Way of Transmigration Chapter 155

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five five – You’re awake

“Be careful!”

Fox didn’t think that a moment of distraction will let Shui Ruoshan went to the platform. Without hesitation, Fox immediately followed, but the moment he approached the platform, he seemed to hit an invisible wall, then was strongly bounced out.

“A barrier?!”

Fox knows that it should be some kind of barrier blocking his way. But he did not expect to encounter a barrier in the forbidden ground since there’s already one outside the Imperial City! This kind of ‘barrier within barrier’ is generally used to protect very important things, so Fox will appear to be somewhat out of sorts. But now he has no time to be shocked because he realised that Shui Ruoshan is in a bad state.


Towards Fox ‘giving advice in hindsight’1, Shui Ruoshan does not want to talk about it now, he doesn’t even have the mood to roll his eyes. The only feeling he can feel now is pain, very painful, very painful…

Who knew from just touching the Sunlight sword, his entire body would feel like he got electrocuted; shaking uncontrollably…

While Shui Ruoshan endured the pain as if his bones were broken down and forced to reorganise again, he felt that his current situation was exactly the same as when he was blocked by the Imperial City’s barrier last time. What kind of bad luck is this? In such a short time, he experienced this kind of extreme pain twice! Although he keep ranting in his heart, Shui Ruoshan can only clench his teeth right now and try not to let himself cry out!

He couldn’t help thinking back of what Huang Beichen had said to him, that he doesn’t quite look like the real Huan Tian, that is to say, there may still be a seal on his body. So his current pain may be that he accidentally touched something he shouldn’t, causing the seal inside him to react and accidentally unsealed it.

Soon, Shui Ruoshan gets a confirmation of his guess. Did his body just grown a bit bigger?! Not only this change did not make Shui Ruoshan feel grateful, but it also caused his heart to feel a faint sense of uneasiness. No one would stay indifferent knowing that there is another soul in their body, not to mention this soul may also be directly related to the seal on his body, so he can’t stay calm! This is also why he and Yin Suye, didn’t try to break the seal upon knowing its existence. Because no one can guarantee what would happen after that! *sigh* This kind of behaviour of always pitting himself, really hates it! Just as he still complaining internally, he suddenly felt lighter and realised that the pain in him has finally passed.

Shui Ruoshan immediately took his hand off the Sunlight sword and wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. Just when he wanted to turn around and inform Fox that he was fine, he was shocked still! Because a cold indifferent voice sounded from his mind at this instant.

“Shui Ruoshan, first time meeting you. Nice to meet you.”

“Huan, Huan Tian?!”

Just now, Shui Ruoshan clearly felt the existence of another soul in his body, and this soul is undoubtedly Huan Tian. At the same time, he can clearly hear his voice. He can clearly see in his mind a soul in cloud form instantly transformed into the same appearance as this current body. He(HT) looked more mature, more perfect, and more enchanting than him(SRS)! Disregarding that perfect look like the most perfect works from Heaven, with just a simple sound from Huan Tian, he can easily shake one’s mind and mesmerised the world.

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan had to admit that no matter how much he had advertised himself as an aloof beauty, he looked like a knockoff good meeting the genuine one the moment he met Huan Tian; instantly suppressed by him a’ight?! The most important thing is Huan Tian’s kind of cold temperament was as if he was born with it. He doesn’t have to do anything, and his aura would be naturally revealed.

Really makes one feel resentful ah!

He spent countless time and effort to maintain a noble and glamorous image in front of people, but Huan Tian simply stood there, and no one would doubt his noble temperament. People really shouldn’t compare among themselves! As expected, Huan Tian being so perfect must be born to attack the public’s self-confidence!

*falls down*

When Shui Ruoshan first wrote [The Strongest King in History], he did not specifically write about Huan Tian’s appearance at all, so how can Huan Tian look so amazing? This is not scientific! If it is not because he is very clear that he didn’t set something like ‘the more powerful the person, the more beautiful their appearance’, he will definitely think this is a world that judges one’s strength based on looks! Otherwise, why everyone he met looked better than another? In an instant, he felt tired with this realistic world!


Huan Tian in his soul form indifferently looked at Shui Ruoshan. Although he has been sleeping all this while, he kept his consciousness outside, so that everything he saw will flow into his mind when he wakes up. Therefore, Huan Tian was not shocked by Shui Ruoshan’s existence at all and was quite familiar with him.

“You’re awake?”

Shui Ruoshan couldn’t think of what to say with Huan Tian, so he accidentally asked a stupid question. If Huan Tian isn’t awake, then who is he talking to now? Destroying own image at such a crucial moment, can he not?

“The seal is broken, so naturally I woke up.”

Each word was spoken with the same speed and tone, unnaturally. His words do not contain the slightest touch of emotions, seemed ethereal as if he was spoken from high up the sky.


Hearing Huan Tian’s confirmation, Shui Ruoshan knew that their previous guesses about the seal were correct. If he knew earlier that forbidden ground will unlock the seal in him, and wake up Huan Tian’s soul, he would definitely refuse to come here! It is a pity that it is already late, and he must find a way to deal with this unfavourable situation.

“What do you want to do with me?”

After thinking about it, Shui Ruoshan decided to go straight to the point. After all, this body belongs to Huan Tian. Now that this respectful owner of the body has awakened, he as the outsider naturally needs to give way! And here can be said as Huan Tian’s territory, plus he is not Huan Tian’s opponent, this is why he decided not to beat about the bush. Because when he woke up against in Huan Tian’s body, he realised that his soul has been pulled into the body and that he lost control of the body! In other words, Huan Tian has the control over this body now.

“You can stay in this body and rest well.”

Huan Tian’s words revealed a clear meaning. He does not mind Shui Ruoshan staying in his body, but the body’s control can only be his.

“Has the body’s control changed back to you?”

Shui Ruoshan tried and wanted to connect to the body again, but there was no reaction. However, he obviously can’t accept this reality, so he insisted on hearing it from Huan Tian’s mouth.


Saying that Huan Tian was slightly pointed at Shui Ruoshan so that even if Shui Ruoshan’s soul was trapped inside the body, he(SRS) could still see the situation outside through his(HT) eyes.

Shui Ruoshan didn’t know what Huan Tian had done to him. He only knew that after Huan Tian finished his words, he(SRS) suddenly could see the situation outside the body, but it doesn’t make him feel happy at all. It only let him understand clearly that Huan Tian controls this body, and he(SRS) is just a little soul in this little black house trapped in his mind.

“You have taken back your body now, what are your plans?”

After thinking about it, Shui Ruoshan felt that he should first understand Huan Tian’s plan and then make his plan. From what he can see just now, he knows that Huan Tian didn’t plan to do anything to him in a short time. His safety is still relatively safe, but he is more worried about the safety of others. Because he doesn’t know if anyone realises that his body has changed hands or that he has completely changed into someone else. If Huan Tian uses his(SRS) privilege in the Imperial City to do something bad, or do something to use Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan can’t imagine how bad it would be!

After all, Huan Tian’s identity is the demon Supreme King!

“I have no plans to do anything for the time being.”

Seemed to sense Shui Ruoshan’s nervousness, Huan Tian’s brow slightly raised up before he gave his answer. Not doing anything is only temporary, it does not mean that he will not take any actions in the future.

“Didn’t you said earlier that you want to go out and look for Yin Suye?”

Huan Tian looked like he suddenly thought of something, and asked Shui Ruoshan in a friendly manner.


Shui Ruoshan can only scream F*CCCKK in his heart, what he was afraid of has come! Can he bravely reply that he doesn’t want to do so?


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