Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 19

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Chapter 019 — Class Meeting (2)

Su Niannian voted as well, only she copied the name from Zhu Cheng. At the moment, she looked curiously towards the lectern.

Jiang Mu chose two boys in the front row to help count the votes. One read out the ballot, another recorded tally marks on the blackboard. Very soon, the results were out.

The one with the most votes was Zhao Mingyuan, the top student of class F who constantly ranked first in grades. Zhu Cheng and Li Enmei had numerous votes as well since the two of them had good relations in the class. There were also many tally marks under Yin Chuxia’s name.

What surprised Su Niannian was that some people had actually voted for her. A few scattered strokes were under Su Niannian’s name, looking rather miserable, likely the work of a few mischievous boys in the class.

Jiang Mu assigned positions according to the election results. The class president was Zhao Mingyuan, while the blabbermouth Li Enmei was given the role of vice president. Yin Chuxia was the discipline official and Song Yuxi was the social executive. The representatives of each subject had also been determined.

“PE representative….. classmate Zhu, do you have the confidence to take on the challenge?” Mr. Jiang looked over at Zhu Cheng with a smile. The surrounding students immediately burst into roaring laughter.

“Mr. Jiang, Brother Pig is so fat, he pants every time he runs, how could he be the phys ed representative!”

“Hehe, Brother Pig takes half a minute to run 50 meters [55 yards], if he’s the PE representative, then wouldn’t our class be as slow as snails?”

“What would you know, fatties all have potential. Brother Pig, I believe in you!”

The crowd discussed spiritedly. There was mocking with disgust and also encouragement for Zhu Cheng, making him blush and his chubby face look both cute and silly.

Zhu Cheng looked over to Su Niannian beside him and she burst out in a smile, “What are you afraid of, try it.”

Zhu Cheng’s face turned a brighter shade of red. Although he had a fat body type, he still had a manly sense of pride in his heart. At once, he nodded his head, “Alright!”

“Wow, Brother Pig is indeed out of the ordinary.”

“You can do this Brother Pig, you’ll take us to the peaks of our lives!”

Jiang Mu looked at the chaotic scene and gestured for everyone to quiet down, “Su Niannian, would you like to be our literature and arts representative?”

Su Niannian paused. Before she got a chance to respond, Zhang Xiaojie had already interrupted, “Mr. Jiang, there are many others with more votes than Su Niannian!”

She wasn’t lying. The crowd turned towards Jiang Mu simultaneously, thinking that he was biased.

Jiang Mu laughed, “He Xiao and Lu Xuanang are all boys, and they don’t quite fit the position. Aside from that, I noticed that Su Niannian has experience with drawing and piano, so she should be the most suitable candidate.”

He Xiao and Lu Xuanang rushed to speak, “Mr. Jiang, let Su Niannian have it. A man like me does not want to draw blackboard bulletins all day!” [1]

Zhang Xiaojie wanted to say something, but she was stopped by Yin Chuxia who instructed her quietly by her ear. Zhang Xiaojie immediately comprehended and made an “ok” gesture with her hand.

Hearing this from the teacher, Su Niannian didn’t argue and nodded at Mr. Jiang.

After selecting the class officials, the most anticipated moment arrived——seating plan changes.

The seating plan determined who would become great friends, who would go to class together, who would go to the bathroom together. Everyone looked at Jiang Mu impatiently, waiting for him to assign the new seats.

Who knew that would Jiang Mu blink mysteriously, “How about this, you guys choose your own seats and pick who you want to sit with. Once you’re done, I’ll make minor adjustments.”

The crowd cheered as they began moving their desks and chairs to their new spots. Su Niannian was used to being lazy. She inched her table to the last row, beside the window, and began sunbathing lazily.

Once the seating had been arranged, Jiang Mu furrowed his brows.

There wasn’t a soul in sight near Su Niannian. Even Zhu Cheng, who wanted to sit beside her originally, had been pulled aside by another girl.

SINIKI:[1] TL Note: Blackboard bulletins are much like newspapers, where students can read and look at information and pictures drawn on blackboards. They are common ways to spread messages in schools in China.

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