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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven two – Another possibility : Cannot return (3)

“How did you come to Earth?”

After confirming that Yin Suye did not kill the doctors and nurses in the operating room, Shui Ruoshan started asking about Yin Suye’s situation. This time, he didn’t place his concern for his family Xiao Yeye at the first place, but you really can’t blame him on this. Who let Xiao Yeye appear when he was half dead? Even if he wanted to care, he was powerless. After that, his family Xiao Yeye suddenly turned overbearing and did not give him an opportunity to show his concern. Then, Xiao Yeye released his pressure on the doctors and nurses without giving him any chance to prepare himself, causing him to shift his attention to other matters. So, only until now that he is free to ask Xiao Yeye about his situation. Thinking of it this way, Shui Ruoshan didn’t seem to have it easy. He didn’t have any spare time for himself to think!

“I killed Huang Beichen!” Yin Suye stared intently at Shui Ruoshan without blinking.

After the little guy disappeared from the continent, Yin Suye began to look frantically for him, but no matter where he looked, he couldn’t find the little guy. Just to obtain more information on the little guy, he did not hesitate to make peace with his enemy Huan Tian. It turns out that Huan Tian did know a lot of news that he didn’t know, and Huan Tian was ‘kind’ enough to tell him about it and how to find the little guy. The method given by Huan Tian was very extreme, that is, to kill the fated son of the world, Huang Beichen. This will cause the continent to be destroyed, and then Yin Suye could use the force of the destruction to open a channel to the other world. If he is lucky, he can go to the little guy’s world so he can be with the little guy without any worries.

Yin Suye was really tempted at that time, and even wanted to use that method immediately, but he knew very well that Huan Tian would not be such a kind person. So, until he is 100% sure that the method will work, Yin Suye would not randomly try the method, because a little carelessness will push him down the road of destruction. He is afraid of death. He was just afraid that after he died, he would never see the little guy again. Just that, one year has passed, two years have passed, three years have passed…

In the end, he found nothing. At that time, he knew that he will not find the little guy in the continent. So, when he had completely lost his patience and was ready to make a desperate attempt, Huan Tian appeared again in front of him, using the little guy’s face in his adult version and saying he is willing to cooperate with him. Thus he agreed with Huan Tian’s suggestion and teamed up to kill Huang Beichen. He knew that Huan Tian is definitely not being ‘kind’ when he(HT) so actively looking for him to cooperate, but at that time, he(YSY) has no other choice. He is betting! If he wins, he can get to the world where the little guy lives. If he loses, at most, he will just die. He has no reason to live in a world where the little guy doesn’t exist anyway.

“Then what?” Shui Ruoshan was ready to listen to Yin Suye’s long story about how he came to Earth. In the end, Yin Suye said nothing, and it made him who want to hear the story felt very depressed, and he could only look at Yin Suye with curious eyes, expecting him to continue speaking.

“The continent was destroyed with Huang Beichen’s death. I took the opportunity to use the power of world destruction to cross the distance between space and time and came to your world.” Seeing the little guy’s interested expression, Yin Suye explained concisely.

Yin Suye summarised the whole thing with only one or two sentences, without saying a word about the difficulties and hardships he experienced along the way. He didn’t want the little guy to worry about such a meaningless thing. He has come to the little guy’s world in one piece, so there is no need to mention the dangers he has experienced before. His little guy just needs to know that he(YSY) has finally found him. Even though he was almost killed by Huang Beichen, even though he almost died with the destruction of the continent, even though he almost missed the right path and got lost in the vast universe…

On several occasions, Yin Suye thought he wouldn’t be able to last until the end. But in the midst of it, he heard a voice calling out strongly at him, so he persisted again and again because he knows that it was the little guy calling him from another world. He will not wrongly hear or remember the little guy’s voice! Perhaps this time when the continent was destroyed, the reason why he came to the little guy’s world so smoothly is because the little guy’s strong calling pointed out the right path for him. He thought, maybe because the little guy is the creator of the continent, his(SRS) will could affect him in the continent, or even summon him. It is probably the reason why he can appear directly in front of the little guy as soon as he crossed over.


Looking at Yin Suye calmly talking about world destruction, Shui Ruoshan felt only a bit cruel!

“You destroyed a world just to look for me?”

Just because he was looking for him, Yin Suye ruined a world!

This kind of domineering behaviour, destroying a world just for one person is much higher than any ‘It’s cold, let the Wang Group bankrupt’ setting! Shui Ruoshan would never expect that in this lifetime, he could experience the feeling of being a ‘beauty that toppled a world’, and his emotions were beyond words. Within a second, his eyes became uncontrollably red, and the emotions in his heart could not be contained. This feeling of being placed inside someone’s heart is really beautiful, and it is very touching! In fact, even if Yin Suye didn’t say it, Shui Ruoshan knew that in order to come to Earth to find him, Yin Suye must have experienced many difficulties and dangers, but he will not ask further. It’s fine as long as Yin Suye loves him whole-heartedly.

