Way of Transmigration Chapter 169.2

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six nine (2) – Because the author has transmigrated [FIN]

When Shui Ruoshan opened his eyes, he was lying in the crystal coffin again. He didn’t feel any sense of success for transmigrating, he only felt his forehead covered with long black lines1. The way of transmigration is the same, even the place to wake up is the same, how much more do you want to be the same?

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know what timeline he has transmigrated into right now. Don’t tell him that he went back to the first time he met Yin Suye, he will really cry! Before Shui Ruoshan could think of the worst, a figure quickly appeared in front of him. His sight was suddenly blocked by a black shadow. The next second, his body was hugged tightly. Feeling the familiar temperature from the other party, Shui Ruoshan reached out and hugged back.

“Xiao Yeye, I am back!” Shui Ruoshan narrowed his eyes, and his eyes filled with joy.

It was great that he met the Yin Suye who shared his memories, and not a complete stranger Yin Suye. He is not afraid to get to know Yin Suye again, but he is afraid that the new Yin Suye will not be the Yin Suye he once knew. It’s hard to describe this, but only Shui Ruoshan knows how much fear and uneasiness he felt once he found himself back at the place where he first transmigrated over. But now with the familiar atmosphere from the other person, he feels extremely peaceful.


Yin Suye didn’t intend to let go of Shui Ruoshan. Instead, he hugged him even tighter, seemingly afraid that Shui Ruoshan would disappear again at the next second.

“Xiao Ruo, you have disappeared for too long!”

There is a lot of dissatisfaction and complaints in Yin Suye’s tone. At the same time, there was also a hint of throwing tantrums in it.

“I have only disappeared for eight days, alright?”

Although Shui Ruoshan is very happy that Xiao Yeye cares for him so much, he has only disappeared for a few days, and yet Yin Suye makes it sound like he hadn’t seen him for a few years. However, this kind of ‘a day of absence equals to three seasons’ would still make people feel a little embarrassed!

In order to quickly transmigrate back to the continent, Shui Ruoshan only took eight days to complete the entire content of [The Strongest King in History]. He felt incredible just by thinking of it! That was his fastest speed ever, he is about to be moved to tears by his own speed, a’ight?

“It’s eight years.” Yin Suye seriously corrected Shui Ruoshan’s words.

“Eight years?!” Shui Ruoshan widened his eyes incredulously.

Is the saying ‘One day in Heaven is a year on the ground’ also popular in here?

“En.” Yin Suye stuffily made a sound of acknowledgment, apparently not very satisfied with Shui Ruoshan’s tone of disbelief.

“How did you endure in these eight years?”

Shui Ruoshan seriously looked up and down at Yin Suye. Should he be thankful now, that it was fortunate that one day on Earth is only equaled to one year here, and not ten years, or a hundred years…

No wonder the time had not changed much when he transmigrated back to Earth, because he only lived for a few months at continent [Mowu Dalu]. According to his calculation, he naturally won’t think about how much time passed.

“We will talk about this later, right now you have to compensate me!” Yin Suye righteously said.

He has been waiting too long for the little guy, and now he can’t wait anymore. Only when he has the little guy completely in his hands that he can be assured!

“Ah?” Shui Ruoshan stupidly uttered, that innocent expression looked very cute.

Experience and compensation, is there any inevitable connection between the two?

“Yin Suye, what are you doing?”

Before Shui Ruoshan could ask his question, he realized Yin Suye has pressed him back into the crystal coffin and began to take off his clothes. He wanted to stop Yin Suye’s inexplicable movements, but his hands were then pinned to the top of his head as his layers of clothes continued to decrease.

” ’Do’ you.” Yin Suye said.

