Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 20

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Chapter 020 — Class Meeting (3)

“What are you guys doing?” Jiang Mu asked slowly, although he had already guessed it vaguely in his mind.

Yin Chuxia looked over at Su Niannian joyfully, “Mr. Jiang, none of us want to sit with Su Niannian.”

“Yup, I’m not willing to sit next to her.”

All the girls in the class seemed to have taken part in the arrangement as each and every one of them expressed their reluctance to sit beside Su Niannian. The boys were embarrassed to take the initiative and sit next to Su Niannian. For a moment, the atmosphere in the classroom became subtle.

Su Niannian looked around the room. She already had an answer in her heart.

It was simple, she had been isolated.

Not a single person was willing to sit beside her.

Even for a simple-minded person like Su Niannian, she was still slightly upset, despite not revealing it through her expressions.

During this extremely awkward moment, a petite figure stood up and dragged her table strenuously to Su Niannian’s side.

Su Niannian bit her bottom lip. It was Song Yuxi.

She kept her head down, but stubbornness was written all over her delicate and pretty face, as if she was determined to reach a major goal.

“Hey, Song Yuxi, are you really going to sit next to Su Niannian?” Liu Yuner questioned unkindly. It seemed like they had not tortured Song Yuxi enough.

Song Yuxi’s complexion was pale, but she didn’t make a single sound as she pulled the chair over carefully.

“Um, I’m tall, so I guess I’ll sit in the back.” Zhu Cheng grinned while he moved his desk and chair over. With him in the lead, a few boys also shifted their seats closer, resolving Su Niannian’s awkward situation.

Jiang Mu stood beside the lectern, and a faint smile emerged from the corners of his mouth.

“Alright, return to your seats quickly and let me see if any changes need to be made. Nearsighted and shorter students, please sit in the front. He Xiao, your 1.8m (5 ft 11) tall body should not be sitting in the third row. Li Enmei sitting behind you only has a view of the back of your head.”

The class burst out laughing. He Xiao scratched the back of his head with embarrassment and moved himself two rows back.

After seating changes were settled, Jiang Mu went over safety education and topics about studying hard. Su Niannian was not interested and glanced over at Song Yuxi beside her, “Are you okay with this?”

Song Yuxi shook her head. She had only met Su Niannian yesterday, but she already had a favorable impression of her.

Su Niannian snickered, “You’re fine even with the exclusion and criticism?”

Song Yuxi tightened her fists. She didn’t have good relations with her fellow classmates at Sheng Yin High compared to her public secondary school. And she wasn’t exactly cunning. There was a huge gap between the rich and the poor at Sheng Yin High, and there were unavoidable social classes between the students. As for cliques and crowds, there were even more. Her family’s financial conditions weren’t the best. In grade 10, she had practically been isolated in her class. Each day, she would act cautiously in class, only daring to engross herself in her studies.

“It’s fine…… because I’ve been through it, so I don’t want you to experience it….. um, Su Niannian, we’re friends right?” Song Yuxi asked timidly in fear that Su Niannian would act aggressively towards her.

Su Niannian revealed a huge grin on her face, “Of course!”

Zhu Cheng sat behind the two of them and joined in on the fun, “We’re best friends too. Su Niannian, Song Yuxi, don’t you guys think that I’ve become stronger all of a sudden?”

“You damn fatty! Go away!” Su Niannian pretended to get angry at him as she tapped Zhu Cheng’s head with her book. Song Yuxi sat on the side, smiling sweetly.

On the other side of the classroom, Yin Chuxia and the others sat together with expressions of irritation.

“Song Yuxi, that little b*tch, we’ll teach her a lesson some other day!” Zhang Xiaojie spoke up fiercely.

Liu Yuner nodded her head, “And Su Niannian too!”

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