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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six nine (1) – Because the author has transmigrated [FIN]

Right now, Shui Ruoshan is typing away furiously, continuing where the story has stopped, which is after Huan Tian bewitched Huang Beichen and successfully launched a sneak attack on Yin Suye, resulting Shui Ruoshan to be forcefully sent back to Earth. The reason why he wanted to write the following plot in detail is because through his experience, Shui Ruoshan clearly understands that the content of his outline is inaccurate in the continent [Mowu Dalu].

For example, when he wrote the novel, he didn’t really write it according to the outline. Sometimes, he will modify the outline accordingly. Plus, the content of the outline is too succinct, which is basically only a few words, so many things were not written, and there are many variables. So in order to prevent any unwanted accidents, he doesn’t mind spending more time writing the story in detail. After all, ‘a beard well lathered is half shaved’! However, for the following content, he won’t be writing from his own perspective. After all, he wants to write about the continent [Mowu Dalu], not some modern stories. Although he would like to write from Yin Suye’s perspective, Huang Beichen is the protagonist of [The Strongest King in History], so he can only continue to use Huang Beichen’s perspective to write.

For a better writing environment, Shui Ruoshan purposely went to the supermarket and bought a lot of instant noodles, snacks, drinks, as rations for his incoming seclusion. Because he has decided that as long as he hasn’t finished writing [The Strongest King in History], he will never leave his room! At the same time, he has published the finished chapters on the website. Because he has acquired more than 400,000 words for no reason, Shui Ruoshan boldly published the chapters, and tens of thousands of words were sent out together. The contents have already been written out for him anyway, so if he doesn’t publish it to ‘pit’ the readers, he would feel like he has let himself down. And so, Shui Ruoshan buried his head at work and started writing about the content he has planned.

The story that Shui Ruoshan arranged is actually very simple. It’s like this:

Although Huan Tian managed to bewitch Huang Beichen, Huang Beichen managed to retain some of his own consciousness. When he stabbed his sword towards Yin Suye, the resistance in his mind caused him to subconsciously avoided Yin Suye’s vital point, and that saved Yin Suye’s life. However, due to his injury was too heavy, Yin Suye fell into a state of suspended death/fake death.

After Huan Tian received a confirmation from Shui Ruoshan1, he naturally had no reason to continue hurting Yin Suye; he even tried to save Yin Suye’s life.

When Huang Beichen woke up after that, he originally wanted to seek Huan Tian to get his revenge, but because they all wanted to save Yin Suye, they could only temporarily put down their hatred and stop the war between humans and demons. Although it’s not possible for two warring races to reconcile right away, but under Huan Tian and the just healed Yin Suye’s directions, they decided to achieve a win-win situation. After solving that problem, Huan Tian, Yin Suye, and Huang Beichen began to consider how to settle their personal problems.

Huan Tian wants to see Ye Wuhua, Huang Beichen wants to go back to Earth, while Yin Suye wants to get Shui Ruoshan back to his side. Actually, in a sense, the purpose of these three people can be said to be exactly the same, as both needed to make use of space and time. In the end, it was Huan Tian who came up with a way that is not exactly a way; to get the other two to cooperate, then perhaps they could achieve their respective goals at the same time. Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua are connected through Sunlight and Moonlight sword. Huang Beichen’s body has a connection with Earth2, and Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan have a contractual relationship with each other. Hence, the three of them could use the connection between them and their desire to reach the goal, they began to circulate their energy at the same time, maximizing their power and layering it by folds upwards. It instantly caused the time and space in the continent [Mowu Dalu] to change to a certain extent, thus forcibly opening a channel between [Mowu Dalu] and other spaces…

Written the plot until here, Shui Ruoshan suddenly stopped mashing his keyboard. Because if he continues, his story will really come to an end. Though, even if he hasn’t finished writing the ending, any average people would be able to see the result at first glance. The ending must be that Huan Tian met Ye Wuhua, Huang Beichen managed to return to Earth as he wished, and Yin Suye also managed to tie Shui Ruoshan back to his side.

