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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one two five – Don’t interrupt

“Xiao Yeye, these tricks like delaying time and switching topics don’t work on me!”

Decided not to look at Ruixue, who was feeling depressed in the corner, Shui Ruoshan silently turned away and started questioning Yin Suye again. This time, he won’t let Yin Suye slip away so easily! One need to know, he has never gain any upper hand before with Yin Suye all these time they are together, so this time that he managed to catch Yin Suye’s mistake, he naturally need to make good use of it. The moment he imagined Yin Suye admitting his wrong with a sorry tone, he(SRS) became uncontrollably excited! In order to realize this scene, Shui Ruoshan quickly urged Yin Suye.

“So, Xiao Yeye, be honest and confess ba!”

Then be prepared to get heavier punishment. Of course, he cleverly didn’t say the second half of the sentence out. If he did, Xiao Yeye might become scared and refused to cooperate, then he(SRS) will cry!

“Especially regarding the master-servant contract oh ~ !” Shui Ruoshan deliberately extended the tone of the last word ‘oh’, to express that he minded this matter very much.

“Didn’t I already explained this matter to you?” Yin Suye looked at Shui Ruoshan in confusion.

At that time, at the Imperial City’s gate, he already explained about the contract honestly. Why is this little guy asking him to explain now?

“That can be counted as explanation?”

Shui Ruoshan immediately raised his voice, apparently very dissatisfied with Yin Suye’s current attitude. Up until now, he still don’t know what/who did he(SRS) signed the master-servant contract with, and Yin Suye thought he has already explained it clearly? Is he just being perfunctory, or is he pitting him?

“Could it be you want to leave me?” Yin Suye’s face instantly became ugly.

Why did little guy suddenly care about the contract? Particularly after Weiyi tried to persuade the little guy to leave him. Although he already wiped out Weiyi, it doesn’t mean that his influence has completely disappeared. At such a sensitive moment, Yin Suye naturally tend to overthink it.
Could it be little guy thought that since the contract was not signed with him, so he(SRS) felt nothing about it, and does not intend to fulfill what he promised?
This caused the Yin Suye who has already calmed down to once again feel the stormy waves.


Shui Ruoshan uttered a cold ‘Ah’. What is this ‘chicken talking to the duck’1? How did Yin Suye managed to get this completely unrelated conclusion from the master-servant contract that he is leaving him? Was it because Xiao Yeye just woke up and didn’t take his medicine2?

“You promised me that you will never leave me before the master-servant contract is dissolved!”

Seeing the little guy looking back at him with an ignorant/blurred expression, Yin Suye can only suppress his emotions and reminded him. Even if it was not him who signed the contract with the little guy, he will not let him have a chance to regret it!

“The premise of your promise was not to leave until the master-servant contract is dissolved, but it didn’t say that it has to be the master-servant contract between us, so you can not violate your promise!” Yin Suye looked straight at Shui Ruoshan, and explained one word at a time.

“…” So, his promise can even be interpreted this way?

Why did he felt like what Xiao Yeye said makes perfect sense, and he can’t think of anything to say?


The Hell is making perfect sense?!

He should actually pay more attention to the conversation as he has once again deceived by Yin Suye without knowing it! It’s really stressful to converse with someone like Yin Suye who likes to scheme! Even if you say one word, you still have to watch out for language trap, which is really hard to prevent! Shui Ruoshan has always thought he himself is very clever, but suddenly felt that maybe he should ‘add oil’3 to his IQ?

That’s not right ah!

He obviously came to interrogate Yin Suye, not discussing what promises with him. How did he got misled by Yin Suye? They must return to the main topic.

“Don’t interrupt me! Listen until I finished what I want to say!”

Shui Ruoshan scolded loudly at Yin Suye with a strict temperament. He can’t be caught in Xiao Yeye’s influence. Since he holds a mistake by Xiao Yeye, he should be more confident than Xiao Yeye no matter how one look at it. Therefore, he must display his hands.

“I am asking you very seriously now, the other party that signed the master-servant contract with me, what…”

At the end, Shui Ruoshan did not know whether to use people, animals, or other things to describe his question, so he can only use ellipsis with infinite extension.

