Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 8

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Chapter 008 — Start of School Ceremony (1)

Zichen Gege? What the heck?

Su Niannian’s eyes widened as she noticed three girls walking towards them. The one in the lead wore a pink, lady-like dress, had meticulously brushed hair, and a sharp oval face. She looked rather delicate and pretty.

Gu Zichen was expressionless as the girl called out with delight, “Zichen Gege, we haven’t seen each other in two months. Are you attending the start of school ceremony as well?”


Su Niannian couldn’t restrain herself. She retched and almost puked out the milk she had for breakfast.

The girl glared at Si Niannian fiercely and noticed her standing beside Gu Zichen’s car. She raised her eyebrows and spoke: “What’s your point? And secondly, why are you with Zichen Gege?!”

Her intense, interrogative tone seemed as if someone had stolen her boyfriend. Su Niannian blinked innocently, “We came to school together.”

Upon hearing her words, the three girls stood in shock. The girl in the back with short hair and a gender-neutral appearance, tugged on the shirt of the girl in the front, “Chuxia, could it be that she got a ride with Gu idol…….”

Yin Chuxia clenched her teeth and stomped her feet as she looked towards Gu Zichen, feeling mistreated, “Zichen Gege, how could you be around another woman?” Her tone sounded as if she was throwing a tantrum with her lover.

Su Niannian retched again. As she noticed the peculiar glances from her surroundings, she raised both her hands, “Uh……. I have food poisoning, blargh…… don’t block me, let me go vomit in peace over there in the corner……”

She grabbed her backpack and fled as Gu Zichen wrinkled his eyebrows behind her. The corners of Su Niannian’s mouth curled up into cunning smile.

Turns out that Chen Yuan was right yesterday, it seemed that Gu Zichen was very popular.

“Zichen Gege, let’s go……” Yin Chuxia gazed at Gu Zichen, unwilling to let him off. Gu Zichen turned a deaf ear and stuck his hand into his pocket as he headed towards the auditorium.

Until Yin Chuxia approached him, he finally sagged his eyelids, catching a glimpse of her as he raised his brows, “Who are you?”

Yin Chuxia’s forcibly maintained smile instantly collapsed. Her two followers behind her had also been startled and stood in silence.

“Sister Chuxia, could it be that Gu idol already has a girlfriend?” The short-haired Zhang Xiaojie asked cautiously. A fierce expression emerged on Yin Chuxia’s delicate and tiny face, “That’s not possible, Zichen Gege would never date those types of women!”

She walked away, enraged. Zhang Xiaojie and Liu Yuner exchanged looks and followed hastily behind her.


After roaming around the school for a while, Su Niannian realized that her worries had been completely unnecessary. Today was the first day of school and the start of school ceremony began at 9:00am, she didn’t need to worry about being late.

After a tour around the school, Su Niannian accidentally bumped into someone at the corner.

“Sorry, are you alright?” She held onto a weak and delicate girl.

“Oh, it’s fine.” The girl smiled at her softly and straightened out her shoulder-length hair.

Noticing that Su Niannian was looking around absent-mindedly, she asked with a good temper, “What class are you from, aren’t you going to the start of school ceremony?”

Su Niannian scratched her head, “I just transferred, I’m not sure where to go.”

“Oh that’s why, then I’ll take you there. Hello, my name is Song Yuxi.” Song Yuxi had a brilliant smile as she extended her hand towards Su Niannian.

Su Niannian shook hands with her and followed Song Yuxi as they headed to the auditorium together.


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