“Yes.” Yin Suye simply admitted it. It was a fact, and there was no need to deny it.

“Have you ever thought about what fate will you face if you failed to reach Earth after the destruction of the world?” Shui Ruoshan calmed the expression on his face, and seriously looked at Yin Suye.

Although he was really touched by everything that Yin Suye did for him, but after some deep thoughts, he couldn’t help but be afraid. In case Yin Suye did not cross to Earth as expected after the world was destroyed, does that mean Yin Suye would have silently died without him knowing? Thinking of it this way, Shui Ruoshan’s heart couldn’t help feeling a stabbing pain, it was obvious that he was afraid! He wasn’t afraid of being separated from Yin Suye because as long as he is living well, there is hope to meet again. But if Yin Suye dies, there won’t be any chance to meet again! Therefore, Yin Suye taking risks with his own life must not be tolerated, he must be made aware of the seriousness of this matter!

“Is there any reason left for me to live in a world without you?”

Yin Suye calmly looked at Shui Ruoshan and stated his conclusion word by word. In those charming heterochromic eyes, Shui Ruoshan could see the intense and burning feelings towards him.


Being watched by Yin Suye with such eager and affectionate gaze, Shui Ruoshan was speechless. His face became unnaturally red, and his head was shyly lowered involuntarily. Is this shy person really himself?

“But you can’t joke about your own life!” Finally managed to suppress the embarrassment caused by Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan took a deep breath in order to educate the other party with a very serious expression.

Facing Shui Ruoshan’s accusations, Yin Suye didn’t say anything to rebut and just staring at him without blinking.

“Yin Suye, I don’t care about what has happened, but after this, you must promise me that you will never do such a dangerous thing again!”

Yin Suye being silent caused Shui Ruoshan to be unable to hold back and reacted first. Obviously, Shui Ruoshan hasn’t come back to his senses from worrying about Yin Suye’s actions. Right now, they are living in a peaceful Earth. There won’t be anything that requires the powerful Yin Suye to take risks.

“Aren’t you also taking light of your life before this?” Yin Suye slowly asked after a moment of silence, but his voice has dropped a little for no reason.

Obviously, Yin Suye was also dissatisfied with Shui Ruoshan’s previous behaviour.

“Ah?” Shui Ruoshan blinked innocently, seemingly unable to respond to what Yin Suye was referring to.

“What angered me the most was that you disregarded your life for a stranger!” Yin Suye’s eyes were cold, but instead of showing his dissatisfaction to Shui Ruoshan, he turned his head and looked coldly at the other man lying on the operating table, his eyes were full of killing intents.

Although he had just crossed over and didn’t understand the whole story, it didn’t prevent Yin Suye from knowing that his little guy cared for the other person on the operating table. That’s why Yin Suye chose not to kill him at the beginning but this could not suppress the dark emotions in Yin Suye’s heart. Before this, he was worried about the little guy’s situation so he didn’t show it immediately. But now that his little guy talked about this, Yin Suye vented out the dissatisfaction in his heart. His little guy let himself be in danger for the sake of other people, how could he act like nothing has happened?

“Xiao Yeye, you have to listen to my explanation!”

Shui Ruoshan just realised that if his Xiao Yeye didn’t arrive in time, he might probably die on the operating table. All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan was afraid. If he dies, he will never see Xiao Yeye again! Actually, he had done similar operations many times, and he was fine. At most, he would be feeling weak for a long time afterwards, but who knew he would encounter an accident this time? Shui Ruoshan can’t blame Yin Suye anymore. Thinking of it that way, Shui Ruoshan’s momentum suddenly weakened, and he immediately ‘raised a white flag’1 in front of Yin Suye.

“Alright.” Yin Suye’s domineering posture gave people a feeling of ‘you explain, I’ll listen’.


Shui Ruoshan looked at the Yin Suye who pretended not to care, and looked at his brother on the operating table. He thought that if Yin Suye came up to him with ‘Who is he?’, it will totally be a scene of ‘The main wife catching the third wheel’! He has a feeling that his family Xiao Yeye definitely misunderstood his relationship with his brother! But it doesn’t matter, he will explain it clearly. On the other hand, his Xiao Yeye gets jealous too easily, what to do?

“He is my brother, so I can’t not save him.”

Shui Ruoshan felt that he could not explain his complicated relationship with his adoptive parents in a few words, so he only told Yin Suye their brotherly relationship first. Other than having a family tie, there is absolutely no improper relationship. He is very loyal and will never betray Xiao Yeye! Anyway, both of them have a lot of time now, and he can explain everything slowly. This matter is not important, so let’s make it clear what happened now!

“By the way, you could also use magic on Earth?”

Talking about saving people, Shui Ruoshan suddenly remembered of Yin Suye’s domineering aura when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Then he remembered his Xiao Yeye used magic on him. Does that mean Xiao Yeye could use magic even on Earth? If Yin Suye can really use magic on Earth, he will be absolutely invincible among humans! What Spider-Man, Superman, Super soldier… when compared with Yin Suye, they are all weaklings!