He got up and pressed his body down, trapping the little guy under his body. Even at this moment, being pressed under his body, Shui Ruoshan still looked at him with a big pair of eyes. A silly cowlick hair was curled up slightly on top of his head, combining with the little guy’s expression, he looked naive and ignorant; the perfect ‘meng’2 appearance. The little guy seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied with his actions at this moment, so his small mouth unconsciously pouted, and his two cheeks were slightly bulging, which made the delicate little face glowed a little redder against his pale white skin. He was extremely attractive. In addition to that, the little guy’s originally neat clothing was half untied by him. That half-exposed appearance, coupled with his wet eyes look, it will only make people feel hot and also give them an impulse to bully the little guy until he cries.


Shui Ruoshan didn’t seem to realize what was wrong with his appearance right now, because he had been shocked by Yin Suye’s words. The Hell, since when did Yin Suye learned such rude words? ‘Doing’ people or whatnot, one simply shouldn’t be that straightforward!

That was not the point. The point is, what is this position he currently in with Yin Suye now?

Seeking explanations ah!

How come the moment he returned, Yin Suye’s style became so wrong? So, what actually happened to Yin Suye in the eight years he was absent?

“Yin Suye, if you have something to say, say it properly, stop moving your hands!”

Shui Ruoshan tried to put on a very serious expression, intending to use his honest expression to dispel Yin Suye’s bad thoughts. Unfortunately, he is now a fish on Yin Suye’s chopping board, so his words carry no power at all. Although he did consider having a ‘deeper’ relationship with Yin Suye before he returns back to the continent, it is definitely not at this moment. Let’s not talk about the fact that he is not ready yet, even if he wanted Yin Suye to do ‘this and that’ with him, it shouldn’t be at this current situation! Therefore, he must not let Yin Suye succeed! Besides, even if the crystal coffin he is lying on now is very large, and has no problem accommodating both him and Yin Suye, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a coffin and not a bed! It’s too heavy of a taste to do this in a coffin, he can’t accept it!

“Change back to your original state.” Yin Suye ignored Shui Ruoshan’s words and ordered him a slightly commanding tone.

“Change back?” Shui Ruoshan blinked in confusion.

He was still immersed in the joy of a successful transmigration and reunion with Yin Suye, so he did not find anything wrong with his current situation. Now that Yin Suye reminded him, he discovered that his current appearance is the very first zhengtai3 appearance he had previously.

“I can’t change back.” Shui Ruoshan immediately checked his body condition and innocently told Yin Suye.

He doesn’t know if he should be depressed that his body has changed back to his zhengtai look again? Or to silently heave a sigh of relief from escaping from Yin Suye’s hands? In short, his mood is very complicated!

“What happened?” Yin Suye’s eyes darkened, but he didn’t stop pressing down on Shui Ruoshan, obviously not believing Shui Ruoshan’s words.

“Huan Tian has pitted me!”

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan had to sigh in admiration that Huan Tian’s level is really high. He can ‘pit’ Huan Tian because he has the convenience of being the author, but for Huan Tian to be able to ‘pit’ him, that is the real level! Especially when Huan Tian knows that he(SRS) pulled a fast one on him, he still proceeds according to his(SRS) arrangement. However, the moment Huan Tian found a suitable opportunity, he(HT) immediately counter-attacked. Seriously, one simply shouldn’t be so petty!

Currently, the body he is using belonged to Huan Tian, and the reason why he can use his body is because the last chapter he wrote for [The Strongest King in History] :

Compared to Huang Beichen, who can transmigrate back to Earth with his own body, Huan Tian could only be reborn back to the past with his soul because it is impossible to resurrect Ye Wuhua. Huan Tian can only return to the past to see him, but in order to maintain the stability of the world, two identical people cannot exist at the same time and space. Hence, Huan Tian used the passage of time and space to return to the past smoothly, but not with his current body. The timeline that Huan Tian can go back is only after he and Ye Wuhua ‘fought to death’ and was sealed because Huan Tian in the sealed state is equal to null state4 to some extent.

