Way of Transmigration Chapter 156

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five six – My name is Huan Tian

“I can take you to look for Yin Suye.”

Seeing Shui Ruoshan did not respond after a while, Huan Tian repeated his offer again.

“No. Actually, I prefer to stay here and wait for Yin Suye to come to me!”

Shui Ruoshan definitely must not agree! If he agreed and Huan Tian wants to deal with Yin Suye later on, he(SRS) won’t even have time to cry! Therefore, he must make use of the word ‘drag’(for time), hoping he can use his intelligence and wits in the meantime to think for some ways to deal with Huan Tian.

“But I want to meet the current Supreme King.”

Huan Tian seemed like he is explaining his reason with Shui Ruoshan, but the tough attitude revealed in his tone let one feel that he is not reasoning with Shui Ruoshan at all but just informing him his decision.

“Yin Suye really has nothing special to be seen. He’s just like us; have one nose and two eyes!” Shui Ruoshan deliberately described Yin Suye with an indifferent attitude, hoping to dispel some of Huan Tian’s interest.

“But Yin Suye caused you to feel something for him.” Huan Tian’s eyes looked straight at Shui Ruoshan, as if he can see through Shui Ruoshan’s soul, and into his heart.

“Hehe!” Shui Ruoshan’s mouth twitched, a large group of ‘mud horses’ and magical beasts1 speeding across his mind. Why does he has the feeling that their thoughts are not on the same level? Not only Huan Tian’s words sounded ‘no tail or no head’2, it could also easily let one think something indecent! On the other hand, Huan Tian wanted to see Yin Suye but what does it have to do with him? Yin Suye and Huan Tian never met before, don’t make it sound like they know each other very well, a’ight?!

“Since you don’t want to look for Yin Suye, then we won’t go.” Huan Tian doesn’t mind Shui Ruoshan’s perfunctory attitude and patiently responded.

“How come you suddenly compromised?” Shui Ruoshan looked at Huan Tian in suspicion.

He won’t believe that the Huan Tian who has just used a commanding tone to talk to him to suddenly changed his mind. Something fishy must be going on!

“Because Yin Suye is here.” Huan Tian looked up ahead.

When Shui Ruoshan heard Huan Tian’s words, he has yet to react. He raised his eyes and turned to look at the direction Huan Tian is staring at. A deep fear flashed in his eyes.

“Yin Suye? How can he arrive so soon?”

At the next moment, Shui Ruoshan saw a familiar figure in the distance and was flying fast toward his location; causing his heart tensed up. He won’t be so naive to think that Huan Tian just wants to meet Yin Suye for a chat!

“You are now in the sea of my consciousness. Yin Suye is the other half of your co-death contract, so you two should be connected.” Seeing Shui Ruoshan’s doubt, Huan Tian patiently explained. “And just now your subordinates seemed to have secretly contacted Yin Suye when he saw that your situation is not right.”


At this moment, Shui Ruoshan understood that no matter what, Yin Suye would come back right away upon knowing that he(SRS) in trouble. So, earlier Huan Tian deliberately said to look for Yin Suye, he(HT) was actually playing him? Even though all he wanted to do right now is to turn his head and glare at Huan Tian, Shui Ruoshan’s eyes don’t dare to move away from Yin Suye.

“Waiting for someone is boring.”

Hence, Huan Tian thinks that he should find something to entertain himself during that free time, like teasing people or something. One needs to know, he has never waited for anyone before, but right now he chooses to wait for Shui Ruoshan’s sake.


Shui Ruoshan felt that he should have maintained a 200% vigilance against Huan Tian, this behind-the-scenes big villain. But who can tell him why this villain, who should be noble and elegant, used his cold and indifferent voice to sell ‘meng’? Won’t that be OOC3? Especially at the last word, there obviously isn’t any changes in tone, but one could somewhat hear a hundred thousand fluctuations in it, it is really not easy (to do so)!


“Xiao Ruo?”

