Way of Transmigration Chapter 177 Extra 8

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven seven – Continuation 2: The Owner of the continent

“Naturally, my Xiao Ruo is more powerful than a Supreme King!”

Yin Suye does not seem to understand why the little guy doubts his own strength, but this does not prevent him from saying his opinion. Obviously, his family’s little guy is the best in Yin Suye’s, no matter which factor.

“That sounds pleasant to hear!”

Everyone loves to listen to praises, and Shui Ruoshan is no exception. Especially the one boasted about him is the villain BOSS, which is also his family, so he naturally felt even deeper emotions.

“But my current strength is really not good now!”

Shui Ruoshan was proud for a moment, but he still had to admit that with his weak strength, his shortcomings will be exposed the moment he fights another person, so it is impossible for him to compete in such an important position as the Supreme King!

“You are the God of creation, the owner of the [Mowu Dalu] continent.” Yin Suye seriously corrected the little guy’s skewed train of thoughts.

In his eyes, even if the little guy’s strength is not good, but as the God of creation, he can instantly kill anyone in the continent. Because the entire continent belongs to the little guy, and the demon race is no exception. Instead, he felt that Huan Tian has totally wronged his little guy by letting him be something little like the demon Supreme King.


Shui Ruoshan immediately felt that Yin Suye is right when he said that. Although his strength is not good, but he created this world, that is to say, the continent revolves around him, so his existence is very important and high above! Thinking of it this way, the position as the demon Supreme King totally cannot compare! Moreover, as the God of creation, if there isn’t any fanfare that matches his identity, doesn’t he looked weak? So, shouldn’t he be bold and take over the position of the 2nd generation demon Supreme King? No one knows that his strength is not good anyway, so as long as he does not actively expose his shortcomings, no one will dare to question him. In addition to that, his current appearance is exactly the same as when Huan Tian was sealed before. With Huan Tian’s prestige, he believed no one will doubt his identity at all. Therefore, his succession to become the demon Supreme King is completely stress-free!

One needs to know that Huan Tian has disappeared for so long, but the demon race still stable and developing well. Hence, after he became the 2nd generation demon Supreme King, he would only need to distribute the task like how Huan Tian did before and there will naturally be many demons fighting to solve his problems. It seems that being a demon Supreme King is still a relatively easy task?!

Suddenly, Shui Ruoshan accepted with peace of mind that he is now the 2nd generation demon Supreme King. Although he has some slight remarks about being the second1, but at the very least, he was given a race for nothing, better than nothing!

“By the way, Xiao Yeye, which generation of Supreme King are you?”

After this issue of being the demon Supreme King, Shui Ruoshan shifted his attention elsewhere. For example, the problem of being a ‘second’. Now that he has become the 2nd generation demon Supreme King, he naturally hopes that there would be others who will be just as unlucky as him! This is called ‘everyone being unlucky together is better than getting unlucky alone’.

“I am the Supreme King of the 897th generation.” Yin Suye immediately gave an accurate number.

“Oh.” Shui Ruoshan didn’t know if he should be glad or disappointed that Yin Suye didn’t share the number 2 with him.

“Fortunately, it’s not the 222nd Supreme King or something like that.”

Towards the unknown Supreme King who unfortunately rose to the 222nd generation, Shui Ruoshan observed a few minutes of silence for him! Because there are so many twos in his generation, that person’s whole life just looked very stupid, a’ight?!

“Xiao Ruo, is there anything else you want to ask?” Seeing that the little guy’s thinking ran away somewhere again, Yin Suye could only actively ask.

“None at the moment.” Shui Ruoshan thought about it for a while and found that there seemed to be nothing else to know for a while, so he shook his head.

“Alright then, I want to ask you a question.” Yin Suye lowered his head, and solemnly looked at Shui Ruoshan.

“En?” Shui Ruoshan blinked puzzledly.

Obviously, he was surprised that the omnipotent Yin Suye in his(SRS) eyes will have questions and needed to ask him. This was a rare sight, once in a blue moon!

“What is this identity of yours as the God of creation?” Looking at the ignorant little guy, Yin Suye went straight to the point.


Shui Ruoshan was stunned speechless, and there were countless ‘Fcuk’ flashing in his mind! He has never informed Yin Suye about the fact that he is a God of creation, right?! No wonder Yin Suye would take the initiative to mention about this just now, it turned out that he(YSY) was waiting for this moment to arrive! How thick can his nerve be2, to not sense this what was hidden in Yin Suye’s words?

Actually, one can’t blame him for acting like this. The moment he knew that the [Mowu Dalu] continent was from his novel [The Strongest King in History] and that he met Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan had already decided to hide this fact forever. Especially when he can’t let Yin Suye know that the culprit for all the unfortunate he encountered was him!

However, he did not expect that Huan Tian would later reveal his identity as the God of creation in front of Yin Suye, but at that time he was trapped in Huan Tian’s body and did not have the opportunity to explain all of this to Yin Suye. Later, he transmigrated back to Earth, no thanks to Huan Tian, and didn’t have the time to bid farewell, let alone the time to explain himself. And now, he finally returned with much difficulties, but because he was so excited to see Yin Suye earlier, he totally forgot about the mess he had left behind about his identity. In other words, up until now, he has never explained to Yin Suye the fact that the continent is just from a novel he wrote?! But how should he tell such a terrible fact to Yin Suye now?

Is it too late for him to shout ‘This concubine can’t do it’3?

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