Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 2

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Chapter 002 — Destined Encounter (2)

Gu Zichen could feel his temples beginning to ache faintly.

He was only taking a break at the coffee shop. He didn’t expect a girl to barge in inexplicably, pretending as if they were very familiar, and chat with him about random topics.

He had to admit that the girl standing before him had fair skin, refined facial features, and bright eyes. The white cotton dress she wore looked rather special on her. Even with his picky tastes, he still believed that she looked attractive.

But…….why was she drinking his coffee?!

“Ugh, you must have been forced on this blind date by your mother huh? Such a pitiful child. But no worries, when you go back, you can tell your mom that you don’t like me. Yup…..just say that I look ugly, act extremely rude, I’m not gentle nor considerate, and I’m not enough to be a proper lady…..” Su Niannian tried hard to make herself sound bad. She hoped that the cute boy across from her would take in her words, this would be beneficial for everyone.

She definitely did not want to get married so early.

But it was evident that the boy had not acknowledged her words at all. His pitch-black eyes had been staring at the cup in her hands the entire time.

Su Niannian noticed his gaze and suddenly came to a realization, “You like cappuccinos? Oh…..I get it, drinking coffee helps you lose weight. You want another cup?”

Before leaving, Chu Suxin had made things clear. Aunt Zou’s son, nicknamed Little Fatty, looked chubby since childhood, making him the target of attention.

The location of the blind date was set at Travellers’ Coffee Shop. As well, both of them were required to wear white.

Su Niannian began chattering away. In fact, just as she was about to call over the waiter to order another cup of coffee for him, she was interrupted by a cold and downcast voice.

“No need.” He twisted his eyebrows, his expression was clearly annoyed.

Su Niannian was about to speak when Gu Zichen set down the magazine and stood up, preparing to leave.

He brushed away the dust on his clothes while he was at it, expressing his disgust.

“Oh hey, you’re leaving?” Su Niannian had disbelief written all over her face. Gu Zichen’s footsteps did not come to halt at all, he wasn’t planning on responding to her.

But the next second, he stopped in place. His temples began to throb more intensely.

“You can at least……pay the bill before leaving……” Su Niannian spoke with embarrassment. It wasn’t convenient for her to grab the money in her dress and she forget her wallet before leaving, making her unsure of what to do.

After being called out by the girl’s soft and sweet voice, Gu Zichen turned around neutrally to pay the bill.

He turned his head and Su Niannian flashed a brilliant smile at him.

Silent as before, Gu Zichen took large strides out of the coffee shop. His brows wrinkled even further.

Truly a strange woman. Forget about stealing his coffee, but making him pay the bill? She was absolutely unreasonable.


Once Gu Zichen left, Su Niannian relaxed. Everything was good, her date had no interest in her whatsoever. This way, it’ll be easy to explain to her mother.

She took sips of the coffee remaining in her cup with satisfaction. Su Niannian had only acknowledged her wonderful mood.

“Excuse me, are you Su Niannian?” An uncertain sound echoed. Su Niannian could sense her eyelids pulsing as she looked up. [1]

A 180-pound male appeared before her. Even the baggy white t-shirt he wore could not hide his belly. His facial features were the only part that looked normal.

He smiled bashfully at Su Niannian as the fat on his face piled up, “Hello hello, I’m Zhu Cheng, I’m your blind date.” Su Niannian was the only one left in the coffee shop, as well, she was wearing a white dress. This made Zhu Cheng certain that she was the person he was looking for.


The cup in Su Niannian’s hand tumbled on the table. Her tiny mouth was slightly opened, shock was written all over her face.

My gosh, so the cute boy just now wasn’t her blind date, but this chubby fatty was?!

SINIKI: [1] TL Note: A superstition says that when one’s eyelids pulse, or beat, something unfortunate is about to happen.

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