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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven zero – Another possibility : Cannot return (1)

Shui Ruoshan stared intently at the computer screen, the rim of his eyes slightly reddened. Very obviously, he has been in this state for a long time. Actually, he knew very well that even if he stared a hole out from the computer, he could not change the fact that he did not transmigrate back to the continent! But in his heart, he couldn’t help holding onto a little hope, thinking that if he persisted, maybe he could return back there. Thinking back, half a month has passed since he was forced to transmigrate back to Earth from the continent. In the past 2 weeks, he has tried so many methods and ended up failing. Shui Ruoshan even started to suspect that everything he had experienced in the continent was actually because he was too immersed in his writing that he had an illusion? Otherwise, why is it when he has already changed the story [The Strongest King in History] for the n-th time according to his wishes, and almost wanted to rewrite it completely, he still couldn’t transmigrate back to the continent?

Suddenly, Shui Ruoshan slammed his fist on the keyboard to vent the depression in his heart. Only, at the next second, Shui Ruoshan immediately began to anxiously check the keyboard for damages, to confirm that the keyboard can still be used. Then he heaved a sigh of relief. He was not being frugal or reluctant to buy a new keyboard, but before he could figure out how he transmigrates in the first place, he had to keep things in his room as consistent as possible. He was afraid that he would accidentally destroy something that might help him to transmigrate, then he wouldn’t have a place to cry on.

However, considering that he is feeling quite impatient right now, Shui Ruoshan decided to take a good rest after placing back the keyboard that he didn’t damage. After all, his current situation is not conducive to thinking, only when he is well-rested that he can calmly find a way! Shui Ruoshan has been in a state of high tension for some time, so he fell asleep as soon as he lay on the bed. In the midst of vagueness, Shui Ruoshan has a feeling that someone is in his head, constantly calling him “Xiao Ruo, Xiao Ruo …” with an unusually familiar voice. But when he wanted to trace the sound, there was only darkness in front of his eyes and he couldn’t see any figure. Even if he couldn’t see anything, he knew very well that only one person would call him that, which is Yin Suye. It was because he often heard Yin Suye’s voice in his sleep that he was convinced that his previous transmigration is not a dream, and convinced that Yin Suye is real! This is also why he has yet to give up trying and still tirelessly searching for a way to return even though his various attempts have failed. Because in another world, there are people he cares for waiting for him!

Suddenly, a rush of ‘ring ring ring’ woke Shui Ruoshan up. Without opening his eyes, Shui Ruoshan reached out and picked up his mobile phone, and subconsciously answered, “Hello!”

No need to doubt it, the ‘ring ring ring’ sound is not from an alarm clock, but the ringtone for Shui Ruoshan’s mobile phone. It can be said that in today’s era where various popular songs come into play, Shui Ruoshan has always used the basic ringtone simply because he is lazy. He doesn’t want to bother finding songs, downloading them, setting up…
Simply too lazy to the extreme! Compared to Shui Ruoshan’s soft answer, the voice of the person from the other end of the phone sounded more urgent.

“Ruoshan, your brother’s condition has worsened, he is now in the emergency room!” A flustered middle-aged female voice, mixed with a slight sobbing voice could be heard from the mobile phone.

“Mother, don’t worry. I’ll go to the hospital right away!”

Hearing his adoptive mother said that his brother’s condition had worsened, Shui Ruoshan’s sleepiness instantly disappeared. He immediately got up from the bed and started gathering his stuff while holding the phone with his shoulder to comfort his adoptive mother. For his adoptive mother to call him for help, his elder brother’s situation must be really not optimistic. Shui Ruoshan was somewhat grateful that he randomly decided to take a nap earlier, as he didn’t have time to take off his clothes; otherwise he didn’t know how much time to waste!

“I’ve sent the driver to pick you up at your place.” Hearing that Shui Ruoshan would rush to the hospital immediately, her mood stabilised a little.


Shui Ruoshan saw the car sent by her from the window, so he went to wipe his face with a wet towel, then took only his keys, wallet and mobile phone before hurriedly rushed to the driver.

“Mother, I’m already in the car. Now you can get the hospital to prepare the operating room. I can start the operation directly when I arrive.”

