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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five seven – Long time no see

“Yin Suye, you are going too fast, I almost can’t catch up with you!”

Huang Beichen hasn’t arrived yet, but one can already hear his complaint.

After Yin Suye suddenly ceased their discussion and left, Huang Beichen followed as well after a moment of thinking. Although he knew that Yin Suye may not welcome him, but it was not easy for him to reach a certain consensus with Yin Suye, so naturally it’s impossible for him to give up his previous efforts at such a critical time. And for Yin Suye to drop everything and left, it shows that there must be something big happening, so Yin Suye needs to rush back. Therefore, Huang Beichen felt that if Yin Suye really had some unforeseen trouble, he as a fellow Supreme King can more or less help out.

He should be glad that Yin Suye had already modified the Imperial City’s barrier; otherwise he would have to make a lot of preparations to enter the Imperial City. However, when Huang Beichen chased Yin Suye’s footsteps to the Imperial City’s forbidden ground, his pupils inevitably contracted upon seeing the scene.

“Huan Tian?!”

Even when he has mentally prepared himself, but seeing Huan Tian’s adult appearance still caused Huang Beichen’s expression to turn cold. Just like how Yin Suye could recognise Shui Ruoshan in a glance, Huang Beichen also could recognize this culprit who caused his death in the past!

“Huang Beichen, long time no see.”

Huan Tian calmly stood still. His calm expression did not reveal any hints that he and Huang Beichen were enemies, but more like friends who had not seen each other for a long time.

“Are you reborn as well?”

Huang Beichen’s dark expression instantly deepened. In his past life, Huan Tian at this moment could not have known him at all, because he should be still in the state of sleeping in the seal. Now, Huan Tian looked like he is familiar with him(HBC) and even said ‘long time no see’, this piece of information really gets people thinking.

“Reborn, means like you lot who retained the memories from your past life?”

Huan Tian’s eyes slightly blinked and asked in uncertainty. The ‘you lot’ in his words obviously referred to Huang Beichen and Yin Suye.


Although he doesn’t know if Huan Tian is referring to their reborn or the meaning of the word, Huang Beichen still replied with his confirmation. Since Huan Tian asked it, it means Huan Tian has a certain understanding of the matter. Denying would help anything.

“My situation is more complicated, and it shouldn’t be considered a reborn.” Huan Tian’s eyes flashed, and he unhurriedly replied.

“If not reborn, then are you telling me you transmigrated?!” Huang Beichen didn’t believe Huan Tian’s words, and his tone became sharp.

“Too much nonsense!”

Yin Suye took a step forward and pulled away the Huang Beichen who looked like he wanted to continue talking about his theory with Huan Tian. Raising his head, Yin Suye looked at Huan Tian without fear, and at the same time, an undisguised bloodthirsty killing intent broke out from his gaze…

“If you want my life, then come and get it yourself!” Yin Suye turned his wrist, and a long-sworded sword with sharp aura appeared in his palm.

In an instant, Yin Suye’s figure disappeared, leaving only a faint afterimage. The next second, he appeared directly in front of Huan Tian and used the long sword to swipe at Huan Tian’s neck. This whole movement was completed in an instant.

“I am standing right here for you to kill, do you dare to do it?”

Huan Tian did not take any counterattack actions, just standing still and letting Yin Suye put his sword on his neck.

“Are you threatening me?”

Yin Suye’s eyes glinted dangerously, and his hand holding the sword subconsciously tightened. Because the little guy is still in Huan Tian’s body, he does not dare to attack randomly, but if he doesn’t do anything, the situation will become even worse for him.

“I’m just letting you see the reality, and not to do unnecessary actions.” Huan Tian said as he extended his pair of white jade hand and gently pinched the long sword on his neck.

At this moment, Yin Suye did not know whether it was because he was concerned for Shui Ruoshan’s safety, or because the invisible pressure Huan Tian gave him, he didn’t react and just kept the same posture, while watching Huan Tian slowly pinched his sword.