The reason why he stopped at this moment was because he is not sure if he would transmigrate back to the continent [Mowu Dalu] when the ending for [The Strongest King in History] is out. Even if he is the author, he can’t be sure that the continent will develop according to his intentions. However, he believes that if the continent really develops according to his wishes, then Huan Tian, as the only god-like existence who can see the Rules would be able to see where the plot is heading, thus would know what he wanted to convey through his writings. Moreover, he believes that as long as Huan Tian knows the method, he will definitely act accordingly to the arrangement in his writings, because Huan Tian has already gone all-out to be able to see Ye Wuhua in the past, and this time he will never let go of the opportunity.

It is because of this that he can calm down and concentrate on writing the novel at home. In fact, even if Huan Tian did not receive the information he tried to convey, it does not mean that he failed. Because if one method can’t work, he can always change to another method. In order to achieve his goal to transmigrate back, he really didn’t mind getting other random content into [The Strongest King in History]. For example, unscientific stuff like collecting seven Dragon Balls to summon the dragon to achieve his wishes whatnots? For example, writing himself as the God of creation directly into the world according to the reasonableness of the plot. For example, he can also write how Yin Suye’s strength has increased enough to break a void directly to Earth. Or, for example…

In short, there are many ways to do this, and he does not need to be stubborn in one method at all. The reason why the option where Huan Tian, Huang Beichen and Yin Suye get together to open the space-time channel was chosen, it was not only because it is the most suitable option for the development of his novel, but also because he agreed to Huan Tian’s request before he transmigrates back to Earth. Since he promised, he naturally has to fulfill it. This is a man’s principle. Other than that, his co-death contract has sensed Yin Suye’s existence previously, which shows that this method has the most successful possibility. However, he will not let Huan Tian go so easily. He will fulfill his part, but how to do it will depend on his mood. He did not forget about how Huan Tian has schemed against him, and that he hurts Yin Suye. How could he not take advantage of this good opportunity to retaliate back? Moreover, he did not expect to transmigrate back and continue using that awkward identity as sharing the same body with Huan Tian, so it’s necessary to resolve this physical problem in the last chapter of the novel. In an instant, Shui Ruoshan thought of a bad idea to ruthlessly pit Huan Tian.

At the same time, he specially arranged for Huang Beichen to transmigrate back to modern times. He has a plan for this. After all, Huang Beichen is the protagonist of [The Strongest King in History]. Even if the plot has long broke away from the original trajectory, it doesn’t change the fact that Huang Beichen represents the continent’s fate. Especially when Huang Beichen died, the continent would follow his footsteps into destruction as well. This point has always been a hidden danger to them, so he had to give Huang Beichen a reasonable reason to disappear from the continent [Mowu Dalu]. He believed that as long as the story arrangement he wrote is reasonable and in line with the development track of the continent, even if Huang Beichen is gone, the continent would not head towards destruction! Coincidentally the reborn Huang Beichen doesn’t hold any feelings for the continent anymore, Shui Ruoshan might as well give him a hand and let Huang Beichen return to his original world. Shui Ruoshan won’t admit that the real reason why he didn’t want Huang Beichen to stay in the continent was because he didn’t like how Huang Beichen sometimes looked at Yin Suye. Who asked Huang Beichen to look at Yin Suye with that kind of gaze that seemed to be mixed with emotions that make him feel uncomfortable. And most importantly, after he settled with Huan Tian and Huang Beichen, Shui Ruoshan believed that no one else can threaten Yin Suye’s existence in the continent anymore. Plus with Yin Suye’s ability, he can definitely dominate the world as the King!

Just thinking about it lets Shui Ruoshan feel that his transmigration back to the continent this time will definitely be wonderful!

Although Shui Ruoshan only took a short time to think about ending for [The Strongest King in History], he hasn’t officially written it yet. Because he didn’t dare to write the ending right away, not knowing if he would really transmigrate back at the moment the story was completed? Therefore, in order to prevent any unwanted accidents, he must be prepared. Not be prepared to transmigrate back to the continent [Mowu Dalu], but to prepare to leave Earth. Although he was forced to return to Earth, however, since he has returned, there are some things he might as well settle while he is still here. Only after tying up all these loose ends that he can really be at peace to stay with Yin Suye and live together in the continent [Mowu Dalu].

