Way of Transmigration Chapter 173 Extra 4

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven three – Ruixue Confession: The Days When the Master Is Absent (1)

Ruixue felt that it must be the most discerning cat, because it got itself a master who is the God of creation, and it can’t be more proud! Obviously, Ruixue had happily forgotten that it was forced to sign a contract with Shui Ruoshan in the first place. All it knew now was that its cat life is perfect. If it has any dissatisfaction, it will be that ugly big black dog circling around it all the time. It was hurting its eyes! Ruixue looked up, and Moqi seemed to know what it was thinking, it immediately bared its fangs. But Ruixue didn’t give Moqi any face and turned away, proudly expressing that it is a big-hearted cat, and won’t be petty with that big black dog.

Although Kirin is not a dog, in Ruixue’s eyes, Moqi’s body that is somewhat similar to a dog has been completely taken as a dog. So, as a cat that hated dogs the most, Ruixue decided to disdain Moqi’s appearance! If Moqi is dissatisfied, Ruixue doesn’t mind swiping a paw at it, really! Anyway, Ruixue has its owner supporting it from behind, its backing can’t be any stronger than this! Theoretically, as its owner’s first spiritual pet, its status should be unbreakable. Facts have also proved that it is better than Moqi, that half-assed spiritual pet. However, it has never occurred to Ruixue that it would eventually fall into the same situation as Moqi, which is completely ignored by its owner! Because its owner was completely dominated by Yin Suye, that big bad guy!

Don’t even say if it has the chance to be intimate with its owner, even if it wants to be closer to its owner right now, that bad guy will not allow it.

Ruixue can’t be sadder than this!

Although Shui Ruoshan always forgets about Ruixue, but in order to show its existence, Ruixue always takes the initiative to flash its presence in front of its owner. It’s not easy to be a good spiritual pet! Wanted to be an excellent pet that can defeat other spiritual pets and become an irreplaceable cat in its owner’s heart, Ruixue could be said has worked hard! So as soon as it is free, it will go to its owner to practice its acting cute skill, so that its owner will like it more and more. Then by chance, when the big bad guy didn’t notice, Ruixue will be able to obtain a little benefit from its owner. For example, kiss kiss, hug hug, rub rub…

Although there weren’t many opportunities to get benefits from its owner, it was better than none. But all this has changed. After its owner disappeared and appeared 8 years later, Ruixue can be said to be completely deprived of these benefits by Yin Suye, that big bad guy. Because since then, the big bad guy has never left its owner even one step. They will be together during the day and night, eating together, sleeping together… Even when going to the toilet, one can’t be more conjointed than this pair!

So, under the big bad guy’s 360-degree monitoring with no blind spot, Ruixue couldn’t find any space to go near its owner for benefits!

Actually, its owner has disappeared twice from the big bad guy. The first time couldn’t be regarded as disappearing, though. To be exact, its master was forced to leave the big bad guy’s side. And Ruixue happened to be at the scene at that time, just witnessing the whole process. But until now, it still doesn’t understand why its owner suddenly become a person named Huan Tian? Then its owner mercilessly attacked the big bad guy, and simply left? At that time, it actually wanted to go up and help, but unfortunately, even the ever-powerful bad guy(YSY) could not stop its owner, it will be even more impossible for this cat alone. It wouldn’t admit the truth that Huan Tian’s action was too fast, that this cat that was famous for its speed couldn’t react in time. From that day, the big bad guy changed and became scarier. During the time its owner left, not only the big bad guy emitted low pressure around him, his entire aura became dark like an evil spirit from Hell. Especially his heterochromic pupils that were always slightly bloodshot, which gave people a chilling feeling. So even though Ruixue felt that it is a brave cat, it doesn’t dare to touch his nerve at this time.

One needs to know that this big bad guy always disliked it. If it doesn’t stay witty, it will definitely be caught and probably gets grilled to be eaten! Because every time it sees the big bad guy, he would either be in a bad mood and then kills people; or gets dissatisfied with people and then kills people; or others oppose him and then he kills people; or someone displeasing him then he kills people…

Among those who were killed were the bad guy’s enemies, people who only pay lip service to the big bad guy, and people who did not really submit to the big bad guy…
This bad guy didn’t even let his own family go, so crazy! In other words, after its owner left them, there wasn’t a time when this bad guy didn’t vent himself by killing others! Sometimes, Ruixue gets worried for the big bad guy. If this goes on, won’t the entire human race gets annihilated by this bad guy? It was not because it felt that killing is wrong, or that it was worried about the big bad guy. After all, as a cat, the life and death of the human race has nothing to do with it. Plus, being strong is the way to survive in this world anyway. So, to place the blame, those who were killed by the big bad guy are simply too weak!

But as long as it thinks about after all the humans were killed, wouldn’t the bad guy becomes the only one left? Then at that time, no one will provide it with delicious small fish… no, what it means was who will provide a comfortable living environment to its owner?! Therefore, for the sake of its dried fish… wrong, for its owner’s sake, should it persuade the big bad guy and tell him that his killing hobby is not good, they should be peace-loving towards cats and humans?

Being a cat is so difficult!



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