“I can, but over time, the repression I receive on Earth will become more and more powerful. My power will become less and less until it can no longer be used.” Yin Suye replied, not hiding anything.

Yin Suye also has his own understanding of the Rules. Since he has come to a new world, he naturally has to obey the Rules of the new world. After all, he is not strong enough to compete with the Rules, so he naturally has to make some compromises. As long as he can be around the little guy, he doesn’t mind being suppressed by the Rules on Earth and becoming an ordinary person. But then again, the people in the little guy’s world is too weak. Even if he doesn’t use magic, he can still beat those people by using only his fighting skills, so he doesn’t have too much worry about this.

“The Rules on Earth are probably different from the continent’s Rules, so it is normal for you to be suppressed here on Earth.”

Shui Ruoshan wrote so many novels, so he naturally understands about the Rules. In fact, whether Yin Suye has the power or not, the person he believes is only Yin Suye himself, and not for any other reason.

“By the way, can you help me heal my brother’s illness while you can still use magic?”

Shui Ruoshan thinks he should make good use of that while Yin Suye can still use his power. He instantly felt very wise! Earth’s medical facilities cannot completely cure his brother’s illness, but this does not mean that magic cannot do it! One needs to know, his Xiao Yeye just completely healed his operation’s complication with a snap! But thinking of those countless panaceas that he had eaten, Shui Ruoshan was heartbroken again!

“I can.”

Facing the little guy’s hopeful gaze, Yin Suye nodded slightly. Although he didn’t have any good feelings for that so-called brother who almost killed the little guy, but since it was the little guy’s request, he wouldn’t refuse. Plus he doesn’t like his little guy taking risks for others, so for whatever reason, he will heal his little guy’s brother.

Raising his hand gently, he sent a ball of light magic to the unconscious person on the operating table.

“It’s done.” After confirming that his light magic has completely cured that person’s illness, Yin Suye turned to inform Shui Ruoshan.

“Xiao Yeye, thank you!” Although his brother still hasn’t woken but watching as his brother’s complexion instantly turned rosy, Shui Ruoshan knew that Yin Suye’s magic is really effective.

“En!” Yin Suye accepted Shui Ruoshan’s thanks without hesitation.

“Now that my brother is fine, I won’t have to worry about this anymore. I can be considered finished paying off the kindness of my adoptive parents! From now on, I can live for you wholeheartedly!” Shui Ruoshan summarised.

From now on, he can really live for himself! And Yin Suye is his one and only real family!

“Alright.” For a moment, Yin Suye’s gaze softened.

“At that time, the two of us will live together. Then we can stroll on the street together, buy ingredients from the supermarket together, cook together, and clean up together …”

Shui Ruoshan was relaxed from being released his brother’s matter. He raised his head and look at Yin Suye with unparalleled satisfaction in his eyes. Before the two even started their lives together, Shui Ruoshan had begun to count his fingers and planned their future life.

“Also sleeping together.” Yin Suye quietly listened to Shui Ruoshan’s beautiful fantasy, before adding an important content that he felt was missing.


Hearing the word ‘sleeping together’, Shui Ruoshan instantly blushed in tomato red. Right now, he is thinking seriously about their bright future. Why his family’s Xiao Yeye is full of ‘unharmonious’2 content?

“We can’t?” Yin Suye seriously asked without changing his expression.


Shui Ruoshan felt like his face was about to burn; his embarrassment was really high! But he couldn’t reject Yin Suye’s proposal, because he really liked what Xiao Yeye, naturally, he doesn’t mind doing some ‘unharmonious’ things together. Just that it is a little bit embarrassing! En, that’s what it is!

“Yin Suye, did I tell you that I’m glad you came to find me?” Even though his face was still red, Shui Ruoshan said the most direct feeling in his heart.

“I knew.”

Although the little guy never say this before, but from his expression and emotion, Yin Suye can clearly see what the little guy is thinking, so even if he(SRS) didn’t say anything, he(YSY) could still know what the little guy wants to express. His little guy hadn’t changed, just like when they first met!

“Yin Suye, I feel very happy at this moment!” Right now, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want to care about other things around him, he only has Yin Suye in his eyes.

“I will keep you happy forever.”

“En, as long as you are always by my side, I believe I can be happy forever!”

A line from a song lyric suddenly crossed Shui Ruoshan, ‘the most romantic thing I can think of is to accompany you until old’.

“I will stay with you until the end of the world!” Yin Suye vowed as he took Shui Ruoshan’s hand and gently kissed it.

“……” The end of the world?!

Although this love declaration is quite sweet, Shui Ruoshan is not that greedy. It’s already good enough as long as the two of them can accompany each other to death! Because meeting Yin Suye is already the luckiest thing in his life! However, in addition to this lifetime, Shui Ruoshan wants to make a ‘booking’.

“Yin Suye, I don’t need you to accompany me to the end of the world, as long as you stay with me for every lifetime!” Because Yin Suye belongs completely to him!

“Alright!” Yin Suye’s eyes were soft, and his tone was as pampering as ever.

“Let’s go home!”



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