“You just want to ask me this?” Upon hearing what Shui Ruoshan asked, the nervous Yin Suye immediately became relaxed.

“That’s right!”

Shui Ruoshan decided to give unlimited contempt at Yin Suye for his petty fussiness. That question was very important to him, a’ight? Ever since he knew that he didn’t sign the contract with Yin Suye, he nearly scared to death by his own brain hole over what actually got signed with him, alright? And Xiao Yeye is still not being serious, this is not good!

“It was my spiritual pet that signed the contract with you.” The negative emotions in Yin Suye’s mind disappeared without a trace.

“Black Kirin?”

Because Yin Suye has never taken his spiritual pet out before, Shui Ruoshan didn’t think about that. Now that Yin Suye reminded him, he started to recall some relevant contents in his mind. [The Strongest King in History] being a Fantasy, YY4 leveling, smooth sailing novel, spiritual pet is an essential element. Not only the protagonist will have high leveled spiritual pets, the villain need to have spiritual pet with considerable strength as well. The only difference was the protagonist Huang Beichen has a large number of spiritual pets, while the villain Yin Suye only has one Black Kirin with ancient bloodline, named Moqi. The Black Kirin was specially set by Shui Ruoshan exactly the opposite nature of normal Kirin.

Kirin is white in color, while Black Kirin is black; Kirin stands for auspicious sign, while Black Kirin stands for ominous sign; Kirin is gentle in nature, while Black Kirin is cruel…

In his novel, Yin Suye got himself a black one and through a relatively simple way. When Yin Suye was still being pampered in his childhood, Yin Ming took Yin Suye to the biggest auction house in the Capital. Yin Suye felt it was fun and bought an abandoned spiritual beast’s egg. Later on, he somehow accidentally dripped his blood onto the egg, so in the confusion, he signed a contract with the Black Kirin. This can be said to be one of the few good lucks Yin Suye managed to get in the novel

“Yes.” Saying that, Yin Suye summoned his magical pet. “Moqi, come out.”

In an instant, a Black Kirin with lion head, deer antlers, tiger eyes, moose body, dragon scales and ox tail appeared in the yard.

This is the Black Kirin?”

Shui Ruoshan only felt helpless inside when he looked at the Black Kirin. The image of this Black Kirin is exactly the same as described, but who can tell him this one is only the size of a kitten, like mini size version of the Black Kirin? He really couldn’t link this mini Black Kirin, with its two watery eyes, and super meng appearance, to the villain’s powerful and huge killing beast. The image between the two is like the difference between Heaven and earth! Where is the so-called horrifying appearance? Powerful and domineering aura? Strong and elegant posture? Return the Black Kirin that he wrote in his novel back to him! He is already sick of this world ‘selling meng’, and felt a deep despair!


Ruixue had been silently wallowing in sorrow, but when it felt a powerful spiritual beast’s aura appearing on the other side, its hackles instantly raised up and Ruixue issued a sound of hostility.

“Moqi is your partner in the future, you have to get along well.” Yin Suye coldly looked at Ruixue and warned it.

Before Yin Suye was reborn, his situation caused him to unable to feed the Moqi with any high level spiritual stones. Later on5, he was busy testing out the little guy, so he ignored Moqi. That’s why Moqi is still in its early childhood, and possessed not much strength.


Ruixue reluctantly meow-ed to express compromisation, but its eyes looking at Moqi was not very friendly. With its animal intuition, Ruixue believed that this strange species that looked pitch black in color and not as pretty as a cat will greatly influence its(RX) status. Unfortunately, that big bad guy has spoken. It was oppressed by his pressure and does not dare to resist. The most important thing was his master is not reliable at all so this cat has to fend for itself! The more Ruixue think about it, the pitiful it is!

“Moqi, Xiao Ruo will be your master in the future.” After dealing with Ruixue, Yin Suye ordered Moqi while pointing at Shui Ruoshan.