“I didn’t trouble you, so don’t put up a lifeless look like this in front of me, because it felt disgusting!”

Suddenly, Huan Tian’s voice turned low, and with just a few words, he managed to display an absolutely strong and confident pressure. His deep black eyes started to exude a dazzling golden light…

A powerful pressure belonged to a Supreme King suddenly burst out, making one feel suffocated! Under the terrible pressure, his charming appearance was lessened, replaced with a sense of sacredness that cannot be ignored! As if he is standing from a high position, overlooking the world like a real God! This is also Huan Tian’s true face as the demon Supreme King; unique in the world, over the sentient beings, unparalleled in the world…

“And, you can’t kill me with your current strength!” As he says that, Huan Tian lightly pinched the sword with his finger, and the sword that accompanied Yin Suye through countless battles was snapped off.

When Huan Tian’s temperament changes, Yin Suye realised that the situation was not good. He wanted to step back, but the sword in his hand was firmly pinched by Huan Tian. Before Yin Suye could abandon it, Huan Tian broke his sword. Due to the link to his sword, he suffered an instant injury from the damage.

“Yin Suye, step aside!”

Although he was shocked by Yin Suye’s attack, but as a genius who fought his way up from the bottom to become a Supreme King, Huang Beichen’s grasp of the battle is also very good. He took his weapon from the space ring and mercilessly attacked, helping Yin Suye form the crisis. Compared to Yin Suye’s careful behaviour earlier, Huang Beichen was a little scrupulous with his attacks. Wherever is the vital area, he will attack that part. Whichever skills are powerful, he will use that skill…

“Courting death!”

Facing Huang Beichen’s attack, Huan Tian simply frowned slightly and looked impatient. He lightly swung his wide sleeves, and caused a powerful airflow in the air, strongly flung the incoming Huang Beichen away from him.


Huang Beichen’s feet stepped in the air, preventing himself from falling down in a sorry state. But just after he landed, Huang Beichen still couldn’t help but cough up a few mouthfuls of blood. He hasn’t even confronted Huan Tian directly, and he has already been injured?! This gave Huang Beichen a deeper understanding of the strength gap between him and Huan Tian.

“Say, who should I kill first?”

Huan Tian eyes glanced at Huang Beichen and Yin Suye, then squinted slightly, as if he’s thinking about something important. But that careless attitude, adding with his expressionless chilly eyes showed his indifference and ruthlessness very clearly.

“Then come at me!”

Yin Suye’s expression didn’t change even the slightest in the face of death. Instead, he took out a spare long sword from the space ring and pointed it to Huan Tian again.

“I’ll start with you then.”

Faced with Yin Suye’s provocation, Huan Tian returned with a scornful look, and then slowly lifted his slender hand…
Obviously, this time Huan Tian doesn’t plan to play around, he is attacking for real!

“Huan Tian, if you dare to kill Yin Suye, I will make sure we die together!”

Shui Ruoshan clearly realised from the battle just now that the current Yin Suye and Huang Beichen are not Huan Tian’s opponent, even when two of them fought together! At this moment, Shui Ruoshan felt that he understood why Huang Beichen needs Yin Suye’s help to deal with Huan Tian rather than facing Huan Tian alone!

Huan Tian is really too powerful! He can suppress two Supreme Kings with just his aura until they can’t counterattack. This is a heaven destroying strength ah! Shui Ruoshan knows that within the Supreme Kings, there are also strong and weak ones, but he never knows that the gap of strength in his novel could be so abnormal, like heaven and earth!

Where did this unreasonable setting come from? Why this author knows nothing about this? Was it because Huan Tian has him as the hostage that his family Xiao Yeye can’t release full strength and got suppressed by Huan Tian? And Huang Beichen must be too weak, that’s why he can’t fight back when facing Huan Tian?!

The truth must be like this!

He is so witty, a’ight?!

Like he said, how can there be such an unreasonable existence like Huan Tian?!


But why can’t he feel convinced?


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