gave his assurance again.

“Then we have a deal. No matter what is the truth you heard later, you can’t be mad at me!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that trying hard to get a guarantee from Yin Suye before telling the truth is really a wise thing!

“Not getting angry and not wanting you is not the same meaning, right?” Yin Suye lightly asked.

He won’t let go of the little guy, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be angry with him. Not to mention that the little guy has concealed such an important thing from him, just by not being honest with him right now and haggling with him is already another stroke in the record.

“…” Shui Ruoshan blinked innocently.

He just had a lightbulb moment, trying to fool Yin Suye, and aiming for a lighter punishment, why did Yin Suye have to hold on to the loophole in his words and not let him go? Now he deeply understood that sometimes having a much smarter lover it is not a good thing! Especially when the said lover used this shrewdness on him, it is even less pleasant!

“I don’t care. If you don’t agree, I will not explain myself!” In the end, Shui Ruoshan decided to be stubborn.

He wouldn’t believe that Yin Suye could really do anything to him if he didn’t say anything. En, this is about how to be a true man, that’s why I insist! Such braveness! Such firm stand! In fact, he wasn’t really afraid that Yin Suye would give up on him after he knew the truth. After all, they had experienced so much together. Yin Suye’s feelings for him, he knows whether it’s real or fake, deep or shallow. He could feel it, so he was very sure that Yin Suye really loved him. But this does not mean that Yin Suye will not be estranged from him after knowing the truth, which is what he really fears.

Looking forward, even if Yin Suye is being big-hearted and doesn’t care about everything, but the fact that he has kept such important things from Yin Suye, Yin Suye surely will be angry, right? When Yin Suye gets angry, the unlucky person would be him, so it is necessary for him to plan ahead for his own safety. He really needs to give himself 32 likes for his wit!

“How could you be so sure that I won’t do anything to you?” Yin Suye’s eyes narrowed dangerously, but the expression on his face remained unchanged.

“That’s right. I’m betting on it that you won’t do anything to me! What can you do about that?” Shui Ruoshan has given his all in this.

Anyway, more mistakes or fewer mistakes are still mistakes. For him, there is no difference at all, so he would rather seek more benefits for himself before the verdict. So, Shui Ruoshan fearlessly stared at Yin Suye without showing any weakness as if saying, if you don’t agree, I will resist to the end.

“Alright, I promise you!”

Yin Suye looked back and forth at Shui Ruoshan several times until Shui Ruoshan’s hackles stood up before unhurriedly agreed. Not being angry doesn’t mean he can’t do anything else, isn’t it?

“You promised, so you must keep your word!”

Even after getting the promise he wanted from Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan still felt a little uneasy, so he emphasised again.

“If you delay this any longer, the promises I made earlier will be voided.” Seeing the little guy still wanted to bargain with him, Yin Suye cut off his words and countered back.

“Alright, I’ll explain right away!” Shui Ruoshan could only brace himself and agreed.

In this confrontation, he clearly has achieved the victory, but why didn’t his mood improve even a little? Also, what is this illusion of ‘dying before one wins’2? It can only be said that Xiao Yeye is too evil and always likes to threaten him! But why is it whenever Xiao Yeye threatens him a little, he would compromise right away?

How irritating!

Raw Word Count : 2511


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