Thinking that he had everything planned, Shui Ruoshan immediately began to work on it. He took out a piece of paper and began to write his will. The reason to write a will is not because he has a lot of inheritance to give out, but to donate his body directly to his brother. Though he said his ‘brother’, but they don’t really have any blood relationship, as Shui Ruoshan was adopted by his adoptive parents. The reason why his adoptive parents will adopt an orphan when they already have a son of their own is entirely because his brother has congenital leukemia, and he happens to be the best match to his brother’s genes that his adoptive parents found through various channels. That is to say, his adoptive parents adopted him only to give their son a ‘spare parts’ container. As long as his brother has any needs, whether stem cells, bone marrow, or blood… he must provide unconditionally to his brother.

Not sure if his adoptive parents were embarrassed by their own intention towards him, or they just wanted to protect their son’s ‘reserve body’, they were very good to him. Shui Ruoshan has never been ill-treated in terms of materialistic needs. They let him live in a good house, gave him money to use, gave him nice clothing, good food…
Usually, when they are free, his adoptive parents will bring him and his brother to go out to play. And if he wants anything, his adoptive parents will meet his requirements unconditionally. As for his brother, perhaps it is because he felt sorry towards Shui Ruoshan, he took great care of him(SRS), almost to the point of being meticulous. Although this kind of pampering let him experience the feeling of home and he was pretty much addicted to it, he knows that everything was based on what he can provide to his brother. This kind of love and hate feelings have caused him to be unable to face his foster parents for many years. He believed that his foster family should have the same feeling. Therefore, the moment he was able to support himself, Shui Ruoshan chose to move out of that exquisite villa and choose to rent a house and live alone outside. Although his adoptive parents disagreed with his actions, he repeatedly promised that as long as his brother needed anything, he would cooperate and provide whatever needed. With that, his adoptive parents agreed with his request with a very complicated expression.

Only after that that he found out, his adoptive parents would often call to ask about his life, but the part where they would ask him to help his brother became less and less, which his brother’s body, on the other hand, has become worse. Sometimes Shui Ruoshan would offer to provide his brother with something from his body, but his adoptive parents and brother would refuse and comforted him that his brother’s illness is not as serious as expected and that he does not need his(SRS) help. They promised that when his brother needs it, they will definitely ask him for help. At that time, Shui Ruoshan realized that his adoptive parents also had feelings for him. Otherwise, his brother would not endure the suffering and pain and yet refused to ‘drag him down into the water’. His adoptive parents couldn’t bear to see their son suffer in the hospital bed, but they didn’t take any initiative to ask him for help. So, at that time, he had already made up his mind. If his brother really needed his help, even if one day he(SRS) would die on the operating table, he would be willing, just to return the feelings given to him from his adoptive parents. This is why he hesitated when he knew that he could return to Earth. Because if he does not return to Earth, and his brother fell ill, no one can help his brother. Then his brother can only wait for death.

Later on, he promised Yin Suye that he will stay with him. Not only because Yin Suye really has him(SRS) alone in his eyes, also because Shui Ruoshan was greedy over this ‘you are the only one’ kind of gentleness, wanting to selfishly hold it firmly in his hands. On the other hand, it was also due to the fact that his adoptive parents would call him every few days to ask him about his current life. If they could not contact him, they would surely come to check on him. Then they would find his body, thus could directly use his body to help his brother with his illness. Although a dead body couldn’t help much, but a whole body is better than just a few parts of organs. There might be some self-comforting meaning in it and sounded quite unscientific, Shui Ruoshan still felt that it is more or less useful to donate his whole body to his brother. On the positive part, his brother might be healed and becomes healthy. Maybe he can use this way to repay the care and upbringing of his adoptive parents. Even when he leaves Earth, he has no regrets!

