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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven nine – Continuation 4: I was afraid that you will blame me

“Actually, the thing is quite simple.” Shui Ruoshan considered the words to use, then slowly explained himself.

“Before I transmigrated, I was a web novel writer, and I wrote a novel named [The Strongest King in History]. I was writing about the part where you parted ways with Huang Beichen when I transmigrated. Then I met you…”

Before he started talking about this, Shui Ruoshan thought it would be very hard to say it. That’s why he keeps delaying and haggling with Yin Suye. But after he opened his mouth, it was not as hard as he thought would be to explain the situation. And so, he slowly revealed the secret he has been keeping with him.

Perhaps he has already decided to come clean to Yin Suye earlier, but he keeps having apprehensions here and there, that’s why he still couldn’t say after so long. This time, it was due to Yin Suye’s strong coercion that he has the courage to say it. Since he is coming clean, he can’t skip any parts so he doesn’t mind spending more time telling the details. That included telling Yin Suye what kind of world they are currently living in, what it means by web novel, and even what kind of a story of [The Strongest King in History].

“After transmigrating into this world, I seem to be spending all of my time together with you so there isn’t anything left to explain.”

After explaining everything, Shui Ruoshan glanced at Yin Suye, seemed to be waiting for his(YSY) judgement. Just that the restlessness in his(SRS) eyes let others know that his current mood is not peaceful.

“I have finished explaining the situation, what else do you want to know?”

After letting everything out, Shui Ruoshan waited for some time but didn’t receive any reaction from Yin Suye, so he reluctantly broke the silence and voiced out his question. No matter what is Yin Suye’s final judgement, Shui Ruoshan felt that he(YSY) has to at least give him some reaction so that he would know what kind of a crime he will be sentenced under. But Yin Suye gave him a silent treatment. That caused him to be restless because he can’t tell anything from Yin Suye’s emotionless face.

Not saying anything is the scariest thing!

“Nothing at the moment.” Yin Suye lightly squinted and unhurriedly answered.

“You don’t have any more question to ask me?”

Hearing that reply from Yin Suye caused Shui Ruoshan to be slightly relieved. At the very least, Yin Suye didn’t choose to treat him coldly, which is already better than the situation he originally expected. Hence, the current thing to do is to develop their situation in a better direction. And so, he started brainstorming for more things to talk about.

“No.” Yin Suye stopped to think for a moment before replying.


Shui Ruoshan felt like going crazy with such an expressionless reply. How does he continue from here ah? Though he has explained a lot, but there are still many problems between them. Why won’t Yin Suye ask about it? Was it because he doesn’t feel the need to ask? Or he felt disdainful to ask? Or he was not interested in knowing?

For a moment, too many questions flashed through his mind that Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know how to open his mouth. In the end, he decided to let everything out. After all, he has already initiated this talk, he can’t stop in the middle. Problems need to be solved, running will not help anything. Everything needs to be explained sooner or later, why not now?

“Yin Suye, you have nothing to ask me, but there are things that I need to tell you!”

Although Shui Ruoshan has decided to say it, he can’t help gripping his fist tightly when the time comes. Since Yin Suye won’t ask about it, he will say it himself.

“I want to tell you that I am the person who caused you to encounter all the misfortune you experienced before!”

He is the culprit for all of Yin Suye’s suffering!

After confessing the truth, as if he has used up all his strength, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t utter a single word for a long time.

“En.” Yin Suye simply gave an ‘En’ to acknowledge that he heard it.


Shui Ruoshan really going to get crazy from Yin Suye’s calm reply. He has to take a few deep breaths before settling down.

“Yin Suye, do you really understand what I said just now?” What does he mean by just an ‘En’?

“Tell me, what are you afraid of?” Yin Suye lightly asked.

He doesn’t seem to understand why the little guy is so concerned about this matter. He understood what the little guy means by his words, but so what? Nothing could get between him and the little guy. If the little guy is worried about something, then he will help him to dispel his worry; if the little guy is uneasy, then he will help him to calm down.

“I am afraid that you will blame me!”

Shui Ruoshan closed his eyes tightly. After some time, he opened his eyes and quickly reveal what he was most worried about. His tone was as if he has given up hope. After that, not waiting for Yin Suye to react, Shui Ruoshan turned his face away, as if doing this could help him lie to himself a bit longer.

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I’m going to try it next chapter and see which method use lesser time _(;3/ Thanks for the suggestion~

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