At this point, Shui Ruoshan admits that he was on a one-track mind not to let Huan Tian get any possible benefits. As it turned out, he managed to arrange this very successfully. Huan Tian had actually given up his body in order to return to the past to see Ye Wuhua, using only his soul to be reborn. However, Shui Ruoshan also knew that Huan Tian should have seen through his calculations, that’s why Huan Tian set a trap for him as well. Clearly understood that he was pitted, Huan Tian deliberately left him a message in his mind to explain the situation.

After Huan Tian has successfully returned to the past, he arrived at the location where he was sealed previously. At that time, he was only a soul, so he directly merged his reborn soul with his sealed soul. The merge enhanced his soul to be powerful, which made him the godly existence who can use the Rules5 again. At this time, Huan Tian finally understood why he could still cultivate to become the only godly existence of the continent [Mowu Dalu] when he was in the state of being sealed. It was because he was reborn, so he obtained a powerful force from himself in the past6.

At the same time, Huan Tian also understood the development track of this world more clearly. In order to prevent this world from being destroyed by his rebirth and make amendments that do not conform to the historical trajectory, Huan Tian is absolutely unable to take any actions that are not in line with the main plot as even a small mistake could possibly cause him to disappear from the past. That’s why Huan Tian can not destroy the seal and wake up from the crystal coffin. And considering that in the future, the God of creation Shui Ruoshan is eyeing covetously for his body, Huan Tian used his newly-obtained great power to regenerate and recreate a new body out from his current body, to replace his place in the crystal coffin. This is equivalent to having a body separated from Huan Tian’s body. In fact, it is the body that Huan Tian prepared for the Shui Ruoshan, who would re-transmigrate back. After solving the problem regarding his body, Huan Tian did not go to find Ye Wuhua but waited for the day Ye Wuhua came to see him in this sealed stone room.

As for what happened to Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua next, Shui Ruoshan has no idea because Huan Tian did not explain it in the information he left for him. But later on, he found out that Huan Tian has been staying together with Ye Wuhua, just that there was never a third person who saw this. Ye Wuhua did the same actions as the first generation human Supreme King in the past and established the forbidden ground. After leaving the Sunlight and Moonlight swords, he disappeared from the world, and then the second generation Supreme King was born. At that time, everyone felt that since the second generation of Supreme King was born, Ye Wuhua, as the first generation Supreme King must have passed away. But from the information left by Huan Tian, Shui Ruoshan knows that Ye Wuhua did not die at that time, he just changed his identity and lived incognito with Huan Tian. As for why the second generation human Supreme King could be born while Ye Wuhua is not dead, this must be Huan Tian manipulating the Rules with his power. The information stops here, so Shui Ruoshan does not know whether Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua have lived from the past to the present? Unexpectedly, Huan Tian is still full of mysteries up until the end!



Yin Suye frowned slightly after listening to the little guy’s explanations. Obviously, he did not have a good impression of Huan Tian and was even full of hostility towards that person.

“So, I can only wait for my body to slowly grow up!” Shui Ruoshan said a tearful tone.

Because this body was created by Huan Tian as a child, not because his powers were sealed, so it is impossible to change from a child to an adult. Although he was very pleased that Yin Suye is unable to do anything to him due to his body of a child, but the moment he remembered that the growth cycle of a demon is very long, and now his body is undoubtedly a true-blood demon, which means he has to keep this zhengtai7 appearance for a long time, he can’t help feeling very depressed. It was not easy for him to get rid of his zhengtai image at the beginning, but now he has returned to the state before liberation; this can’t be anymore more abusing to his feelings!

Moreover, from the information that Huan Tian finally left in his mind, this person even tried to claim a relationship with him! Huan Tian said that since the body he(SRS) used now came from his body, he can be regarded as his(HT) son, to a certain extent. Therefore, Huan Tian said he doesn’t mind calling Shui Ruoshan his son! He also said that having the God of creation as his son, he is very satisfied! Last but not least, Huan Tian tried shirking his responsibility to him. He said that since Shui Ruoshan is his son now, he(SRS) should take up the role of being a son, so the entire demon realm will be inherited by this ‘free’ son!