Yin Suye looked at the stranger standing in front of the platform and called with some uncertainty. Earlier, he deliberately used some wordplay to lockdown the little guy, and then found an excuse, an opportunity to meet privately with Huang Beichen. However, he did not expect to receive a message from Fox that the little guy might be in danger before he reached a consensus with Huang Beichen. And so, no time to bother with Huang Beichen anymore, he got up and rushed back to the Imperial City. Using the information he had gotten from Fox and through his link with Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye managed to find out the location very easily. What surprised him was all of a sudden, he couldn’t sense the contractual link between him and Shui Ruoshan anymore along the way, and that caused Yin Suye to feel even more anxious. Noticing the little guy on the platform from afar, Yin Suye immediately noticed that something was wrong before he has the chance to breathe a sigh of relief.

Not because the little guy suddenly grew up, but the feeling that the little guy gave him has completely changed like he has completely changed to another person!

“You are not Xiao Ruo!”

Yin Suye immediately came to the conclusion that he did not want to believe, but had to. Because even though he is so close to the little guy, he couldn’t sense the relationship between them, which shows that there is some kind of power hindering the contract’s link. And an ability that could restrain the most overbearing contract’s power is definitely not any normal power! Although Shui Ruoshan can clearly see and hear Yin Suye, he felt like an outsider, who can see the movements of people around him. No matter what he did, he just couldn’t get in touch with the outside world. All he could do is stay in Huan Tian’s body and watched how things progress. Although Shui Ruoshan was very happy that Yin Suye could recognise Huan Tian at a glance, this also means that Yin Suye is now directly confronting Huan Tian, which makes Shui Ruoshan feel anxious and helpless!

“My name is Huan Tian.” Huan Tian’s eyelids lifted gently as he slowly appraised Yin Suye.

“What did you do to Xiao Ruo?” Yin Suye’s eyes were dark. Sure enough, things turned in the direction he least hoped.

“Rest assured, I won’t do anything to Shui Ruoshan.” Huan Tian said very truthfully.

As if it was not enough to clearly express his meaning, Huan Tian thought for a while and added a sentence. “And I can’t do anything to him either!”

The meaning in Huan Tian’s words was obvious. It was not that he does not want to do anything to Shui Ruoshan, but he can’t do it. The only thing he can do is to imprison his soul in his body, which is what he is doing now. The reason why Huan Tian would tell the truth is because he simply doesn’t mind exposing his shortcomings. The most important thing is he as the demon Supreme King, he does not bother using threats to achieve his goal.

“Your purpose?”

Yin Suye was relieved to hear that the little guy was still safe for the time being. However, the current situation is still very unfavourable to him because the little guy is still in his hands. Since the other party does not mean to hurt the little guy, it means that Huan Tian definitely has his purpose for doing so. Only by understanding what Huan Tian wants that he can better protect the little guy’s safety. Regardless of whether Huan Tian’s previous words were true or not, he did not dare to use the little guy’s safety to gamble.

“I want you to die.”

Huan Tian didn’t hide his purpose and simply stated his request. The relaxed expression doesn’t look like he is talking about serious topics like life and death, but rather like a meaningless small talk about the weather.

“You dare?!”

Inside Huan Tian’s body, Shui Ruoshan was the first to express his disapproval. For a moment, he recalled that Huang Beichen has once said that Huan Tian wants his(HBC) life. Shui Ruoshan thinks he could understand why Huan Tian wants to kill Huang Beichen. After all, Huan Tian is the demon Supreme King, while Huang Beichen is one as well. And the demon race can only have one Supreme King, so their positions were against each other right from the beginning.

On the other hand, because he was trapped in Huan Tian’s sea of consciousness, Shui Ruoshan could clearly feel that Huan Tian was not joking when he said that he wanted to kill Yin Suye. Huan Tian really wanted to kill Yin Suye. But at this point, it makes Shui Ruoshan wonder. One needs to know, before Yin Suye was killed by Huang Beichen, there was no interaction between Yin Suye and Huan Tian. So what is Huan Tian’s purpose for wanting to kill Yin Suye? In the general laws of novel plots, shouldn’t it be villains joining hands to deal with the protagonist? So, what is this current progress for a villain to go against another villain?

However, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t need to know that, he only knows that he absolutely would not allow Huan Tian to hurt Yin Suye.

“Huan Tian, if you really dare to do something that hurts Yin Suye, ‘either the fish dies or the net splits’; I don’t mind fighting to the death with you!”


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