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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one two four – Settling account

“Xiao Ruo.”

Seeing the little guy ignored him and begins to habitually zone out, Yin Suye can’t help but lightly called out, trying to shift the little guy’s attention back on him.

“Xiao Yeye, you call me ah?”

Because Yin Suye has killed all the people Weiyi brought over and the only people left in the yard belonged to them, Shui Ruoshan felt that he doesn’t have to continue to help Yin Suye maintain his cold aloof image in front of outsiders anymore, and him with his nickname. Who let Yin Suye always called his nickname regardless of location, and he(YSY) often changed his(SRS) nickname. He had already given Yin Suye enough face by not randomly throwing tantrums. Now, he only called him(YSY) a few times with his nickname, fair enough.

“I am very happy that you didn’t choose to leave!”

Yin Suye quietly looked at Shui Ruoshan, his eyes instantly changed from cold gaze to become soft.

“I hate it when people orders me around!”

Being stared by Yin Suye with much focus, Shui Ruoshan felt like he is drowning in his(YSY) eyes, he suddenly felt uncomfortable and turned around. He is not a white lotus, or holy mother who will obediently stand there being bullied. If he did that, then he must be a retard! So the more Weiyi wanted him to leave Yin Suye, the less likely he will leave! And…

“And I promised you, that I won’t leave your side until the master-servant contract is nullified!”

Feeling like the first reason sounded too casual, Shui Ruoshan thought for a while and continued his reason for not leaving. He has always do what he has promised. Just that at the next second, Shui Ruoshan started to feel some regrets, this seems to be a bit too unconventional!

“En, I understand!”

The corner of Yin Suye’s mouth revealed a faint pleasing curve, and his heterochromic eyes shone in joy. Then his fingers touched the tip of Shui Ruoshan’s hair, slowly reaching into his hair, gently rubbing.

Shui Ruoshan could only feel his blood stopped moving all of a sudden. This Yin Suye is too much of a foul. Where did the former arrogant and tyrannic villain went? He can’t take this gentle and pampering villain ah!

Shui Ruoshan was obviously a bit angry with Yin Suye’s weak reaction. It’s just that he doesn’t understand. Which part of his words just now has touched Yin Suye that could cause him to become so different in an instant? Goddamned! Could it be the contract? When he thought of the contract, he recalled that his master-servant contract has been a fake, and suddenly Shui Ruoshan became emboldened.

“I think we shouldn’t discuss the issue of leaving and not leaving right now, and focus on the master-servant contract between us!”

Shui Ruoshan wanted to immediately understand what really happened, and he has an account to settle with Yin Suye. No matter what he said, he must make Yin Suye give him an explanation! So, in order to show his seriousness in this matter, Shui Ruoshan took a step forward, then pulled Yin Suye’s collar downwards to force Yin Suye to bend down and look at him. Even though Shui Ruoshan has broken his seal and grown up from a zengtai.shota to a beautiful young man, his height is still much shorter than Yin Suye. When they are standing together, he still needs to look up at him. Therefore, in order to express his strong attitude this time round, Shui Ruoshan used this action to show his dominant position.

“What do you want to discuss?” Yin Suye cooperatively bent down slightly with Shui Ruoshan’s movements to keep their eyes in the same eye level.

“Master, should we retreat first?”

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to answer anything, Fox organized his expression and stepped forward. At the same time, he adjusted the fox mask on his face. After making sure that his mask has completely covered his expression, he then spoke on behalf of all the secret guards present to inform their request to retreat. The secret guards have been working hard to minimize their presence, so after Fox asked the question, they nodded furiously to express their support. They really don’t dare to stay any longer in this yard as their nerves were being constantly stimulated here. Not only they saw their Master’s ability in changing expressions, they also heard a nickname that did not meet his mighty and domineering image. How childish is this nickname Xiao Yeye ah? Ain’t Xiao Yinyin is better than Xiao Yeye?! No, both also not good!

