Way of Transmigration Chapter 123

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one two three – Cannot be saved anymore

“Mur, murder?!”

Everyone at the scene were all shocked by Yin Suye’s sudden action, almost dropping their eyeballs. Especially those people brought by Weiyi, they didn’t even think that the new Supreme King, Yin Suye would kill people just like that. They have yet to react, and their leader has been killed! In an instant, everyone was completely stunned, and the expression on their face keeps changing. In the end, there were still a few of gutsy followers who restrained their inner fears, started to throw accusation at Yin Suye for his brutal action under his supreme pressure.

They felt that Weiyi has worked hard and led them to help deal with things while Yin Suye was unconscious, that he deserved acknowledgement for his hard work if not being credited. But who can think that Yin Suye will ignore those after waking up? Not only he gave no merits, he killed their Captain right away just because of a few words. This caused them to feel somewhat unacceptable, hence they boldly voiced their dissatisfaction towards Yin Suye.

“Aren’t you the Supreme King? You can’t kill indiscriminately like this.”

“And our Captain did nothing wrong. Why did you sentenced him to death?”

“Even if you possessed the strength of the Supreme King, you still have yet to be crowned the new King. Being so arrogant with your strength, you really don’t put the world in your eyes!”


Once someone stood up and voiced their dissatisfaction, it’s very easy for other people to follow blindly behind, and the more they say, the harsher it gets.

“Do you people want to die too?”

After confirming that he has completely done with Weiyi, Yin Suye turned his attention to the guards who were yelling at him. His voice was indifferent without a hint of emotion, but it can make people feel cold from the bottom of their heart. Inside this pair of terribly sharp eyes was a pride of having the continent trampled under his feet. Instantly, those people who were accusing Yin Suye just now stopped talking like they were caught in the neck.

The strong suffocating pressure from Yin Suye’s eyes gave them the illusion like they were being stared by the devil, so sharp that even their heart shrunk a bit, inciting infinite panic in their mind. At this moment, Yin Suye has his back against the dazzling sunshine, but not only they couldn’t feel the warmth from him as the ‘Light of The Sun’, they felt that he was more of a demon who came out of Hell; causing one to feel suffocated.

“Not saying anything means a silent consent?”

Yin Suye slightly raised his eyebrows, with an obvious ridicule in his eyes. These people are just ants in front of him, Yin Suye didn’t even bother to look at them. The reason why he wasted his time with them was just to calm down the bloodthirsty emotions in his heart and also let these people experience the fear of death. He originally didn’t want to kill Weiyi, who betrayed him in the past so easily, but even if he was in anger, he still remembers that little guy didn’t like bloody scenes. That’s why he neatly finished off Weiyi. Obviously, Weiyi’s death did not reduce the killing intents in Yin Suye’s heart so he could only vent his anger on these people Weiyi brought with him.


Everyone were suffering in silence by Yin Suye talking by himself. It was not that they don’t want to beg for mercy, but Yin Suye smothered them with his murderous aura, so that they can’t speak at all. They regretted it now, that they should not have stir troubles for Shui Ruoshan at all, then implicated Yin Suye. Even more, they shouldn’t have follow the crowd and provoked Yin Suye! But reality did not give them the opportunity to repent. They could only watch as Yin Suye raised his arm slowly towards them. With a point from his finger, they closed their eyes forever, filled with fear and despair.

“Then, go1 ba!”

Bloodthirsty, this is Yin Suye’s nature after he became blackened. Especially the moment he has just advanced, under the situation where his mood is not stable, this state is even more prominent. Moreover, he won’t ‘release the tiger back to the mountain’2. His principle is always ‘cut weeds and eliminate the roots’, in case ‘it grows again when the breeze blows’. That’s why he killed everyone brought over by Weiyi.

Fortunately, Shui Ruoshan was just standing beside him, which lightened the killing intent in his heart a bit. He didn’t kill them in any cruel ways, and just ‘sent these unsightly people quietly on the road’. Even when watching Weiyi’s people fall down one by one, Yin Suye’s eyes did not change a bit; his entire person revealed a sense of cold and cruel beauty.

“…” Shui Ruoshan felt that he cannot be saved anymore!

