Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 9

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Chapter 009 — Start of School Ceremony (2)

Chu Suxin had made it clear that she had been transferred to grade 11 class F. She had been chatting with Song Yuxi for a while before realizing that she was also in class F. The two of them successfully found the seats for their class and settled down.

The start of school ceremony was nothing more than a few speeches from the principal, homeroom teachers, and top students. Su Niannian gradually became drowsy as she listened and yawned continuously.

The seats for class F were near the back, however they could see everything happening to the classes sitting in front. A tall figure made his way to class A along the side of the auditorium. The crowd broke out in an uproar.

“Woah——I can’t believe that Gu idol actually came to the ceremony, I feel so blessed! Did you get the shot?”

“My gosh, I’m not hallucinating am I?”

“Waaaa! Gu idol, I love you!”


All the girls chattered as they alternated between discussions and shrieks, while most of the boys scowled with disdain. The disruption made the director of education yell out a few words into the microphone, “Quiet! Quiet!”

Su Niannian asked with curiosity: “What’s up with them?”

Song Yuxi peered forwards and noticed Gu Zichen from behind. Having fulfilled her wishes, she sighed with content, “Because Gu idol came to the ceremony, a rare sight!”

“Gu idol? Is he the school prince of our school?”

Considering that Su Niannian had just transferred and was unaware of the events in the school, plus the fact that Song Yixi was still a girl and enjoyed gossip, she explained in full detail, “Yup. Sheng Yin High School has three main school princes. There’s the silly and cute Ye Xingyu in grade 11 class A, the kind and considerate Chen Yuan in grade 12 class A, and finally the most popular and most detached school prince, Gu Zichen. He’s never smiled at anyone before, but he’s got an extremely handsome face. Also, his academic grades are outstanding, he’s definitely the perfect prince charming!”

Su Niannian pouted. Noticing that Song Yuxi’s face had turned completely red from excitement, she couldn’t understand why such an apathetic and nasty guy would be so popular.

“So that’s why. He’s so handsome……” Su Niannian added with sarcasm. She leaned against the chair and closed her eyes, “I’m so tired, gonna take a nap. Wake me up when the ceremony is over.”

Song Yuxi nodded her head obediently. Her gaze couldn’t help shifting towards Gu Zichen.

Whenever she thought of that handsome, refined face, Song Yuxi could feel her heart warm up and flood with the worshipping delight of a girl with a crush.


Gu Zichen didn’t know what had gotten to him today. He had actually worried about Su Niannian for two seconds when she slipped away, although he quickly returned to normal. He must have been concerned in the place of Chen Yuan.

He would never pay attention to a pig.

Chen Yuan flipped through the book in his hand and upon noticing Gu Zichen’s fretful look, a smile emerged at the corners of his mouth, “I heard that you drove my sister to school, thanks.”

Gu Zichen looked away arrogantly, “Of course you have to thank me! She’s so fat, just think about how much extra gas was required!”

Chen Yuan responded with a long “oh.” The unreasonably calm and indifferent Gu Zichen had actually learned how to manage his expenses. He had even bothered to complain about the amount of gas wasted.

The smile from the corners of his mouth gradually extended, causing the girls in the surroundings to reveal amorous gazes all together.


After the boring ceremony, Su Niannian returned to the classroom lazily with Song Yuxi.

They were the last ones back, the entire classroom had been fully seated with students. For Su Niannian, these were all unfamiliar faces.

In the middle of the room, around 10 girls were gathered together, discussing about something angrily. When they saw Su Niannian walk in, a short-haired girl pointed at her in shock, “It’s her! She got a ride to school with Gu idol!”

SINIKI: How dramatic…..

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