Way of Transmigration Chapter 171 Extra 2

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven one – Another possibility : Cannot return (2)

“Xiao Ruo!” Yin Suye hugged Shui Ruoshan tightly.

Looking at the dying little guy in his arms, a deep self-blame and heartache flashed through Yin Suye’s eyes. If only he could come to the little guy sooner, if only he didn’t come so late, his little guy would not suffer like this! But before that, Yin Suye didn’t forget to heal Shui Ruoshan’s wound first. His palm slightly turned up, and light elements quickly gathered in Yin Suye’s hands, emitting a soft light …

Yin Suye lightly stroked the light element in his hand on Shui Ruoshan’s wound. Next, all of Shui Ruoshan’s injuries were immediately healed. In an instant, Shui Ruoshan’s pale face returned to its formal rosiness. If not for the remaining bloodstain on his body, no one could associate this seemingly healthy man with the previous dying patient. But, apparently Yin Suye couldn’t be reassured by just using magic, he immediately took out various healing elixirs and looked like he is going to stuff all of it into Shui Ruoshan’s mouth…

“I’m alright, I don’t need to eat those medicine anymore!”

One second before Yin Suye shoved the pill into his mouth, Shui Ruoshan hurried to stop it. He felt that if he really let that large amount of Yin Suye’s pills poured in his mouth, he would have died either by choking or overdose! As soon as he thought of such a scene, Shui Ruoshan instantly rejected it!

It can’t be more embarrassing than this!

On the other hand, he is already healed after Yin Suye’s light magic treatment, so eating more of those healing pills will be a waste! One needs to know that ‘wastage is shameful’! Therefore, it is best to use it where it is needed more, for example, to treat his brother’s illness or something…
Think about this, Shui Ruoshan felt that he made a good example of reasonable use!

Although Shui Ruoshan’s ideal is beautiful, the reality didn’t go with his will. Shui Ruoshan was zoning out when Yin Suye ignored Shui Ruoshan’s words, gently squeezed open his(SRS) mouth with his hands before quickly stuffing all pills into Shui Ruoshan’s mouth, and then quickly closed his mouth gently …
Until it was confirmed that Shui Ruoshan swallowed the pills, Yin Suye slowly released his hand holding Shui Ruoshan’s mouth.


Shui Ruoshan didn’t expect Yin Suye to be so overbearing, to act first without his consent? That was really quick! Too quick that he has no chance to refute! All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan’s heart felt stuffy! Actually, he has to be grateful that the medicines Yin Suye gave him are top-grade instant melt panaceas. At least he won’t choke himself to death. But because of this, he became even more upset a’ight?! Do you know that the pills he ate cost countless money?!

Yin Suye didn’t seem to see Shui Ruoshan’s depressed expression and acted as if nothing had happened. He kept staring unblinkingly at Shui Ruoshan, and he doesn’t look like he is repenting at all. After that, using the reason to check on his injury, Yin Suye keeps g r o p i n g Shui Ruoshan’s body with his big hands…

One can’t be more perverted than this!

Although Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan are completely oblivious to others, this does not mean that the rest of the people won’t notice them. That’s why the doctors and nurses in the operating room who were completely ignored by the two, immediately expressed their anger. Before this, the doctors and nurses were trying to rescue Shui Ruoshan, who was suddenly in danger due to unexpected heavy bleeding. Just when the treatment is at the most critical stage, they felt a force pushing them away from Shui Ruoshan. Not waiting for them to get back to Shui Ruoshan, a blond man in an ancient black robe suddenly appeared in front of Shui Ruoshan’s operating table, and then he held the person tightly in his arms. At this moment, everyone didn’t bother thinking about how this weird and extraordinary person appeared out of thin air, what’s the purpose of him appearing here, or what does it have to do with their patients…
They only know that if they don’t continue the surgery on Shui Ruoshan, Shui Ruoshan may really die from blood loss! So they must stop that stranger’s irrational behaviour as soon as possible!