When they heard Shui Ruoshan mentioning this nickname, they secretly wiped away their cold sweat, fearing that their Master couldn’t hold back his emotions and ‘kacha-ed’1 him(SRS). The secret guards have been with Shui Ruoshan for a while and both sides have good feelings with each other, so they do not want to see Shui Ruoshan falling into a tragic end because of such a small thing.

Turns out that these secret guards don’t understand their Master’s character at all. Not only he was not furious, he also silently acknowledged that Xiao Yeye nickname! Now, they finally realized how much their Master indulged Shui Ruoshan! Then the next thing happened has completely shocked their eyes out! Shui Ruoshan dared to grab Master’s collar, and then threatened him, but Master didn’t show any dissatisfaction at all. He also unusually cooperated and let Shui Ruoshan acted out his arrogance! In the past, if someone dared to offend Master like Shui Ruoshan did, he would have been sliced into parts by Master.

So, who can tell these secret guards, if their Master has been swapped or is Shui Ruoshan too powerful?


Yin Suye looked at the secret guards with a cold warning. Don’t think that he doesn’t know what these secret guards were thinking, but he did deliberately let these secret guards see his indulgence on Shui Ruoshan. It is so that they can clearly understand that Shui Ruoshan is very important to him, hence will really put everything regarding Shui Ruoshan in their mind.

As soon as they heard Yin Suye approved, the secret guards couldn’t wait to retreat, and they ran out of the yard. It’s really too many things happening, and even with their strength as a secret guard, it is a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, they have their mask on so that they won’t get singled out. However, if Master doesn’t plan to kill them after this because they have seen too many things, all of them need to go back and re-train their basic to be expressionless in the face of trouble. They believed that their Master will only pamper Shui Ruoshan even more, and similar situation will happen more in the future. They need to be mentally prepared in advance. At the same time, they also need to remind the other secret guards who weren’t there earlier, that they definitely must not disrespect Shui Ruoshan, or Master will never let them go. However, the secret guards who have left in a hurry had a nagging feeling like they seemed to have forgotten something important.

Very obviously, because of the shock their Master gave them earlier, they have completely ignored the fact that not only their Master has woken up, he also advanced to become the Supreme King, so their ‘worth also rose along with the water’!

“The secret guards are gone, you can tell me honestly now!”

Shui Ruoshan blinked in confusion. Ain’t these secret guards disappeared a bit too fast? They just vanished in a blink of an eye, just like the saying as swift as the wind!

“What about ‘that’?”

Looking at the little guy staring back at him so seriously, Yin Suye couldn’t help but wanted to tease him a bit more. Thus, he pointed to Ruixue, which was lazing in the sun under the big tree at the yard.


Ruixue was still basking in the sun when it felt a wave of malice intent, so it suddenly jumped up from the ground and stood up alert. The moment it saw Yin Suye, Ruixue immediately knew where the malicious intents came from, so it stared back with its big cat eye without showing any weakness. This bad guy is not good human, he don’t even let the cat sleep! It wants the complain to its owner! So, Ruixue elegantly catwalk-ed over to Shui Ruoshan that instant.

“Ruixue, you are here too?” Shui Ruoshan seemed to only realize that when he heard Ruixue’s sound.

“Meow!” Ruixue suddenly felt very sad and hopeless.

How lacking was its sense of existence?

How ignorant was its owner?

Can it still complain to its owner about the bad guy?

“Ruixue is not a human being, so it doesn’t matter!”

Shui Ruoshan turned his head silently, and calmly ignored Ruixue’s complaint. Compared with Ruixue, Shui Ruoshan is more inclined to take this opportunity to reprimand Yin Suye so for the time being, he can only be sorry to Ruixue. After he made Yin Suye admit his mistake, he would use small fishes to reward Ruixue!


Ruixue suddenly felt even sadder, and it is going to cry a river soon. So it looked up, at a forty-five degree angle, lonely sighing of its cat’s life!


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