Sure enough, ‘near to cinnabar will be red, near to ink will be black’3! He stayed too long beside the big villain Yin Suye, and now he actually didn’t feel much fear from watching Yin Suye’s killing scene. Was it because he has been in a parallel world for a long time, that his thoughts have been generalized4? Or was it because those Yin Suye killed are all enemies, so he(SRS) can’t sympathize with them? Or was it because Yin Suye’s killing method is not bloody, so he adapted well to it?


Whatever the reason it was, this is a sad story for Shui Ruoshan, who advertises himself as a good young man from the new century! Forget it! What let Shui Ruoshan felt that his 3 views are not normal was the fact that he thinks the way Yin Suye kills is very tyrannic, arrogant and cool!

At this moment, Yin Suye just simply stood there, and it’s already a beautiful painting. His golden hair flew in the wind, and his black robes outlined his slender and strong body. His determined and sharp eyes were firm and decisive, and his entire person basking in the sunlight was even more intoxicating! Shui Ruoshan could feel his eyes turning into starry eyes from just looking at him! Don’t Yin Suye know that acting cool at this moment… actually, he can continue doing it!

“Xiao Ruo.”

Yin Suye turned around and looked at the Shui Ruoshan who was looking at him with much enthusiasm. The bloodthirsty killing intent suddenly disappeared, leaving only a soft light on his face. That caused his persona to instantly change from a bloodthirsty killer to the domestic loyal dog!

The secret guards saw their majestic Master changing face so quickly, and quickly turned their head away, saying that they didn’t see anything. Their Master is not that Schizophrenic! At the same time, they became worried in the mind that since they saw the scene just now, would they be killed by their Master to seal the secret? Being a secret guard is really hard ah!

“You killed everyone just like this?”

Shui Ruoshan was obviously used to Yin Suye changing his expression in an instant so he didn’t rant about it anymore. What he is more concerned now, is how to clean this mess up? Yin Suye has just ascended to Supreme King stage, and has yet to be crowned the real Supreme King by the human race, but now he killed the Weiyi who held real power in the Capital. If this matter is not handled well, it will cause Yin Suye to bear a bad reputation.

Even when there is a saying that ‘Every new sovereign brings his own courtiers’, Yin Suye shouldn’t do away Weiyi so quickly. After all, this doesn’t benefit the him who doesn’t have any foundation5 at all. He will only let those who originally were loyal to the previous Supreme King, Wang Batian to feel restraining fear towards the new Supreme King.
‘If the rabbit dies, the fox grieves6’, this will make them feel a sense of crisis. They will even make a desperate move under the threat of death. So even if Yin Suye is now the Supreme King and almost invincible, but he is still ‘almost’ invincible; ‘a swarm of ants can bite an elephant to death’! Shui Ruoshan felt that he need to find some time to discuss this problem with Yin Suye. Don’t think that he can be so unscrupulous just because he is powerful!

“Offended the Supreme King, deserved death punishment!”

Seeing the little guy was worried for him, Yin Suye’s eyebrows softened a bit. At the same time, he stated the charge he pressed onto Weiyi. Offending the little guy is means offending him(YSY). And in Yin Suye’s eyes, offending the little guy is even heavier than offending him. But considering that he really needs to give the world a reason why he killed Weiyi, he can only settle for second best.

“Will people believe this?”

What Shui Ruoshan actually wanted to ask Yin Suye now was you randomly charged other people with a crime, will other people believe it? How silly can someone be to do something to offend the Supreme King? Although he also understands the fact that history is written by the winner, but can Yin Suye’s obviously unreliable reason be used?

“They have to believe it.”

Yin Suye squinted his eyes, revealing his supreme confidence in himself. As long as he said it, other people must believe!

He understands very well in human’s bad habit towards bullying the weak, and fearing the strong.
Due to his power and strength, they won’t dare to arbitrarily refute him even if they doubted Weiyi’s cause of death. Instead, they might agree with him from much considerations.

One side is the dead Weiyi, and on the other is their new Supreme King. Everyone will know which side they should choose to stand. He can say with certainty that no one will choose to offend him for the sake of the dead. Besides, there can be so many explanations to say how he ‘offended’ him. Disrespectful is an offense, talking back is an offense, disobedience to orders is also an offense… and Weiyi’s actions can be said have offended him many times, that’s why he should be guilty of death. He(YSY) did not say anything wrong.


Sure enough, villain whatever will always be so tyrannic, arrogant and cool until he has no friends!

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