But when everyone focused on the man in black who appeared out of thin air, they inexplicably held their breath. Their mind went blank for a moment, and the only thing left was the man’s handsome and peerless appearance. At this moment, everyone forgot to be angry at that person, their responsibilities, or even their own existence. In their eyes was only that simple black figure standing in the middle of the operating room. That visually beautiful impact makes people forget everything! However in the next second, everyone was awakened by Shui Ruoshan’s voice, and the obsessive eyes gradually returned to normal, but no one dared to look directly at the overly beautiful perfect face, because they were afraid they would be mesmerised again. In particular, they are now at a critical moment in saving people. They simply have no extra time to be dazed. They must immediately adjust their mental state and then save people.

But the other party has taken the first step before them. They only saw soft white light bursting out from the man’s hand and surrounded Shui Ruoshan. After the white light disappeared, the originally dying Shui Ruoshan returned to normal, and the wounds that were originally left by the surgery have unscientifically and completely disappeared?! Who can tell them how exactly this out of the world thing happened in front of them? How can they face the word ‘Science’ again? But the most unacceptable action for them was how the man who appeared out of thin air gave the patient random medications without even checking his conditions first. Not only that, but he also fed the patient various medicines, which was completely wrong for these medical authorities!

However, they just couldn’t blame the man because it turned out to be very good, at least it makes Shui Ruoshan’s face returned to a better rosy expression! They really want to disregard their image and give a cold ‘hehe’ laugh, what to do? On the other hand, in the presence of so many people, that man actually dared to be improper to the patient?! One can’t be more arrogant than this!

“Here is the operation room, random people cannot come in!” In the end, some people couldn’t help expressing their dissatisfaction against Yin Suye’s bold action.

“That’s right, what is your purpose suddenly appearing here?” After someone started saying something, the others chipped in and asked their questions.

“What kind of method did you use to enter the operating room?” Obviously, in their hearts, they still can’t believe something strange and disturbing like this, so they only see Yin Suye as someone who used some unscrupulous means to sneak into Shui Ruoshan’s operating room.

Just before everyone could finish throwing out blames and questions, they felt the sharp drop of temperature in the operating room, and it became so cold that they couldn’t help trembling all over, even breathing became difficult. After a few minutes, it seemed that they might suffocate in the next second.

“Yin Suye, you can’t kill people here!”

Shui Ruoshan was the first to react to the sudden drop in temperature. Or in other words, when Yin Suye began to release his pressure against the crowd, he immediately noticed that something was wrong, so he immediately stopped Yin Suye.


Upon hearing Shui Ruoshan’s voice, Yin Suye glanced at the crowd slightly, before calmly retracted his pressure. Only before withdrawing his pressure, Yin Suye was not ready to let go of these people who dared to be hostile at him. Since the little guy said that he cannot kill people, then he won’t kill any, but not killing them does not mean that he cannot punish everyone with other methods. It was very hard that he managed to reunite with the little guy, but all these people just have to come out to hinder them, this really upset him a little.

Everyone felt like they will suffocate when the pressure on their body suddenly disappeared without a trace, but just before they could breathe out in relief, their mind went blank and they completely lost consciousness. It was just that before they lost consciousness, the only thing that remained in their minds was the iciness in the man’s expressionless heterochromatic eyes.

Cold, ruthless, aloof, overbearing, absolute …

“What did you do to them?”

Shui Ruoshan is a super ordinary person in this world, so it is impossible for him to detect what Yin Suye has done. He only knew that everyone has fainted. Fortunately, his elder brother nearby is already unconscious, so he won’t be injured by Yin Suye. It’s really fortunate!

“Let them sleep, and erase their previous memories as well,” Yin Suye explained concisely.

When these people wake up again, they will not only forget about his arrival but also what happened in the operating room during this time. Plus their head will be hurting for a long time. This was done not because everyone disrespects him, but because they have put the little guy in danger before this so his current punishment is already very light to them. Anyway, he just came to this world where the little guy is, and he doesn’t know the survival rules of this world, so he needs to consider little guy’s situation, that’s why he will hold back.


Seeing that Yin Suye listened to his words, Shui Ruoshan didn’t bother asking further. Moreover, his family Xiao Yeye was so capable of erasing everyone’s memories, that saved him a lot of unnecessary trouble. At least he didn’t need to explain to others immediately how Yin Suye appeared out of nowhere. This will give him enough time to arrange Yin Suye. That can’t be more in line with his intention! However, when Shui Ruoshan turned his eyes to the doctors and nurses who were lying on the ground at this moment, he felt a little depressed. The sense of a murder scene is too strong in this one!

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