Shui Ruoshan pulled the car door, and when he sat in the front passenger seat, he immediately signalled the driver to start driving. As for time-wasting gestures like asking about his brother’s medical condition, he didn’t need to ask at all. He just let his adoptive mother prepare everything first. Anyway, no matter what he needs to contribute, he just needs to cooperate accordingly to the doctor’s request. Therefore, knowing the specific situation does not mean anything to him.

“Alright!” With Shui Ruoshan’s cooperation, although her mood was still very serious, it has stabilised a bit.

Soon, Shui Ruoshan arrived at the hospital.

“Ruoshan, you are finally here!” When his adoptive mother knew that Shui Ruoshan is arriving at the hospital, she immediately stood at the entrance of the hospital to wait for him. When she saw him, she immediately greeted him.

“En, how is my brother’s condition at this moment?” As soon as he arrived at the hospital, Shui Ruoshan rushed directly towards his brother’s operating room with his adoptive mother.

“The doctor said that your brother experienced acute renal failure. As someone with a match with your brother’s HLA, you are the best candidate for transplantation.” (Author’s note – The medical stuff in this novel was borrowed from Baidu1 and elsewhere. If there are any errors, it’s very normal.) His adoptive mother’s mood was a little down, but she was also a little thankful.

“I understand.”

After a while, Shui Ruoshan came to the operating room door. Standing in front of the operating room door, Shui Ruoshan nodded to his adoptive mother, signalling that he had no problem and would cooperate with the doctor’s instructions.

“Ruoshan, I believe in you!” There was a sudden flash of light in his mother’s eyes, and she was full of apologies. She could only hold Shui Ruoshan hard, like a drowning man holding onto the last piece of driftwood. “Also, I’m sorry!”

“I’m willing, so you don’t need to say sorry!”

Then, Shui Ruoshan gently left her embrace and walked into the operating room. Closing the operating room’s door, he quietly laid on the operating table under the direction of the doctor. He turned his head to the side to look at his brother, who was unconscious on another operating table. Shui Ruoshan’s gaze was peaceful, then he quietly closed his eyes, indicating that the operation could begin. After being anaesthetised, Shui Ruoshan did not feel much pain during the operation. He didn’t know how long the operation has been going on, he just felt that his consciousness was getting more and more blurry, and then, he seemed to hear the doctor and nurse panicking.

“Doctor, the patient is bleeding a lot, what to do?”

“Stop the bleeding!”

“It won’t stop!”

Shui Ruoshan’s consciousness became a bit sluggish, and it took him a long time to realise that the doctor and nurse were talking about him just now. In other words, his situation is not very optimistic because he could feel his vitality slowly draining away. In this regard, Shui Ruoshan smiled indifferently. As a matter of fact, when he was lying on the operating table, he knew that he might one day die on the operating table, but he did not expect that the day would come so fast?!! He always felt that even if he is to die one day, he shouldn’t have any regrets, because he doesn’t owe anyone anything. But at this moment, he knew he was wrong. In fact, he still has regrets. At least he couldn’t see Yin Suye for the last time, and he didn’t tell Yin Suye that he likes him too! How nice it would be if he could meet Yin Suye before he dies! In fact, he hoped that he could return to the continent again after his death!

He tried a lot of ways before but didn’t try dying. Not because he didn’t have the courage, but because he was afraid of his wrong judgment, that he won’t have the chance to meet Yin Suye again anymore!

“Xiao Ruo!”

Just when Shui Ruoshan felt that his consciousness was about to completely dissipate, a familiar voice came to his head again. But at this moment, there was endless panic and helplessness in the baritone voice.

“Xiao Ruo!”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know why, but when he heard Yin Suye calling him again, he felt like the sound seemed to change from afar to a close distance, giving him a momentary illusion that the owner of that voice was beside him. Though he knew it might just be an unrealistic fantasy in his imagination, but at this moment, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t restrain the expectations in his heart, and wanted to open his eyes to find the master of that voice.

“Xiao Ruo!”

Shui Ruoshan has just worked hard to open his eyes to a slit, but before he could see the surroundings clearly, he was tightly embraced by a gentle hug. Even if he couldn’t see that person clearly, he clearly knew who was holding him now.

“Yin Suye?!” There was an endless longing in his whisper.

Suddenly, a layer of mist appeared in his eyes, and then he exhausted all his strength to embrace the man who had been carved into his heart.

So nice!

Yin Suye is not a phantom that appeared when he was unconscious, but actually appeared beside him?!!


Raw Word Count : 2973


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