“Moqi is your cute pet, not mine!” Shui Ruoshan felt that using the word ‘cute’ pet to describe Moqi is definitely better than the word ‘spiritual’ pet.

“It has signed a master-servant contract with you, so you are also his master.” Yin Suye realistically replied.

“That means I have the equal power over Moqi like yours?”

Shui Ruoshan felt weird coming to this conclusion, there was a very strange feeling. What having equal power together? Such an inexplicable embarrassment ah!

“You can take it like that.” Yin Suye nodded affirmatively.

Originally, a spiritual pet could not sign two contracts, but in his past life, he chanced upon a secret skill, which can suppress the power of a contract to a certain extent, producing an illusion that one has yet to tie to a contract yet, then forcibly sign another different contract. So now, Moqi is tied to a contract with him and the little guy at the same time.


Shui Ruoshan felt a touch of sadness. After he transmigrated to the continent [Mowu Dalu], he never thought to collect any pets, but the pets were delivered to his door one by one. Then he thought of a scene where following behind him was a pure white-colored Ruixue, a pure dark-colored Moqi, he looked like he dabbles in both world ah!.

“This way, we do not need to search ways to cancel the master-servant contract.”

This was Yin Suye’s ultimate goal. As long as the little guy does not cancel the master-servant contract, he will have to stay with him as per agreed. Therefore, he will never let the little guy have any opportunities to nullify contract, so that he will stay with him forever.


Shui Ruoshan thought about it and agreed with Yin Suye. He felt that they don’t need to cancel the contract and waste time searching for the precious materials needed for the cancellation process. But why did he felt like he has been schemed against by Yin Suye somehow?

“So according to the agreement, you have to stay by my side!” Yin Suye will not give Shui Ruoshan any chance to regret it.


Instantly, Shui Ruoshan understood what sinister intentions Yin Suye was thinking. But when he saw how nervous Yin Suye was at this moment, all of his dissatisfaction from being schemed has disappeared right away. He admits that he always feels soft-hearted when facing Yin Suye. In fact, he fully understands that because Yin Suye was betrayed by everyone, he does not believe in anyone, and has no sense of security. And because Yin Suye cares about him, he(YSY) will plot against him any time and tries to tie him(SRS) to him.

“If I don’t stay by your side, where else can I go?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye’s plotting was very successful. At the very least, he is willing to be plotted against even when knowing it, because Yin Suye treated him with his true feelings and heart, and he(SRS) only needs to know this.

“Xiao Ruo, so you promised?” Yin Suye had a faint surprise in his eyes, but even more was an intense possessiveness.

“Yes, I promised.”

Shui Ruoshan felt that he must have owed Yin Suye, that’s why he can’t do anything else when he faced with Yin Suye. However, he do seems to owe Yin Suye. After all, all the misfortunes Yin Suye has encountered were caused by him. That’s why he will transmigrate into the story he wrote, then met Yin Suye6 the moment he opened his eyes. This may be Fate’s arrangement just to let him make up for Yin Suye?

“If you dare to go against the agreement…” Yin Suye doesn’t seem like he will mention the word ‘leave’.

“If I don’t follow the agreement, you will take me back, then find a chain to lock me up so I can’t leave you.” Shui Ruoshan interrupted Yin Suye’s words and smiled while he said those possible consequences.

“Yes, and I will break all your limbs, then keep you in a place that no one can find you.” Then little guy will belongs only to him alone.


Fc*k, should he sigh that Yin Suye is indeed worthy of being a villain? This kind of skill where he could follow up with more hardcore options, ain’t that too strong? But little black house or whatnots, is it a bit too heavy for his taste? He felt like he seemed to have dug a pit and buried himself in?

“Afraid?” If you are scared, then you just have to stop any intentions to leave. Because if you did tried to leave, then I don’t know what I will do.

“I am not planning to leave, so I don’t need to be afraid!”

Shui Ruoshan replied very frankly. Towards this dark side of Yin Suye, he knows more than Yin Suye could imagine. So, right from the beginning when he bound himself with Yin Suye, he already know that he no longer has the chance to quit, and he did not intend to quit either!

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