Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 21

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Chapter 021 — From Chen Yuan

Yin Chuxia balled up her fists. She had just instructed Liu Yuner to tell everyone not to sit next to Su Niannian so that she’ll be humiliated in front of the entire class. But she didn’t expect that Song Yuxi and Zhu Cheng would stick up for her!

Extremely angry for a while, Yin Chuxia scoffed with disdain, “I heard that Song Yuxi hasn’t paid her tuition yet?”

Liu Yuner and Zhang Xiaojie smiled proudly, “Yup, she’s not holding off on paying right? Can’t believe that there’s really people this poor in the world, should we create a “charity donation” for her?” Although their families weren’t as successful as Yin Chuxia’s, they were still well-known and respected people in City Yu.

Yin Chuxia threw her textbook furiously on the table. Su Niannian and her friends in the back didn’t hear their conversation at all, in fact they were still chatting about random topics.

The bell rang and Jiang Mu began to pack up his things, “Next period is English, everyone take out your textbooks and start prepping. Aside from that, this semester’s tuition needs to be handed in at the administration office by Friday. Both cash and transfers are accepted.”

Once he left, a boy in the class whistled and groups of students gathered together, hanging around. The girls circled around, chirping on and on about the latest gossip.

Su Niannian pulled out her books from the desk. She caught a glimpse of Song Yuxi without paying attention, but realized that she had blanked out as she rubbed her textbook with her hand, thinking about something.

“Hey, are you alright?” Su Niannian knocked on the table.

Song Yuxi snapped back to reality and smiled without energy, “I’m fine……”

As the bell rang, Jin Yun walked in with textbooks in her hands and began class, speaking fluent English. Su Niannian’s grades back at Chen Jiang High School were average. She had trouble understanding at the moment and immediately began concentrating on the class. For a short while, she overlooked Song Yuxi’s worsening complexion.

Once the second period ended, they had a half-hour break. Su Niannian rubbed her belly, she only drank a glass of milk this morning, and now her stomach was hungry, “I’m starving, wanna go to the convenience store?” She nudged Song Yuxi’s arm.

Song Yuxi smiled bitterly for a moment, how did she have the dignity to tell Su Niannian that she couldn’t even pay for her tuition and textbook fees, let alone buying snacks to eat.

When food came up in the conversation, Zhu Cheng was instantly full of energy. As if he was presenting a valuable treasure, he pulled out two sandwiches from his desk, “Niannian, Lil’ Xi, these are for you.”

“Wow, great!” Su Niannian took hers with delight on her face. Her foodie instincts broke out as she eyed Zhu Cheng’s desk, her pupils shining, “Brother Pig, what else do you have?”

Zhu Cheng chuckled mischievously and pulled out a few bags of snacks, dried plums, squid strips, and others. This was literally the treasure chest of snacks.

Su Niannian helped herself and began eating happily, her cheeks bulging out. Song Yuxi refused to accept bashfully. It wasn’t until Zhu Cheng forcefully stuffed it into her hands in the end, before she ripped open the packaging reluctantly and started munching.

“Knock knock.” A few rhythmic knocks came from the window. Su Niannian looked up suspiciously, her beautiful, clear eyes searching outside.

The sunshine was amazing as it penetrated the window, spilling in the warmth and radiance. It landed on the youth’s head, making his hair appear golden. His handsome face tensed, his gaze that landed on Su Niannian was full of disgust. He pulled open the window and tossed a few notes on Su Niannian’s desk.

“From Chen Yuan.” A single, cold sentence was spat out. Gu Zichen ignored Su Niannian and her friends’ astounded looks, and turned around to leave.

Yet in his mind, he recalled Su Niannian’s look just now.

Her cheeks were stuffed until chubby, her small hands appeared slim and soft. Her clean and clear eyes had been fixed on him, making an indescribable feeling emerge in his heart.


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