Suddenly, Shui Ruoshan wanted to grind his teeth in irritation by Huan Tian’s address.

The Hell with ‘son’?!

And one shouldn’t take advantage like it! What does Huan Tian mean by leaving the mess to him? He never knew that the demon Supreme King’s position is hereditary! He only used a body provided by Huan Tian, not living Huan Tian’s life. So, is it necessary for Huan Tian to push everything to him?
One shouldn’t pit people like this!

“It doesn’t matter, I will raise you up!” Yin Suye helplessly got up from Shui Ruoshan, then gently lifted Shui Ruoshan and reorganized his messy clothes.

“Xiao Yeye, you are so good!” Upon thinking that he could now be a ‘rice worm’8 safely under his family Xiao Yeye’s care, Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt that it was not a bad thing to become a child.

“However, we have to keep tabs.”

Looking at the little guy’s smug look, Yin Suye lowered his head and gently kissed the little guy’s eyes. Then his lips moved to the corner of Shui Ruoshan’s mouth and kissed a few times on it, before letting go of the red-faced little guy.


Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help but gasp. He never thought that he will hear such an unbelievable word from Yin Suye. But he couldn’t understand, since when did his family Xiao Yeye become so stingy? Even tried to do this ‘Financial matters should be settled clearly even between brothers’ with him.

“Since I couldn’t do you this time, I naturally have to write it down.” Looking at the little guy who obviously hasn’t reacted yet, Yin Suye reached out and rubbed the little guy’s head, and explained slowly what he meant.

“So that’s what you mean?!” Shui Ruoshan’s mouth twitched, he rather Yin Suye never explain this!

“What else could it be?” There was an obvious playfulness in his eyes.

“…” Shui Ruoshan was speechless for a moment, but after thinking about it, he felt that he could not be too weak-willed; otherwise he would be more pressured by Yin Suye in the future.

“How do you want to keep the tabs?”

“Naturally counting daily, starting from today.” Yin Suye paused here intentionally, before continuing his words in a heavier tone. “Which you will pay for everything in one go as soon as you grow up.”


In one go?! Shui Ruoshan opened his eyes in disbelief. Dear, don’t tease me, okay?

With how long a demon takes to grow into adulthood, Shui Ruoshan really didn’t know how long he would take until he grew up, and yet Yin Suye still trying to count it by days. Suddenly, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t dare to continue thinking about it. The number is too beautiful, he can’t bear to look straight at it!

Shui Ruoshan felt that rather than throwing away his face by being done to death in bed by Yin Suye, he rather trying dying first now!

“Xiao Yeye, I am wrong, please let me go!” Although he doesn’t know why Yin Suye wants to bully him like this, Shui Ruoshan knew that he must have just stepped on Yin Suye’s landmine, that’s why Xiao Yeye attacked him like this.

“It’s too late!” Looking at the little guy’s pitiful expression, Yin Suye squinted his eyebrows and lightly curved his lips.

“You are so cold and ruthless!” Shui Ruoshan reached out an ‘Er Kang hand‘ while blaming Yin Suye.

What did his family’s Xiao Yeye encounter to become so bad? He just wanted the loyal dog Xiao Yeye, but he became so black-bellied evil now! This gap is really too big! Don’t let him know who ruined his family’s honest Xiao Yeye. He’ll finish that person himself!

“Xiao Yeye, what are you doing?!” Just as Shui Ruoshan was immersed in the search for the someone who might have changed Yin Suye, he found that his body suddenly lifted up and exclaimed.

“Take you home.” Yin Suye held Shui Ruoshan in his arms and strode out of the stone room.

“En, go home!”

Shui Ruoshan shifted to a comfortable position in Yin Suye’s arms and leaned his head against Yin Suye’s shoulder. He likes the word ‘home’ and also ‘go home’. He likes Yin Suye. As long as Yin Suye is by his side, he is already home!


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