Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 1

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Chapter 001 — Destined Encounter (1)

The breeze blew gently, white clouds roamed the sky, the glistening sunshine poured down, and projected the warm weather of the last days of summer.

Su Niannian stood inside Travellers’ Coffee Shop and looked around curiously at the interior design of the cafe.

The shop wasn’t big, yet it had been organized into a clean and elegant fashion. An entire row of green plants were sitting along the windowsill, the lush green attracted one’s fondness.

Su Niannian sighed deeply, and recalled the eager task her mother entrusted her before she left——

“Oh Niannian, you’re not young anymore, it’s time for you to find a good fellow to marry. Any longer and you won’t be able to marry yourself off.” Su Niannian’s mother, Chu Suxin, looked at her daughter with bitterness and lament.

She had been struck by her mother’s words, you’re not young anymore, to the point of gagging out blood. Su Niannian struggled as she spoke: “Mom, I want to spend more time with you. As well, talking about marrying me off right now……isn’t it still too early?” It wasn’t that Su Niannian was afraid of getting married, but that she was only 17 years old! Was she really her biological child?

Chu Suxin laughed mischievously, and patted her slim shoulders, “Aiya, your mother’s ideology is very open. If there’s a boy you like, mom can help you decide!”

Su Niannian: “…….”

When Su Niannian was little, her father passed away from a car accident and left behind a great inheritance for the mother and daughter. Chu Suxin and Father Su’s relationship was extremely intimate, she couldn’t bear the shock and instantly fell ill. She had to stay in the hospital for months. Once she was discharged from the hospital, she was determined to face reality for Su Niannian. So all these years, she used these types of optimistic and silly attitudes as she lived together with her daughter.

Noticing that Su Niannian was silent, Chu Suxin felt more content at heart. Her face was full of smiles, “Your Aunt Zou’s son seems pretty good. Niannian, why don’t you go on a blind date this weekend?”

“I’m not going!” Su Niannian became frantic. Chu Suxin immediately revealed a heartbroken expression, “Niannian, you don’t love mom anymore……Mom only wants you to live happily and peacefully……”

Nagging + pretending to be pitiful was Chu Suxin’s signature skill. As expected, Su Niannian admitted defeat. She wrinkled her delicate little face, “I’ll go……I’ll go alright.”

“Remember to interact positively, you need to be gentle and considerate like a proper lady…..” Su Niannian could no longer remember Chu Suxin’s following words. But at the moment, she gazed at the youth in the coffee shop. To her surprise, she had been stunned.

A simple white t-shirt, neat and fresh black hair, unsympathetic eyes and brows, handsome facial features that looked liked a meticulous carving. His entire body was emitting a chilly aura, yet there was a deadly attractive force.

He was tall and had long legs. Sitting there made the chair look rather narrow in contrast. He was currently flipping through the magazine in his hand while the spirals of aroma rose from two cups of coffee sitting on the table.

“Gulp——” Su Niannian swallowed back her saliva, she had been astonished by the handsome guy’s good looks.

But Su Niannian immediately snapped back to reality. She walked up to the handsome boy slowly and spoke in a cool yet slightly annoying tone, “Yo, so it’s you.”

Actually, she had never met him before.

The youth raised his head and glanced at her calmly. His black pupils that appeared like the vast, starry sky looked straight at Su Niannian, making her unable to restrain gulping down her saliva once again.

“Heard that you were a fatty before, you seem pretty skinny right now, could it be that you have some magical weight loss manual?” Su Niannian had completely put Chu Suxin’s words into action as she spoke fairly “positively” with the handsome boy in front of her.

“……..” Strange silence.

Ignoring her? A few black strands slid down Su Niannian’s forehead.

She picked up the cup and took a few sips of coffee dimly. The handsome boy’s look immediately changed.


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