Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 10

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Chapter 010 — Catfight (1)

“Song Yuxi, do you know her?”

“Hey, is she also in class F?”

“Tsk, she’s trying to woo my Gu idol, how disgusting!”

“Song Yuxi, what’s your relationship with her?”

The noise from the lively discussions grew. Song Yuxi had been startled by the questions she was confronted with, not daring to say anything. Su Niannian, who was beside her, behaved rather calm and collected as she looked at their leader, Yin Chuxia, and asked, “Well, what do you think our relationship is?”

A hint of violence flashed across Yin Chuxia’s dainty little face as she tightened her fists.

“The heck, are new students now really so arrogant?”

“Song Yuxi, if you’re smart, then don’t be friends with these types of people!”

The girls spat out words of hate one after another. Su Niannian was clear that it was nothing but envy.

How annoying. If she had known this was the outcome, she wouldn’t have hitched a ride with that guy.

She roasted Gu Zichen in her mind for a moment. For Su Niannian, she wasn’t the least bit scared of these girls who tried to threaten her with their gestures.

What a joke, she used to be the devil at her last high school, why would she be afraid of these bimbos? Oh no, a few of them still had flat chests while their brains seemed underdeveloped.

“You must have seduced Gu idol, otherwise he wouldn’t have let you on his car!” Zhang Xiaojie cursed at her, which immediately caught the attention of the other girls in the surrounding.


“Humph, it must have been like this.”

Su Niannian furrowed her brows and glanced at Zhang Xiaojie, replying with a question: “What evidence do you have? Classmate, even randomly putting the blame on others requires some sort of technique. Also, even if I was dating Gu…..Gu whatever, what does it have to do with you?”

Zhang Xiaojie was about to defend herself, however upon meeting Su Niannian’s clear, yet spine-chilling gaze, she stepped back subconsciously.

Yin Chuxia cursed at her in her mind, what a loser.

“Gu idol belongs to all of us, you have no right to lust after him!” Yin Chuxia spoke, provoking the surge of emotions in the crowd once again.

This girl must have been severely ill……. always talking about Gu idol, did she really think that she was his fan? Su Niannian shook her head, “I didn’t say anything. That said, can you say that you’ve never fantasized about Gu idol? You’re here screaming, unclear of anything, could it be that you’re the guilty one? As well, what have you really even seen, saying that I’m lusting after him? Why do I feel like you’re the one after Gu idol.”

Although Su Niannian was generally insensitive and silly, when it came to disputes and catfights, she was definitely clever and persuasive. Her few words had already put Yin Chuxia on the spot and successfully shifted everyone’s focus.

A few girls glanced at Yin Chuxia. They had all been classmates for two years, everyone knew that Yin Chuxia liked Gu Zichen the most out of all the girls in the class.

She had gathered everyone together after the ceremony, telling them that a vixen had seduced Gu Zichen. She made everyone attack her at school, however she never thought that Su Niannian would be in the same class as her.

The looks at Yin Chuxia from the crowd instantly became subtle.

That’s right, they liked Gu Zichen, but they weren’t dumb enough to be used by others!

“Um, Lil’ Mei, let’s be desk-mates!”

“Okay. Oh yeah, I also saw Ye Xingyu from class A today, he’s really handsome, tsk tsk….”

The crowd of girls dispersed one after another and Yin Chuxia was dumbstruck. It was clearly Su Niannian’s fault, yet not only was she scolded, but everyone had rejoiced about the disaster.

Yin Chuxia was prepared to blow up when she was halted by voice.

SINIKI: Loving our powerful female lead 🙂

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