Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 3

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Chapter 003 — Moving (1)

The sound of thunder rumbled in Su Niannian’s mind for quite a while before she returned back to reality reluctantly and greeted Zhu Cheng weakly, “Hi, I’m Su Niannian.”

Zhu Cheng introduced himself happily. He was two years older than Su Niannian, but he had to repeat two grades, so he was in grade 11 just like Su Niannian.

“I’ll take a serving of black forest cake and a serving of tiramisu. Niannian, what do you like to eat?” Zhu Cheng asked Su Niannian enthusiastically.

Su Niannian was still in a dumbfounded state when she responded randomly, “Same as you.”

Zhu Cheng immediately combined their orders and headed towards the sales counter to order the cake. After a moment, the waiter delivered their desserts.

As she gazed at the table packed with desserts in front of her, Su Niannian snapped out of her confusion. Zhu Cheng spoke generously, “C’mon Niannian, let’s eat! If it’s not enough we can order more!”

He was really lavish and imposing, Su Niannian wanted to cry however there were no tears. She picked up the tiny spoon and stabbed at the cake, feeling disappointed in herself.

Ahhhh, good thing she wasn’t familiar with that handsome boy, otherwise who knows how awkward it would have be if they ever met again.

After saying goodbye to Zhu Cheng, Su Niannian finally ended the first blind date in her life and dragged her exhausted body back home. Half was from being worn out, half was from surviving the event.

Chu Suxin watched with anticipation as her darling daughter returned home. She shifted towards her and asked, “How was it? Wasn’t Little Fatty just adorable, did you guys talk about your lives and dreams?”

Su Niannian rubbed her plump stomach, wanting to cry but unable to shed tears, “He was cute, way too cute.”

Not only was he cute, he also had a huge appetite. He had devoured her leftover cake.

Actually. being with a fatty didn’t seem that bad, at least she could eat all she wanted without worrying.

Su Niannian turned around as she thought about it miserably.

Chu Suxin’s gorgeous, almond-shaped eyes looked around. Then, as if she had finally built up the courage, she poked Su Niannian’s waist.

“Oh Niannian, mom needs to tell you something……” She called after Su Niannian softly.

Since Su Niannian was way too full, she spent a great deal of effort to turn her body back around as she looked curiously at Chu Suxin.

Chu Suxin thought about the wording of her speech and finally spoke cautiously, “So here’s what’s up…..”

She talked for about ten minutes before Su Niannian understood Chu Suxin’s point at last.

She had been acquainted with a man for three to four years and they had strong relationships. The man had divorced once and was the legal guardian of his 18-year-old son. In short, Chu Suxin wanted to say that she was about to get married. And now, she was asking for her daughter’s opinion.

Su Niannian was silent for a moment before responding with a smile: “Mom, I support you.” She was clear of all the things her mother gave up for her. All these years, who knew how many people had pursued her but were rejected. Now that she finally met a suitable man, Su Niannian was happy for her.

Chu Suxin cried tears of joy as she hugged onto Su Niannian tightly, “Niannian…….”

She comforted her mother helplessly. Su Niannian returned back to her own bed and stared at her bloated belly, feeling slightly sorrowful.

It was good news that her mom was getting remarried, but she didn’t want to get married herself. When she thought about marrying Zhu Cheng and how her belly will look the same as his in the future, she could feel a wave of disgust.

For the entire day, Su Nianian lazed in bed. However Chu Suxin lifted up her covers with a smile on her face, “Niannian, we’re moving!”

The Su Niannian laying on the bed paused for a moment before realizing what Chu Suxin was referring to.

The apartment they were currently living in was left behind by father Su. They had lived there for 17 years. Now that they were suddenly moving out, she couldn’t help feeling disappointed and frustrated in her heart.

But once she saw the smile on her mom’s face, Su Niannian didn’t want her mother to lose hope. She crawled off the bed and began to pack her small suitcase.

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