Actually, Shui Ruoshan is not sure about the method to transmigrate back this time, but since he transmigrated with only his soul last time, the possibility of him transmigrating along with his own body for this second time is not quite possible, so it’s better for him to write down about donating his body in advance. At the same time, in order to prevent his adoptive parents from thinking too much, he will drop a vague hint to them that he will live well in another world. This is why he must finish updating [The Strongest King in History] online because his adoptive parents knew about his work. In the early days of his writing career, they used their influence to help publicize his novel, so if his adoptive parents could read this novel, he believed that they can understand that he didn’t die, but went to a different world to find his own happiness.

After writing his will, Shui Ruoshan began to rummage about in his home. He took out his bank passbook and put it on the table beside his will. Although his own savings don’t amount to much, however his adoptive parents will transfer a part of living expenses into his card every month. He didn’t use it and has been saving them up, so here’s a chance to return it to his adoptive parents, considered as a small token to them. After everything was done and he confirmed that nothing was left out, Shui Ruoshan clicked open the website for [The Strongest King in History] and published all the remaining chapters out at once. Then he clicked on the author’s dashboard. Before writing the last chapter, Shui Ruoshan opened the page of the latest chapter and saw a large number of comments below. The corner of his mouth curved up to reveal an evil smile.

Due to his recent updates were very powerful3, the comments were also very ‘powerful’, but the reader’s comment was not quite gentle, most of the comments were related to the latest part of the novel.

“Although I am very happy with author’s recent awesome updates, but do the contents really have no problem?”

“The Hell ah! Has author-sama4 been greatly stimulated recently? What is this ‘godly’ development at the lower half of the plot?”

“Why do I feel like ever since that author named Shui Ruoshan5 transmigrated into the novel, the whole story became completely messed up? Tell me that this is not just my illusion!”

“The first part and the latter part of this novel is not written by the same author, right? Otherwise, why is the upper part of the plot looked godly, while the lower part looked like it was written by a crazy person?”

“Author-sama, you went to the wrong genre! Here is the fantasy genre, not danmei6 ah!”

“I like to watch these affairs. Begging author to continue writing more about the love story between the villain and the author!”

“Danmei is very ‘meng’7, although the CP pairing in the novel is not what this fujoshi8 wanted; still I give it the same amount of love!”

“Author, why do you want to abuse feelings ah? Hurry and let Shui Shui return to comfort the injured Xiao Yeye ah!”


Some people complained that the story was not well written, but some people like it that way. In short, all kinds of opinions were there. In this regard, Shui Ruoshan calmly smiled and replied, saying that he likes to read the comments of the readers in his novel. After satisfying his own evil desire9, Shui Ruoshan opened the author’s dashboard and started writing the final chapter of the story directly on the web page. He was afraid of transmigrating right at the moment he finished writing it, so it’s safer to write directly online. Even if he is really going to transmigrate, he must publish the ending. He is a very ‘pitted’ author, so he won’t pit readers10!

Thus, Shui Ruoshan’s hand flew across the keyboard, and soon the content of the last chapter gradually emerged. But before he hit the last two characters, he thought for a moment and added a sentence at the end of the novel. He won’t have the chance to reply to the readers’ comment later on, so he wanted to give an answer to the readers here.

The reason why the writing style of [The Strongest King in History] changed so much was because the author has transmigrated!

After writing down the above sentence, Shui Ruoshan gloated for a bit, and guessed that no one would believe it even if he told the truth! Thinking about it this way, somehow, it felt like a mischievous prank is successful?

Next, Shui Ruoshan took out his mobile phone and dialed his foster mother’s number. If he really transmigrated as expected, then his foster mother will get his call with no sound coming out, and she would definitely know that he had an accident. This way, they would be able to know about his situation right away. If he didn’t transmigrate, then he could use a random reason to cover the call. At the same time, Shui Ruoshan published his last chapter…

Shui Ruoshan hadn’t had time to take his hand off the keyboard when he felt a strong current going through his fingertips from the keyboard. Then his sight turned pitch black, and he fainted. Before losing consciousness, Shui Ruoshan only has one thought in his mind, that is – Why is it the same way of transmigration again? Can’t you change to another way to transmigrate? One simply doesn’t get lazy to that extent!


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